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Core reserve is an unofficial name for a special unnamed card set with the ID 1810, which has the purpose of storing Core cards. It mostly contains Core cards that have rotated from the set. In addition, for the ~1 week period when the first major patch of a Hearthstone year happens but rotation has not happened yet, cards are kept in this set until they are moved into the Core set on rotation.

Cards[edit | edit source]

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CORE LOEA10 3.png
CORE ICC 092.png
CORE KAR 036.png
CORE EX1 008.png
CORE GVG 013.png
CORE ICC 220.png
CS3 037.png
CORE CFM 120.png
CORE BOT 020.png
CORE SCH 312.png
CORE ICC 468.png
CORE GVG 076.png
CORE ICC 094.png
CORE CS2 120.png
CORE DAL 086.png
CORE ICC 913.png
CORE BOT 083.png
CORE ICC 093.png
CORE ICC 467.png
CORE CS2 117.png
CORE tt 004.png
CORE ICC 855.png
CORE AT 092.png
CORE CS2 203.png
CORE EX1 017.png
CORE GVG 044.png
CORE LOOT 125.png
CORE ICC 067.png
CORE CS2 182.png
CORE EX1 046.png
CORE ICC 097.png
CORE ICC 026.png
CORE ICC 031.png
CORE ICC 904.png
CORE ICC 905.png
CORE ICC 029.png
CORE EX1 399.png
CORE GIL 667.png
CORE ICC 019.png
CORE ICC 028.png
CORE ICC 032.png
CORE ICC 900.png
CORE ICC 856.png
CORE ICC 705.png
CORE UNG 813.png
CORE EX1 004.png
CORE EX1 066.png
CORE EX1 050.png
CORE ICC 700.png
CORE UNG 844.png
CORE CS2 181.png
CORE LOOT 124.png
CORE ICC 902.png
CORE ICC 702.png
CORE OG 254.png
CORE ICC 911.png
CORE ICC 018.png
CORE ICC 466.png
CORE EX1 186.png
CORE ICC 099.png
CORE NEW1 026.png
CORE EX1 284.png
CORE ICC 257.png
CORE ICC 027.png
CORE EX1 095.png
CORE EX1 187.png
CORE ICC 901.png
CORE GVG 109.png
CORE ICC 912.png
CORE ICC 810.png
CORE YOD 006.png
CORE ICC 812.png
CORE ICC 025.png
CORE EX1 564.png
CORE ICC 098.png
CORE ICC 096.png
CORE GIL 124.png
CORE ICC 706.png
CORE ICC 701.png
CORE EX1 188.png
CORE GVG 121.png
CORE LOE 076.png
CORE ICC 851.png
CORE LOE 077.png
CORE EX1 189.png
CORE EX1 014.png
CORE ICC 852.png
CORE ICC 854.png
CORE FP1 031.png
CORE LOE 079.png
CORE ICC 853.png
CORE EX1 002.png
CORE BOT 548.png
CORE EX1 110.png
CORE GIFT 01.png
CORE EX1 190.png
CORE LOE 011.png
CORE GVG 110.png
CORE ICC 314.png
CS3 031.png
CORE VAN EX1 563.png
CS3 033.png

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DREAM 04.png
DREAM 05.png
EX1 014t.png
GVG 110t.png
HERO 10bp.png
CS2 101t.png
ICC 026t.png
NEW1 026t.png
CS2 082.png
HERO 01bp.png
HERO 03bp.png
HERO 08bp.png
ICC 900t.png
HERO 11bp.png
DREAM 01.png
HERO 09bp.png
HERO 07bp.png
HERO 04bp.png
HERO 06bp.png
HERO 05bp.png
HERO 02bp.png
DREAM 02.png
DREAM 03.png
EX1 110t.png
ICC 025t.png
ICC 019t.png

