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Legacy is a special Wild format card set implemented in Forged in the Barrens. It is the largest set in the game, containing a total of 450 cards as of Patch

Legacy is made of cards from the former Basic, Classic and Hall of Fame sets.

Definition[edit | edit source]

True Legacy Expert1
+ 143 Free rarity cards

In the game data, Legacy is technically a representation name of two separate sets, coded as LEGACY and EXPERT1.

True Legacy[edit | edit source]

The true Legacy set contains these following cards:

To see cards only from the True Legacy set, see Legacy/True Legacy cards.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Golden Wild

Expert1[edit | edit source]

Expert1 is a set that contains all the Classic cards from 2014, including all Classic cards that were moved to the Hall of Fame over time. In gameplay, Expert1 is named Legacy, the same name as the true Legacy set described above. It used to be named Classic.

To see cards only from the Expert1 set, see Legacy/Expert1 cards.

How to get[edit | edit source]

  • All Expert1 cards can be obtained through Classic or Wild card packs, or through crafting with the appropriate Arcane Dust costs:

Golden Classic
Golden Wild

Cards[edit | edit source]

All Legacy cards cards are represented by a watermark which was used for Hall of Fame cards (swirl in the center surrounded with an 8-point star). Prior to Patch, Expert1 cards were represented by a watermark which was used for Classic cards (Hearthstone swirl).

Note: This section includes every card in the in-game Legacy set. To see specifically True Legacy or Expert1 cards, see Legacy/True Legacy cards and Legacy/Expert1 cards respectively.

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CS2 189.png
CS1 042.png
EX1 508.png
CS2 168.png
CS2 171.png
EX1 011.png
EX1 066.png
CS2 172.png
CS2 173.png
CS2 121.png
CS2 142.png
EX1 506.png
EX1 015.png
CS2 120.png
EX1 582.png
CS2 141.png
CS2 125.png
CS2 118.png
CS2 122.png
CS2 196.png
EX1 019.png
CS2 127.png
CS2 124.png
CS2 182.png
EX1 025.png
CS2 147.png
CS2 119.png
CS2 197.png
CS2 179.png
CS2 131.png
CS2 187.png
DS1 055.png
CS2 226.png
EX1 399.png
EX1 593.png
CS2 150.png
CS2 155.png
CS2 200.png
CS2 162.png
CS2 213.png
CS2 201.png
CS2 222.png
CS2 186.png
CS2 231.png
CS2 188.png
EX1 008.png
LEG CS3 037.png
EX1 029.png
EX1 405.png
CS2 146.png
EX1 010.png
CS2 169.png
EX1 393.png
NEW1 018.png
EX1 162.png
NEW1 023.png
EX1 096.png
EX1 082.png
EX1 049.png
EX1 007.png
CS2 117.png
Tt 004.png
EX1 556.png
CS2 203.png
EX1 017.png
EX1 412.png
EX1 020.png
EX1 390.png
EX1 021.png
EX1 057.png
EX1 595.png
EX1 046.png
NEW1 022.png
EX1 396.png
EX1 023.png
EX1 048.png
CS1 069.png
TOY 101.png
CS2 151.png
CS2 221.png
EX1 028.png
CS2 227.png
TOY 103.png
EX1 283.png
EX1 583.png
EX1 033.png
EX1 009.png
NEW1 025.png
EX1 001.png
EX1 509.png
EX1 080.png
EX1 004.png
EX1 045.png
EX1 059.png
NEW1 019.png
EX1 055.png
EX1 616.png
NEW1 037.png
EX1 076.png
EX1 058.png
NEW1 020.png
EX1 006.png
EX1 089.png
EX1 050.png
EX1 103.png
EX1 102.png
EX1 170.png
EX1 597.png
CS2 181.png
EX1 044.png
EX1 584.png
EX1 093.png
TOY 102.png
EX1 186.png
EX1 043.png
NEW1 026.png
EX1 097.png
EX1 284.png
EX1 085.png
NEW1 041.png
EX1 067.png
EX1 032.png
EX1 095.png
CS2 161.png
EX1 187.png
NEW1 017.png
NEW1 016.png
NEW1 021.png
EX1 590.png
EX1 507.png
NEW1 027.png
EX1 005.png
EX1 564.png
EX1 188.png
EX1 586.png
EX1 105.png
EX1 620.png
EX1 012.png
EX1 100.png
NEW1 029.png
EX1 557.png
EX1 189.png
EX1 014.png
EX1 083.png
EX1 062.png
EX1 002.png
NEW1 024.png
PRO 001.png
EX1 558.png
EX1 116.png
EX1 110.png
EX1 112.png
TOY 100.png
EX1 190.png
NEW1 040.png
EX1 016.png
EX1 577.png
EX1 614.png
EX1 249.png
NEW1 038.png
EX1 298.png
EX1 561.png
LEG CS3 031.png
EX1 563.png
EX1 560.png
EX1 562.png
EX1 572.png
LEG CS3 033.png
NEW1 030.png

