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Core is the primary card set of Hearthstone. It was first made available on March 30, 2021, along with the Forged in the Barrens launch.

The purpose of the Core is to provide a modern collection of starting cards to players of all types and make Hearthstone even more approachable for newcomers. Some of the Core cards are returning from previous sets, some are reimagined favorites, some are completely new. Regardless, all Core cards can be obtained for free after finishing the Apprentice Track, while their golden cards can be obtained by winning in Ranked, Arena, or Duels games.

Unlike Basic and Classic, which were the main card sets of Hearthstone, the Core set is refreshed each year. At the start of every Hearthstone year, a new Core Set will take the place of the previous, comprised of new and existing cards. When that happens, Core cards that are rotating will be swapped with new ones in the player's Collection automatically. The original versions of these cards can still be crafted and disenchanted, but the player will be unable to keep their Core versions.[1][2]

Core cards can be used at any time in Standard and Wild format, as well as Twist format provided the set is in the current available card sets, although you may still only have the normal number of copies of any given card in your deck (two for most rarities, one for legendaries).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • All old cards in the Core set have two versions that exist in parallel: One from the original set, and one from the Core set.
    • The original version can be crafted or disenchanted for Arcane Dust, while the Core version is uncraftable.
    • The Core set version is temporary and can be removed depending on the announcement of the next year's Core set.
    • In Wild format, both the original and Core versions are associated; therefore you can only bring either 2 copies of either of them. For example, you can only play:
    • Both versions are treated as the same cards for the Highlander cards' conditions.
    • In Collection manager, when you filter cards by format (Standard Cards or Wild Cards), the collection manager will prioritize the Core version over the original one if you have any copies of the Core version to display.
    • The Core set version functions like how Wild Event did.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Core cards are free to obtain without using gold or real money to purchase them.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Year of the Wolf's Core set consists of 367 collectible but uncraftable cards. They can be recognized with the year's watermark behind the card text, not found on other cards.

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CORE ICC 023.png
CORE CS2 188.png
CORE ULD 191.png
CORE CS2 189.png
CS3 037.png
CORE UNG 205.png
CORE ULD 723.png
CORE SCH 312.png
CORE EX1 011.png
CORE EX1 010.png
CORE GVG 085.png
CORE NEW1 018.png
CORE EX1 162.png
CORE GVG 076.png
CORE NEW1 023.png
CORE ULD 271.png
CORE CS2 142.png
CORE EX1 096.png
CORE EX1 082.png
CORE EX1 506.png
CORE LOOT 413.png
CS3 038.png
CORE EX1 049.png
CORE EX1 007.png
CORE BOT 021.png
CORE LOE 039.png
CORE GIL 534.png
CORE CS2 122.png
CORE SW 072.png
CORE UNG 928.png
CORE CS2 182.png
CORE NEW1 022.png
CORE ICC 026.png
CORE SW 066.png
CORE CS2 179.png
CORE GIL 667.png
CORE EX1 028.png
CORE BOT 563.png
CORE CS2 222.png
CORE LOOT 137.png
CORE YOP 032.png
CORE EX1 509.png
CORE EX1 059.png
CORE SCH 713.png
CS3 022.png
CORE FP1 007.png
CORE NEW1 020.png
CORE EX1 103.png
CORE UNG 844.png
CORE EX1 093.png
CORE OG 254.png
CORE GIL 622.png
CORE BOT 312.png
CORE EX1 043.png
CORE EX1 284.png
CORE EX1 095.png
CORE CFM 790.png
CORE NEW1 021.png
CORE EX1 507.png
CORE NEW1 027.png
CORE ULD 209.png
CORE EX1 005.png
CORE UNG 848.png
CORE EX1 586.png
CORE EX1 012.png
CORE LOOT 516.png
CORE EX1 002.png
CS3 025.png
CS3 024.png
CORE BOT 548.png
CORE EX1 110.png
CORE EX1 249.png
CORE GVG 110.png
CS3 035.png
CORE EX1 298.png
CS3 031.png
CS3 034.png
CS3 032.png
CS3 033.png
CS3 036.png

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DREAM 05.png
ULD 209t.png
GVG 110t.png
DREAM 04.png
BOT 312t.png
CORE EX1 506a.png
ICC 026t.png
Ds1 whelptoken.png
DREAM 01.png
DREAM 02.png
DREAM 03.png
FP1 007t.png
EX1 110t.png