Death Knight

RLK 034.png
RLK 077.png
RLK 067.png
CORE GIFT 04.png
RLK 715.png
RLK 753.png
RLK 101.png
RLK 705.png
RLK 710.png
RLK 226.png
RLK 752.png
RLK 125.png
RLK 115.png
RLK 224.png
RLK 071.png
RLK 085.png

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RLK 085t.png
RLK 705t.png
RLK 907t.png
RLK 226t.png

Demon Hunter

CORE BT 423.png
CORE BT 235.png
CORE BT 427.png
CORE GIFT 08.png
CORE BT 323.png
CORE BT 355.png
CORE BT 430.png
CORE BT 271.png
CORE CS3 019.png


Core CS2 008.png
CORE TRL 243.png
CORE KAR 300.png
CORE DMF 057.png
CORE DMF 058.png
CORE CS2 013.png
CORE BT 134.png
CORE ICC 808.png
CORE ICC 079.png
CORE BOT 420.png
CORE LOE 050.png
CORE EX1 158.png
CORE KAR 065.png
CORE ICC 050.png
CORE SW 429.png
CORE GIFT 10.png
CORE ICC 051.png
CORE UNG 108.png
CORE CS3 012.png
CORE ICC 807.png
CORE EX1 164.png
CORE ICC 054.png
CORE DMF 060.png
CORE ICC 047.png
CORE EX1 571.png
CORE EX1 178.png
CORE ICC 085.png
CORE DMF 733.png
CORE OG 044.png
CORE ICC 832.png
CORE ICC 835.png

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CS2 013t.png
ICC 832t3.png
EX1 tk9.png
EX1 158t.png
ICC 832p.png
ICC 832t4.png
SW 429t.png
ICC 085t.png

Choice cards

EX1 164b.png
EX1 164a.png
EX1 178a.png
EX1 178b.png


CORE LOOT 222.png
CORE ICC 052.png
CORE TRL 348.png
CORE FP1 011.png
CORE TRL 111.png
CORE EX1 531.png
CORE ICC 419.png
CORE KAR 006.png
CORE ICC 415.png
CORE GIL 828.png
CORE DAL 371.png
CORE GIFT 03.png
CORE KAR 004.png
CORE DED 009.png
CS3 015.png
CORE ICC 200.png
CORE LOOT 079.png
CORE ICC 021.png
CORE ICC 243.png
CORE AT 061.png
CORE EX1 554.png
CORE ICC 049.png
CORE ICC 825.png
CORE GIL 650.png
CORE ICC 204.png
CORE ICC 828.png
CORE EX1 543.png

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TRL 348t.png
EX1 554t.png
ICC 828p.png
KAR 004a.png


CORE ICC 836.png
CORE GIL 801.png
CORE ICC 252.png
CORE EX1 275.png
CORE ICC 082.png
CORE EX1 294.png
CORE SW 107.png
CORE LOE 003.png
CORE GIFT 02.png
CORE AT 003.png
CORE ICC 068.png
CORE ICC 083.png
CORE TRL 315.png
CORE ICC 069.png
CORE CS2 033.png
CORE ICC 823.png
CORE AT 008.png
CORE ICC 086.png
CORE EX1 279.png
CS3 001.png
CORE DAL 609.png
CORE ICC 838.png
CORE ICC 833.png

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ICC 838t.png
ICC 833h.png


CORE FP1 020.png
CORE EX1 130.png
CORE ICC 039.png
CORE CS2 092.png
CORE ICC 820.png
CORE CS2 097.png
CORE DRG 226.png
CORE GIFT 05.png
CORE ICC 244.png
CORE CS2 089.png
CORE EX1 382.png
CORE ICC 801.png
CORE ICC 034.png
CORE CS2 088.png
CORE CS3 016.png
CORE CS3 029.png
CORE ICC 071.png
CORE ICC 245.png
CORE ICC 858.png
CORE DMF 240.png
CORE OG 229.png
CORE ICC 829.png

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EX1 130a.png
CS2 101t.png
ICC 900t.png
ICC 829p.png


