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The one-time effect icon, also used for Spellburst and Frenzy

One-time effects are triggered effects that activate in response to specific events. However, unlike triggered effects, one-time effects can only activate once.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Secrets, Spellburst, and Frenzy are types of one-time effects that only trigger once after a specific event happens.
  • When a one-time effect is triggered, the ability is essentially removed from the card. For different types of cards, this means the following:
    • For minions (or weapons), e.g.  Blademaster Okani, the sparkle that appears under the card's portrait representing the one-time effect disappears after triggering, and the effect can no longer be activated (unless the minion is removed from the battlefield and re-enters it).
    • For spells e.g. Secrets, after the one-time effect has been activated, the spell is removed from play.
  • A card can have multiple one-time effects active at a time, such as by doubling  Blademaster Okani's battlecry and choosing both options. In such case, once one of the one-time effects is activated, it will be removed. Once all one-time effects have been activated, the card will no longer have any left.
  • Similarly to triggered effects, one-time effects are tied to the card. If the card is removed from play, the one-time effect can no longer trigger.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Note, this page only lists non-Secret, non-Spellburst, and non-Frenzy cards. For lists of those cards, see their respective pages.
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