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Welcome to the New Hearthstone Wiki!
Formerly a Fandom wiki, the New Hearthstone Wiki is now hosted by Wiki.gg and continues to be maintained here going forward!
We are currently maintaining 212,417 pages (26,631 articles).

About Hearthstone

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Latest patch29.2.2.198711
Latest patch date2024-04-26 (3 days ago)
Standard cards996
Wild cards5040 (4044 wild-only)
Twist cards1864


Welcome to the New Hearthstone Wiki! Visiting from the old Fandom Hearthstone Wiki? If you had an account there, you can reclaim it here.

If you want to rename your account, please reclaim it with the original name and add a topic in Pcj's talk page and say what you want it to be changed to.

Wiki News

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Feb 13, 2024:
New expansion announced! Check out Whizbang's Workshop!

Jan 30, 2024:

There is now a dark mode! You can enable it by clicking the sun/moon icon on the top bar.
More gadgets are available to help both editors and readers! You can check them out in your Preferences.

Dec 13, 2023:

The Shop and New player experience pages have been updated with the newest content from Patch!

Hearthstone News

28.6.2 Patch Notes (2024-02-22)
28.6 Patch Notes (2024-02-13)
Announcing Whizbang’s Workshop, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion! (2024-02-13)
Year of the Pegasus Core Set Update (2024-02-12)




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