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Whizbang's Workshop - banner.jpg
Oh! This is the place where all the magic begins. My workshop. I've been waiting to show you around.
We have action figures, plushies, puzzle boxes, board games, water toys. Exploding toys? What?
Oh, that Dr. Boom! There's no way he can spoil our fun.
Oh boy! Interested in a dollhouse? How about a miniature one? Ooh!
Tired of your regular Zilliax? Try making it awesome. Or awesomer. Or-Or awesomerer.
Want a sneak peek of how much fun you're gonna have? Oh!
It's your turn to play. Woo-hoo!

Whizbang's Workshop is Hearthstone's 26th expansion, featuring 145 new collectible cards released on March 19, 2024.[1] The genius inventor and toymaker, Whizbang, has opened the doors to his magical workshop—and all of Azeroth’s invited! This place is teeming with plushies, Miniatures, and more. With nonstop nostalgia and options galore, you’re bound to find a new favorite toy—or even build one yourself.

Whizbang's Workshop introduces a new keyword: Miniaturize. Whenever a card with Miniaturize is played, a 1-mana 1/1 version of that card is added to the player's hand.

Whizbang's Workshop begins the first of three expansions in the Year of the Pegasus that focus on featuring many throwbacks to Hearthstone's previous expansions to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Whizbang's Workshop craftable cards can be obtained by one of the following methods:

Uncraftable cards

These specific cards can be obtained through other means. For more information, see their respective articles.


Cards[edit | edit source]

The Whizbang's Workshop card set features 145 collectible cards, which can be recognized with a special watermark (a Whizbang logo) behind the card text, not found on other cards.

Customize this list


TOY 386.png
TOY 006.png
TOY 000.png
TOY 518.png
TOY 528.png
TOY 814.png
TOY 054.png
TOY 390.png
TOY 878.png
TOY 646.png
TOY 340.png
TOY 517.png
TOY 943.png
TOY 307.png
TOY 391.png
TOY 670.png
TOY 893.png
TOY 820.png
TOY 894.png
TOY 891.png
TOY 897.png
TOY 520.png
TOY 312.png
TOY 895.png
TOY 509.png
TOY 866.png
TOY 341.png
TOY 896.png
TOY 601.png
TOY 530.png
TOY 330.png
TOY 700.png
TOY 531.png
TOY 703.png
TOY 960.png

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TOY 700t7.png
TOY 700t10.png
TOY 700t11.png
TOY 700t3.png
TOY 700t12.png
TOY 700t9.png
TOY 700t.png
TOY 700t13.png
TOY 700t8.png
TOY 700t2.png
TOY 700t1.png
TOY 700t4.png
TOY 700t9t2.png
TOY 700t6.png
TOY 330t6.png
TOY 330t7.png
TOY 330t8.png
TOY 330t9.png
TOY 330t10.png
TOY 330t11.png
TOY 330t12.png
TOY 601t.png
TOY 341t.png
TOY 312t.png
TOY 340t1.png
TOY 700t14.png
TOY 330t92.png
TOY 307t.png
TOY 814t.png
TOY 814t2.png
TOY 814t3.png
TOY 814t4.png
TOY 814t5.png
TOY 814t6.png
TOY 814t7.png
TOY 814t8.png
BOT 270t.png
TOY 330t93.png
TOY 330t94.png
TOY 330t95.png
TOY 330t96.png
TOY 330t97.png
TOY 330t99.png
TOY 330t98.png
TOY 601t2.png

Death Knight

TOY 827.png
TOY 821.png
TOY 824.png
TOY 825.png
TOY 826.png
TOY 828.png
TOY 822.png
TOY 823.png
TOY 830.png
TOY 829.png

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TOY 828t.png
TOY 825t2.png
TOY 825t.png
TOY 829t.png
TOY 829hp.png
TOY 829hp3.png
TOY 829t2.png

Demon Hunter

TOY 643.png
TOY 641.png
TOY 642.png
TOY 645.png
TOY 028.png
TOY 640.png
TOY 644.png
TOY 652.png
TOY 913.png
TOY 647.png

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TOY 400t3t.png
TOY 400t3.png
TOY 913t2.png
TOY 400t6p.png
TOY 400t6p2.png
TOY 652t.png
TOY 645t1.png
TOY 645t.png
TOY 913t1.png
TOY 401t2.png
TOY 400t8.png
TOY 913t3.png
TOY 400t4.png
TOY 400t6.png
TOY 401t.png
TOY 400t7.png
TOY 400t5.png