Related cards

DREAM 04.png
PRO 001at.png
DREAM 05.png
EX1 014t.png
CS2 boar.png
EX1 598.png
EX1 025t.png
EX1 506a.png
CS2 152.png
EX1 tk28.png
NEW1 026t.png
Ds1 whelptoken.png
EX1 116t.png
EX1 614t.png
NEW1 040t.png
DREAM 01.png
DREAM 02.png
EX1 finkle.png
DREAM 03.png
PRO 001a.png
PRO 001c.png
PRO 001b.png
EX1 110t.png
EX1 tk29.png

Death Knight

LEG RLK 034.png
LEG RLK 077.png
LEG RLK 067.png
LEG RLK 715.png
LEG RLK 753.png
LEG RLK 101.png
LEG RLK 705.png
LEG RLK 710.png
LEG RLK 226.png
LEG RLK 752.png
LEG RLK 125.png
LEG RLK 115.png
LEG RLK 224.png
LEG RLK 071.png
LEG RLK 085.png

Related cards

RLK 077t.png
RLK 085t.png
RLK 705t.png
RLK 907t.png
RLK 226t.png

Demon Hunter

BT 142.png
BT 035.png
BT 323.png
BT 921.png
BT 036.png
BT 352.png
BT 740.png
BT 235.png
BT 495.png
BT 512.png
CS3 019.png

Related cards

BT 036t.png
BT 352t.png


EX1 169.png
CS2 008.png
CS2 005.png
CS2 009.png
CS2 013.png
CS2 007.png
CS2 011.png
CS2 012.png
EX1 173.png
CS2 232.png
EX1 161.png
EX1 160.png
EX1 154.png
EX1 155.png
EX1 158.png
EX1 165.png
EX1 183.png
EX1 578.png
EX1 570.png
EX1 166.png
CS3 012.png
EX1 164.png
NEW1 007.png
EX1 571.png
NEW1 008.png
EX1 178.png
EX1 573.png

Related cards

CS2 013t.png
EX1 tk9.png
EX1 158t.png
EX1 573t.png
EX1 160t.png
EX1 165t1.png
EX1 165t2.png
OG 044a.png

Choice cards

EX1 160b.png
EX1 154b.png
EX1 154a.png
EX1 160a.png
EX1 155b.png
EX1 155a.png
EX1 166b.png
EX1 166a.png
EX1 164b.png
EX1 164a.png
NEW1 007b.png
NEW1 007a.png
EX1 165b.png
EX1 165a.png
NEW1 008b.png
NEW1 008a.png
EX1 178a.png
EX1 178b.png
EX1 573a.png
EX1 573b.png


DS1 185.png
CS2 084.png
DS1 175.png
DS1 184.png
CS2 237.png
NEW1 031.png
EX1 539.png
DS1 070.png
DS1 183.png
DS1 178.png
EX1 610.png
EX1 611.png
EX1 531.png
EX1 609.png
EX1 617.png
EX1 538.png
EX1 544.png
EX1 533.png
LEG CS3 015.png
EX1 536.png
EX1 537.png
EX1 534.png
EX1 549.png
EX1 554.png
DS1 188.png
EX1 543.png

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EX1 538t.png
EX1 554t.png
EX1 534t.png
NEW1 034.png
NEW1 033.png
NEW1 032.png


EX1 277.png
CS2 027.png
CS2 025.png
CS2 024.png
CS2 023.png
CS2 026.png
CS2 029.png
CS2 022.png
CS2 033.png
CS2 032.png
CS2 031.png
NEW1 012.png
EX1 180.png
EX1 275.png
EX1 289.png
EX1 294.png
EX1 608.png
EX1 287.png
EX1 612.png
EX1 594.png
EX1 274.png
CS2 028.png
EX1 179.png
EX1 295.png
Tt 010.png
EX1 279.png
LEG CS3 001.png
EX1 559.png