Death Knight

RLK 503.png
RLK 034.png
RLK 958.png
RLK 061.png
RLK 025.png
RLK 511.png
RLK 708.png
RLK 024.png
RLK 709.png
RLK 060.png
RLK 077.png
RLK 067.png
RLK 720.png
RLK 079.png
RLK 039.png
RLK 715.png
RLK 753.png
RLK 101.png
RLK 048.png
RLK 705.png
RLK 710.png
RLK 226.png
RLK 752.png
RLK 125.png
RLK 707.png
RLK 115.png
RLK 744.png
RLK 223.png
RLK 082.png
RLK 224.png
RLK 071.png
RLK 085.png

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RLK 039t.png
RLK 077t.png
RLK 061t.png
RLK 085t.png
RLK 705t.png
RLK 907t.png
RLK 008t.png
RLK 070t.png
RLK 226t.png

Demon Hunter

CORE BT 351.png
CORE BT 480.png
CORE YOP 001.png
CORE BT 035.png
CORE BT 514.png
CORE BT 491.png
CORE BT 921.png
CORE BT 036.png
CS3 017.png
CORE BT 427.png
CORE BT 416.png
CS3 020.png
CORE BT 801.png
CORE BT 355.png
CORE BT 271.png
CORE BT 187.png
CORE BT 429.png

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BT 429p2.png
BT 429p.png
BT 036t.png


CORE TRL 243.png
CORE AT 037.png
CORE GIL 663.png
CORE DMF 057.png
CORE EX1 160.png
CORE DMF 058.png
CORE EX1 154.png
CORE OG 047.png
CORE EX1 158.png
CORE CS2 013.png
CORE EX1 165.png
CORE EX1 169.png
CORE CS2 009.png
CORE EX1 164.png
CORE NEW1 008.png
CORE DMF 733.png
CORE EX1 573.png

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CS2 013t.png
AT 037t.png
EX1 158t.png
EX1 573t.png
GIL 663t.png
EX1 160t.png
EX1 165t1.png
EX1 165t2.png
OG 044a.png

Choice cards

AT 037a.png
AT 037b.png
EX1 160b.png
EX1 154b.png
EX1 154a.png
EX1 160a.png
OG 047b.png
OG 047a.png
EX1 164b.png
EX1 164a.png
EX1 165b.png
EX1 165a.png
NEW1 008b.png
NEW1 008a.png
EX1 573a.png
EX1 573b.png


CORE LOOT 222.png
CORE UNG 912.png
CORE EX1 610.png
CORE EX1 611.png
CORE BRM 013.png
CORE NEW1 031.png
CORE EX1 617.png
CORE DAL 371.png
CORE DS1 185.png
CORE DS1 184.png
CORE KAR 004.png
CORE DED 009.png
CS3 015.png
CORE LOOT 079.png
CORE EX1 534.png
CORE DRG 256.png
CORE EX1 543.png

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EX1 534t.png
NEW1 034.png
NEW1 033.png
NEW1 032.png


CORE LOOT 231.png
CORE UNG 018.png
CORE BOT 453.png
CORE GIL 801.png
CORE UNG 020.png
CORE CS2 023.png
CORE EX1 289.png
CORE SW 107.png
CORE CS2 029.png
CORE KAR 076.png
CORE KAR 009.png
CORE EX1 287.png
CORE LOOT 101.png
CORE CS2 028.png
CORE EX1 279.png
CORE BOT 103.png
CS3 001.png

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UNG 809t1.png


CORE ICC 038.png
CORE EX1 362.png
CORE TRL 307.png
CORE CFM 753.png
CORE BT 292.png
TTN 851.png
CORE DRG 229.png
CORE CS2 093.png
CORE CS2 094.png
CORE AT 075.png
CORE CS2 092.png
CORE OG 273.png
CORE CS2 097.png
CORE DRG 226.png
CORE EX1 619.png
CORE GVG 061.png
TTN 908.png
CORE DMF 240.png
CORE EX1 383.png