TOY 850.png
TOY 851.png
TOY 804.png
TOY 802.png
TOY 800.png
TOY 801.png
TOY 803.png
TOY 805.png
TOY 806.png
TOY 807.png

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TOY 801t.png
TOY 804t.png

Choice cards

TOY 801a.png
TOY 801b.png


TOY 352.png
TOY 358.png
TOY 356.png
TOY 359.png
TOY 350.png
TOY 353.png
TOY 354.png
TOY 351.png
TOY 355.png
TOY 357.png

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TOY 351t.png
TOY 358t.png
NEW1 034.png
NEW1 033.png
NEW1 032.png


TOY 037.png
TOY 374.png
TOY 370.png
TOY 377.png
TOY 375.png
TOY 371.png
TOY 376.png
TOY 372.png
TOY 373.png
TOY 378.png

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CS2 mirror.png
CS2 tk1.png
TOY 375t.png
TOY 373t.png


TOY 881.png
TOY 810.png
TOY 811.png
TOY 882.png
TOY 880.png
TOY 808.png
TOY 809.png
TOY 716.png
TOY 813.png
TOY 812.png

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TOY 384.png
TOY 382.png
TOY 381.png
TOY 387.png
TOY 714.png
TOY 380.png
TOY 388.png
TOY 879.png
TOY 383.png
TOY 385.png

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TOY 514.png
TOY 505.png
TOY 516.png
TOY 510.png
TOY 512.png
TOY 521.png
TOY 522.png
TOY 519.png
TOY 515.png
TOY 511.png

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GAME 005.png
TOY 521t1.png
TOY 522t.png


TOY 508.png
TOY 046.png
TOY 513.png
TOY 507.png
TOY 500.png
TOY 877.png
TOY 506.png
TOY 503.png
TOY 504.png
TOY 501.png

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TOY 504t.png
TOY 513t.png
TOY 501t.png


TOY 915.png
TOY 914.png
TOY 883.png
TOY 886.png
TOY 916.png
TOY 884.png
TOY 527.png
TOY 526.png
TOY 524.png
TOY 529.png

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TOY 915t.png
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TOY 605.png
TOY 907.png
TOY 606.png
TOY 604.png
TOY 651.png
TOY 908.png
TOY 603.png
TOY 602.png
TOY 607.png
TOY 906.png

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GVG 110t.png
TOY 604t.png

Themes[edit | edit source]

New Keyword: Miniaturize[edit | edit source]

Chia Drake (Mini) full.jpg
Some of Whizbang’s creations come with their own fun-sized copy! Whenever you play a card with Miniaturize, you get a 1-mana 1/1 copy added to your hand. Play the Mini version right away for tempo, or save it for a cheap, powerful effect when the time is just right.

Throwback Cards and Iconic Characters[edit | edit source]

Whizbang’s creations are inspired by 10 years of Hearthstone history. His workshop’s full of familiar faces and new takes on mechanics from Hearthstone’s past. Will your favorites make an appearance?

Customize Your Own Card with Zilliax Deluxe 3000[edit | edit source]

Can’t find the exact card you’re looking for? Build your own! Zilliax Deluxe 3000 is fully customizable. While building your deck, choose two Zilliax Modules to combine their costs, stats, and effects into your perfect Zilliax. Then, finish your Zilliax off with your choice of cosmetic finishes. How will you build your Zilliax?

Lore[edit | edit source]

Whizbang's Workshop is original to Hearthstone, and it is owned by  Whizbang the Wonderful himself. Not much was known about Whizbang before the introduction of his Workshop, as he too is original to Hearthstone. A similar toy shop is found in World of Warcraft, Wonderworks.

Expansion overview[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Whizbang's Workshop! This expansion is teeming with plushies, Miniatures, and more. Nostalgic mechanics, exciting new toys, and whimsy galore are waiting to be explored March 19th!

Blog description[edit | edit source]

The genius inventor and toymaker, Whizbang, has opened the doors to his magical workshop—and all of Azeroth’s invited! This place is teeming with plushies, Miniatures, and more. With nonstop nostalgia and options galore, you’re bound to find a new favorite toy—or even build one yourself. Welcome to a world of whimsy and wonder, welcome to Whizbang’s Workshop!

History[edit | edit source]

Teasers and announcement[edit | edit source]

On February 12, 2023, the official Hearthstone Twitter posted a teaser image with the quote "Tomorrow, we're kicking off the year with a bang".[2]

On February 13, the expansion was announced and new cards were revealed.

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References[edit | edit source]

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