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Generate is an ability which creates new cards and places them into a player's hand or shuffles them into the player's deck.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Generation cards may generate entirely new cards, or combine with a Copy effect to generate copies of existing cards. Discover effects incorporate a generate effect for the chosen card, while Summon and equip effects are essentially generate effects which place the generated minion or weapon directly into play, without passing through the player's hand.
  • Generate effects are distinguished from card draw and put into hand effects which draw cards from the player's deck; from Summon effects which summon new minions directly onto the battlefield; and from equip effects which directly equip the hero with new weapons.
  • Generate effects cannot create cards in a player's hand if the hand is already full (10 cards). Effects which generate multiple cards, such as  Thoughtsteal, will generate as many as possible without exceeding the maximum hand size. The same is true for generate effects which shuffle cards into the player's deck, although the deck maximum of 60 cards means this is rarely a concern.
  • Card generation to the player's hand is often worded in one of two ways: "Add [card] to your hand" or "Get [card]". While most cards use the former, the preferred wording ever since the TITANS expansion is "Get [card]". In any case, both types of wording have the exact same effect.

Cards[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Generate/Wild format.

All cards with specific generate effects are listed below. For related effects, see Discover, Equip and Summon.

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
ETC 367.png
GIFT 12.png
GIFT 04.png
YOG 410.png
TTN 081.png
CORE KAR 009.png
WW 412.png
ETC 201.png
WW 818.png
TOY 510.png
TTN 476.png
TTN 860.png
CORE UNG 809.png
CORE UNG 018.png
DEEP 022.png
GIFT 07.png
GIFT 11.png
GIFT 08.png
TOY 803.png
GIFT 02.png
CORE UNG 912.png
TTN 317.png
GIFT 10.png
WW 331.png
ETC 074.png
WW 404.png
ETC 375.png
RLK 039.png
CORE EX1 193.png
GIFT 03.png
YOG 511.png
ETC 358.png
TOY 006.png
YOG 524.png
WW 378.png
TTN 736.png
UPCOMING 100936.png
CORE KAR 069.png
ETC 535.png
ETC 394.png
GIFT 06.png
WW 044.png
GIFT 05.png
GIFT 09.png
TTN 812.png
CORE GIL 663.png
TTN 906.png
UPCOMING 102061.png
ETC 536.png
ETC 207.png
WW 380.png
TOY 643.png
TOY 851.png
TTN 742.png
TTN 430.png
UPCOMING 99221.png
WW 006.png
ETC 077.png
WW 041.png
TTN 450.png
TTN 454.png
UPCOMING 101369.png
WW 383.png
TTN 484.png
WW 379.png
TTN 719.png
RLK 025.png
WW 901.png
CORE RLK 066.png
TOY 037.png
ETC 103.png
UPCOMING 102054.png
WW 333.png
ETC 206.png
TTN 925.png
WW 001.png
TTN 955.png
CORE BOT 533.png
CORE RLK 116.png
TOY 353.png
ETC 338.png
ETC 532.png
TTN 845.png
WW 416.png
DEEP 018.png
UPCOMING 101950.png
YOG 526.png
TOY 514.png
CORE SCH 160.png
TTN 039.png
WW 827.png
WW 422.png
WW 363.png
TOY 382.png
TTN 921.png
ETC 083.png
WW 428.png
UPCOMING 100627.png
TTN 859.png
JAM 032.png
TOY 897.png
TTN 745.png
TOY 046.png
CORE DAL 729.png
TTN 729.png
TTN 920.png
DEEP 001.png
TTN 477.png
TOY 340.png
ETC 326.png
ETC 113.png
WW 394.png
JAM 023.png
WW 352.png
WW 334.png
ETC 121.png
TOY 916.png
WW 043.png
WW 400.png
YOG 520.png
WW 337.png
TTN 718.png
TTN 482.png
TOY 307.png
YOG 517.png
CORE ULD 209.png
CORE LOOT 516.png
TOY 604.png
TOY 801.png
TOY 913.png
DEEP 009.png
WW 417.png
ETC 080.png
CORE LOOT 026.png
ETC 316.png
DEEP 033.png
TTN 850.png
CORE DAL 416.png
TTN 751.png
YOG 523.png
WW 393.png
TTN 076.png
ETC 111.png
WW 442.png
TOY 312.png
WW 091.png
ETC 425.png
ETC 540.png
TTN 714.png
TOY 513.png
UPCOMING 99957.png
WW 332.png
TOY 515.png
UPCOMING 101953.png
TOY 915.png
TOY 811.png
TTN 715.png
UPCOMING 101382.png
ETC 205.png
TOY 828.png
WW 002.png
JAM 037.png
YOG 515.png
ETC 088.png
TOY 355.png
TOY 351.png
TOY 341.png
TOY 521.png
DEEP 025.png
TOY 806.png
TOY 375.png
UPCOMING 101110.png
ETC 085.png
TOY 813.png
TOY 652.png
WW 415.png
UPCOMING 101875.png
TOY 380.png
TTN 716.png
GIFT 01.png
ETC 836.png
TOY 501.png
UPCOMING 100285.png
TOY 829.png
TTN 429.png
TTN 862.png
CORE BT 334.png
DEEP 037.png
TOY 879.png
WW 372.png
TTN 940.png
TOY 960.png
TTN 083.png
TTN 737.png
TOY 906.png
YOG 516.png
CORE VAN EX1 572.png
TOY 601.png

Excluded from card generation[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Generate/Wild format.

These cards are excluded from all types of card generation in Standard format.

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
CORE RLK 051.png
ETC 079.png
RLK 707.png
TTN 092.png
TTN 800.png
TTN 415.png
TTN 075.png
TTN 721.png
TTN 429.png
TTN 858.png
TTN 862.png
CORE RLK 063.png
TTN 737.png
TTN 960.png
YOG 516.png
ETC 210.png
TTN 903.png
TOY 378.png

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

  • WW Logo Adventure.pngPatch (2024-01-18): Cards with multiple versions of themselves (such as Core cards) can no longer generate the other version of itself.
  • Scholomance Academy logo.png Server-side patch (2020-08-13):
    • Discover cards can no longer Discover themselves randomly.
    • Cards that 'generate a random card' can no longer generate themselves.
Dev comment: Overall, this change is aimed at helping games feel a bit more varied. While generating the same card can be an exciting individual moment, these types of experiences tend to have diminishing returns after a while. These adjustments should make for healthier games against classes with a ton of resource generation.
For more info and examples, see Game Mechanics Updates.