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You might be looking for one of these cards: Mind Control (Classic).

Mind Control is a free priest spell card, from the Legacy set.

Other versions

How to get

The Regular and Golden copies of Mind Control are uncraftable. They have special unlock requirements and cannot be crafted, disenchanted, or opened from card packs:
LegacyUnlock Wild formatRegular, Golden2

Previous availability

Mind Control used to be obtainable through these means.

Custom Level up priest to 49 until March 30, 2021.Golden 1
Custom Level up priest to 50 until March 30, 2021.Golden 1
Custom Level up priest to 10 until March 30, 2021.Regular 2

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  • Unless the target minion has the Charge ability, it will not be able to attack in the same round in which it was mind-controlled. A minion's Battlecry will not be triggered upon being mind-controlled.
  • Unlike most mind control effects, Mind Control has no specific targeting restrictions. Any minion can be controlled, regardless of Attack or cost (except for Stealthed and Elusive minions).
  • As with other mind control effects, if you Mind Control an enemy minion with the  Blessing of Wisdom buff and attack with it, it will still draw cards for the player who applied the buff.
  • As with other mind control spells, Mind Control requires you to have room for the minion you will steal at the time you target it.


"Why should I shed my own blood?"

Mind Control first appeared as a priest spell in the retail release of World of Warcraft. It allows the casting priest to take control of an enemy character for a few seconds, and to make limited use of their abilities. The spell is infamous for its use in PvP battlegrounds, with priests using it to send enemy players leaping to their death from high places. Before the introduction of diminishing returns, the spell had a 1-minute duration and could be repeatedly cast on a given target, potentially allowing a priest to control another player indefinitely. One player known as Booms infamously used the spell to hold Alliance players to ransom, demanding that they mail gold to one of his alts before he would release them. With the introduction of diminishing returns this possibility was removed, although the ability remains a potential source of great frustration for the target, and grim satisfaction for the user. With Mists of Pandaria Mind Control was renamed 'Dominate Mind', and made into a talent, further limiting its availability to priests.

A similar card is also found in the "Heroes of Azeroth" deck of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.


  • The artwork for this card comes from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game "Fires of Outland" series, for the card Vampiric Touch.
  • Prior to Patch, Mind Control was one of the most infamous cards in the game. A large amount of debate about it and its perceived unfairness featured on the official forums, with many considering the spell overpowered, given the card's potential to single-handedly win the game for the priest, by taking control of a particularly powerful minion in the mid- to late-game. The card's mana cost was increased from 8 to 10 in an attempt to balance this.


Patch changes

  • WW Logo Adventure.pngPatch (2024-02-13):
    • Now costs 9 (Down from 10).
  • Forged in the Barrens logo.pngPatch (2021-03-25):
    • 2021-03-30: Moved from Basic to Legacy set.
    • Now has Shadow spell school (previously: no spell school).
  • Journey to Un'Goro logo.png Patch (2017-04-04):
    • Rarity is now Free (previously: Common).
  • Hearthstone logo.png Patch (Closed beta, 2013-12-10):
    • Now costs 10 (Up from 8).
    • Golden card unlock requirement is now: "Unlocked at Level 49." (previously: "Unlocked at Level 48.").
  • Hearthstone logo.png Patch (Closed beta, 2013-10-02):
    • Unlock requirement is now: "Unlocked at Level 10." (previously: no special unlock requirement).
    • Golden card unlock requirement is now: "Unlocked at Level 48." (previously: no special unlock requirement).
  • Hearthstone logo.png Patch (Alpha, 2013-08-12):
    • Flavor text now reads: "Nominated as "Spell Most Likely to Make Your Opponent Punch the Wall."" (previously: no flavor text).
  • Hearthstone logo.png Patch (Alpha, April or May 2013):
    • Added.

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