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Ghoul Charge is the death knight's basic Hero Power.

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  • This Hero Power summons  Frail Ghoul, an undead minion with Charge. Frail Ghoul has a triggered effect that destroys itself at the end of the controlling player's turn.
    • If Frail Ghoul is summoned during the opponent's turn, it will not die until the end of the owner's turn.

  • If a player has this Hero Power, upgrading it (e.g. with  Justicar Trueheart's Battlecry) will replace it with  Ghoul Frenzy, which summons  Frenzied Ghoul that has 2 attack instead of 1.


The idea of the death knight summoning an Undead for their hero power was locked in early in development, unlike demon hunter's hero power,  Demon Claws, which went through vastly different iterations. An initial design was called "Ghoul Rush", that would summon a 1/1 Ghoul with Rush that died at the end of turn. This concept was almost identical to the final design, only replacing Charge with Rush.

Other designs included the hero power interacting with Runes while they had gameplay purposes. One example, without much context, was "Do a Blood thing, Frost thing, or Unholy thing.", which had many complications for a basic hero power.

Concepts for the summoned undead for death knight's hero power included other types of ghouls and zombies of different stat sizes, as well as different effects, such as whether they died at the end of turn or not. The Corpse mechanic was well-liked by developers, and partly drove the current iteration of the hero power. The developers saw that if the hero power didn't include a guaranteed Corpse every time it was used, the whole Corpse mechanic might have turned out worse.

Demon Hunter's 1 mana hero power gave the developers more initial freedom when designing death knight's hero power, as demon hunter's hero power already "broke" what was a very core rule of hero powers being 2 mana. However, the hero power still became 2 mana, but with a lot of new added synergy.[1]


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