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CS2 mirror.png
CS2 tk1.png
Tt 010a.png


CS2 087.png
EX1 371.png
EX1 360.png
CS2 091.png
CS2 089.png
CS2 093.png
CS2 094.png
CS2 092.png
CS2 097.png
CS2 088.png
EX1 363.png
EX1 132.png
EX1 130.png
EX1 136.png
EX1 379.png
EX1 362.png
EX1 619.png
EX1 382.png
EX1 349.png
EX1 355.png
EX1 365.png
EX1 184.png
CS3 016.png
CS3 029.png
EX1 366.png
EX1 384.png
EX1 354.png
EX1 383.png

Related cards

EX1 130a.png
CS2 101t.png
EX1 383t.png


CS1 130.png
CS2 003.png
CS2 004.png
EX1 193.png
EX1 192.png
EX1 622.png
CS2 234.png
CS1 112.png
EX1 194.png
CS1 113.png
EX1 621.png
EX1 332.png
CS1 129.png
CS2 235.png
CS2 236.png
DS1 233.png
EX1 339.png
EX1 335.png
LEG CS3 013.png
EX1 623.png
CS3 014.png
CS3 027.png
EX1 196.png
EX1 195.png
EX1 341.png
EX1 334.png
EX1 591.png
EX1 626.png
EX1 624.png
EX1 625.png
EX1 345.png
EX1 197.png
EX1 091.png
EX1 350.png
EX1 198.png

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EX1 345t.png
EX1 625t.png


CS2 072.png
CS2 074.png
CS2 075.png
EX1 129.png
EX1 581.png
EX1 278.png
CS2 080.png
CS2 076.png
EX1 191.png
CS2 077.png
EX1 144.png
CS2 073.png
EX1 128.png
EX1 182.png
EX1 126.png
EX1 131.png
EX1 124.png
NEW1 004.png
CS2 233.png
EX1 137.png
EX1 133.png
EX1 134.png
NEW1 014.png
EX1 145.png
EX1 522.png
NEW1 005.png
CS3 005.png
EX1 613.png

Related cards

EX1 131t.png


CS2 041.png
EX1 244.png
CS2 037.png
EX1 565.png
CS2 045.png
CS2 039.png
EX1 246.png
EX1 587.png
CS2 046.png
CS2 042.png
EX1 243.png
EX1 245.png
EX1 251.png
EX1 238.png
EX1 247.png
EX1 258.png
CS2 038.png
EX1 248.png
EX1 241.png
EX1 259.png
EX1 575.png
CS2 053.png
EX1 567.png
EX1 250.png
NEW1 010.png

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EX1 tk11.png


NEW1 003.png
CS2 063.png
EX1 302.png
EX1 308.png
CS2 065.png
EX1 306.png
CS2 061.png
CS2 062.png
CS2 057.png
CS2 064.png
CS2 059.png
EX1 181.png
EX1 319.png
EX1 316.png
EX1 596.png
EX1 317.png
EX1 315.png
CS3 021.png
CS3 002.png
EX1 301.png
EX1 304.png
EX1 303.png
EX1 309.png
EX1 310.png
EX1 185.png
EX1 313.png
EX1 320.png
CS3 003.png
EX1 312.png
EX1 323.png

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EX1 317t.png
EX1 tk33.png
EX1 323w.png
CS3 002t.png
EX1 tk34.png


CS2 108.png
EX1 400.png
CS2 114.png
CS2 106.png
CS2 105.png
EX1 606.png
CS2 103.png
EX1 084.png
NEW1 011.png
CS2 112.png
EX1 607.png
CS3 008.png
EX1 391.png
EX1 392.png
EX1 603.png
CS2 104.png
EX1 398.png
CS3 030.png
EX1 409.png
EX1 402.png
NEW1 036.png
EX1 604.png
CS3 009.png
EX1 408.png
EX1 410.png
EX1 407.png
EX1 411.png
EX1 414.png

Related cards

EX1 398t.png
EX1 409t.png

Design[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to Patch, there had not been a plan for original Core cards that might rotate in the future, aside from the initial solution to just put them into the Legacy set.[citation needed]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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