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CS2 101t.png
EX1 383t.png


CORE AT 055.png
CORE CS1 130.png
CORE EX1 193.png
CORE SW 441.png
CORE AT 011.png
CORE ICC 210.png
CORE EX1 622.png
CORE CS1 112.png
CS3 013.png
CORE CS3 014.png
CS3 028.png
CORE CFM 605.png
CORE CFM 606.png
CORE EX1 197.png
CORE GVG 008.png
CORE SW 448.png
CORE DAL 721.png

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CFM 606t.png
EX1 625t.png


CORE CS2 072.png
CORE EX1 144.png
CORE AT 029.png
CORE CS2 074.png
CORE KAR 069.png
CORE LOOT 204.png
CORE EX1 124.png
CORE EX1 129.png
CORE SCH 706.png
CORE CS2 076.png
CORE DAL 416.png
CORE BT 707.png
CORE EX1 134.png
CORE LOOT 211.png
CORE EX1 145.png
CORE BT 188.png
CORE GIL 598.png


CORE GIL 600.png
CORE EX1 238.png
CS3 007.png
CORE AT 053.png
CORE EX1 565.png
CORE BOT 533.png
CORE EX1 246.png
CORE CS2 046.png
CORE CS2 042.png
CORE EX1 248.png
CORE EX1 259.png
CORE OG 028.png
CORE SW 114.png
CORE CS2 053.png
CORE EX1 567.png
CORE DMF 709.png
CORE NEW1 010.png

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EX1 tk11.png


CORE EX1 319.png
CORE EX1 302.png
CORE BOT 222.png
CORE CS2 065.png
CORE ICC 055.png
CORE GIL 191.png
CORE CS2 062.png
CORE BRM 006.png
CORE UNG 833.png
CORE FP1 022.png
CORE CFM 751.png
CORE ICC 041.png
CORE EX1 309.png
CORE BT 304.png
CORE EX1 312.png
CORE EX1 323.png
CORE GVG 021.png

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BRM 006t.png
CORE GIL 191t.png
EX1 tk33.png
EX1 323w.png
BT 304t.png
EX1 tk34.png


CORE CS2 108.png
CORE EX1 391.png
CORE EX1 400.png
CORE AT 064.png
CORE EX1 603.png
CORE ULD 195.png
CORE EX1 606.png
CORE GIL 653.png
CORE SW 094.png
CORE DMF 521.png
CORE EX1 604.png
CORE BOT 104.png
CORE EX1 410.png
CORE BT 117.png
CORE EX1 407.png
CORE ULD 258.png
CORE EX1 414.png

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DMF 521t.png

Design[edit | edit source]

At the time of the Core set's introduction, the Classic set comprised 240 cards while the Basic set had another 143, for a total of 383 evergreen cards. With 148 less cards each year, the dev team can focus on making each set of evergreen cards more consistently impactful and relevant to the current meta.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

  • Year of the Gryphon Core set
    • On February 9, 2021, Core set was first announced, giving the players a brief description of how the Core set and the rotation works.[4]
    • On February 19, 2021, along with announcement of Forged in the Barrens and Year of the Gryphon, some of the core cards had been revealed.[5]
    • On February 25, 2021, the full details of Year of the Gryphon's Core set had been revealed on PlayHearthstone Library website.
    • Between February 25 and early March 2021, Stonetusk Boar and Bluegill Warrior were originally part of the first Core set, but both were changed from Charge to Rush in exchange for 1 more attack. Due to player feedback, the two minions were left unchanged for the Legacy set, while the new minions CoreEmerald Skytalon and CoreRedgill Razorjaw took their place with the intended changes.[6]
    • On March 30, 2021, Year of the Gryphon's Core set was released.
  • Year of the Hydra Core set
  • Year of the Wolf Core set
    • On March 23, 2023, the full details of Year of the Wolf's Core set were revealed, with 70 cards both leaving and entering the Core set.[8]
    • On April 11, 2023, Year of the Wolf's Core set was released.
    • Year of the Wolf's Core set introduced Tradeable as a new evergreen keyword, as well as Magnetic returning for just this year. Priests also received a new class-exclusive keyword, Overheal, which was proactively added to older cards.
    • This year's Core set was designed to be "more flexible" than usual by allowing for both planned adjustments and unplanned balance changes. Cards could be rotated from Core early or new cards could be added in the middle of the year as needed.
    • In Patch, two new cards were added to the Core set and used right away: CoreResistance Aura and CoreCrusader Aura. From this onwards, Aura is considered to be one of Paladin's design spaces.[9]

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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