CORE CS2 235.png
CORE SW 441.png
CORE AT 011.png
CORE UNG 034.png
CORE EX1 622.png
CORE ICC 802.png
CORE ICC 212.png
CORE EX1 335.png
CS3 013.png
CORE EX1 194.png
CORE EX1 623.png
CORE GIFT 12.png
CORE CS3 027.png
CORE EX1 195.png
CORE CFM 605.png
CORE ICC 213.png
CORE ICC 207.png
CORE ICC 235.png
CORE EX1 625.png
CORE ICC 849.png
CORE ICC 214.png
CORE UNG 963.png
CORE SW 448.png
CORE ICC 215.png
CORE DRG 090.png
CORE EX1 198.png
CORE ICC 830.png

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EX1 625t.png
ICC 830p.png


CORE OG 070.png
CORE AT 029.png
CORE CS2 073.png
CORE ICC 221.png
CORE LOOT 204.png
CORE SCH 706.png
CORE ICC 809.png
CORE LOE 012.png
CORE ICC 065.png
CORE CS2 075.png
CORE GIFT 09.png
CORE BT 707.png
CORE ICC 201.png
CORE ICC 850.png
CORE CS2 080.png
CORE ICC 240.png
CORE CS2 077.png
CORE ICC 233.png
CORE EX1 522.png
CORE ICC 910.png
CORE BT 188.png
CORE CS3 005.png
CORE ICC 811.png
CORE ICC 827.png

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ICC 827p.png
GAME 005.png
ICC 026t.png
BT 707t.png


CORE GIL 600.png
CORE ICC 058.png
CORE ICC 089.png
CORE CS2 045.png
CORE CS2 039.png
CORE ICC 081.png
CORE UNG 817.png
CORE EX1 258.png
CORE CS2 046.png
CORE GIFT 06.png
CORE BOT 451.png
CORE KAR 073.png
CORE ICC 236.png
CORE EX1 575.png
CORE ICC 078.png
CORE AT 047.png
CORE ICC 088.png
CORE ICC 056.png
CORE EX1 567.png
CORE EX1 250.png
CORE ICC 090.png
CORE DMF 709.png
CORE ICC 481.png
CORE TRL 345.png
CORE ICC 289.png

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BOT 102t.png
ICC 481p.png


CORE OG 241.png
CORE EX1 316.png
CORE ICC 903.png
CORE GIL 191.png
CORE ICC 218.png
CORE BRM 006.png
CORE UNG 833.png
CORE FP1 022.png
CORE CS2 064.png
CORE CFM 751.png
CORE CS3 021.png
CORE CS3 002.png
CORE GIFT 11.png
CORE OG 109.png
CORE AT 021.png
CORE ICC 469.png
CORE EX1 304.png
CORE ICC 075.png
CORE ICC 407.png
CORE ICC 206.png
CORE CS3 003.png
CORE TRL 252.png
CORE ICC 841.png
CORE GVG 021.png
CORE ICC 831.png

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BRM 006t.png
CORE GIL 191t.png
OG 241a.png
ICC 831p.png
CS3 002t.png


CORE ICC 238.png
CORE CS3 008.png
CORE EX1 603.png
CORE ICC 281.png
CORE DMF 522.png
CORE GIL 653.png
CORE EX1 084.png
CORE ICC 064.png
CORE OG 218.png
CORE ONY 024.png
CORE DMF 521.png
CORE CS3 030.png
CORE GIFT 07.png
CORE EX1 402.png
CORE ICC 062.png
CORE ICC 408.png
CORE CS3 009.png
CORE ICC 450.png
CORE BOT 104.png
CORE ULD 707.png
CORE GVG 053.png
CORE ICC 837.png
CORE ICC 091.png
CORE EX1 411.png
CORE GIL 547.png
CORE ULD 258.png
CORE ICC 405.png
CORE ICC 834.png

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ICC 834h.png
ICC 900t.png
DMF 521t.png