The Headless Horseman

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The Headless Horseman is a legendary death knight hero card, from the Whizbang's Workshop set.

How to get

Card packsThe Regular version can be opened from any of these packs:

Death Knight Pack
Whizbang's Workshop
Regular1 (random)
Card packsThe Golden version can be opened from any of these packs:

Golden Standard
Death Knight Pack
Whizbang's Workshop
Golden Whizbang's Workshop
Golden1 (random)
CraftingCraft a Regular copy for 1600 Dust.pngRegular1
CraftingCraft a Golden copy for 3200 Dust.pngGolden1
RunComplete an Arena run.Regular1 (random)
Achievement Climbing the Ranks
(Reach Legend in Ranked (any format).).
Regular 1 (random)

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  • The Headless Horseman features a lot of flavor text in its card text and the tokens. The card functions as follows:
    • The Headless Horseman destroys the highest-attack enemy minion, then shuffles  Horseman's Head into the player's deck.
    • The initial Hero Power granted is  Pulsing Pumpkins, which deals 3 damage.
    • After Horseman's Head is drawn, the Hero Power is upgraded to  Pulsing Pumpkins, which deals 3 damage and Discovers an Undead.
      • The hero portrait is also subsequently changed to  The Headless Horseman, which is purely a cosmetic change during gameplay.
      • The Horseman's Head's "When Drawn, this Casts" ability is no different from the regular Casts When Drawn ability.


Play▶️Stand and fight in darkest night!
Play stinger▶️<music stinger>
Trigger:  Death Strike<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_TRIGGER_DeathStrike_01.wav</sm2>Ahahahaha!
Trigger:  Grave Strength<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_TRIGGER_GraveStrength_01.wav</sm2>My soldiers arise and brutalize!
Trigger:  Tomb Guardians<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_TRIGGER_TombGuardians_01.wav</sm2>Disturb the tomb and face your doom!
Attack underlay<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Attack_01.wav</sm2>AHAHAHAHA!
Death underlay▶️<underlay sound>
Emote: Greetings<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Greetings_01.wav</sm2>Harken my verse or feel my curse!
Emote: Well Played<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Well_Played_01.wav</sm2>You are a worthy foe, as far as they go.
Emote: Oops<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Oops_01.wav</sm2>Confounding! Astounding!
Emote: Threaten<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Threaten_01.wav</sm2>It is over, your search is done. Let fate choose, now the righteous one.
Emote: Thanks<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Thanks_01.wav</sm2>I owe you, through and through.
Unused: Sorry<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Sorry_01.wav</sm2>My apologies, if you please.
Concede<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Concede_01.wav</sm2>Fate has spoken! I am broken!
Running out of time<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Time_01.wav</sm2>Time is short, I must retort!
Thinking<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Thinking_02_01.wav</sm2>Who to burn on this turn?
Thinking<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_Thinking_03_01.wav</sm2>I'll beat them all... and they will fall!
Almost out of cards<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_LowCards_01.wav</sm2>My cards are low! Where did they go?
Out of cards<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_NoCards_01.wav</sm2>No cards are left—I am bereft!
Emote: Greetings [Mirror]<sm2>VO_TOY_829_UndeadHuman_Emote_MIRROR_GREETINGS_01.wav</sm2>As we converse, it will reverse!


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"Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled! Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Each of you shall pay the final sum. Cry for mercy, the reckoning has come!"
The Headless Horseman is the boss of Hallow's End. In the open world, the shades of the horsemen terrorize six starting towns, three of each faction. The Horseman also appears as the sole encounter in a special version of the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard, queued for via Dungeon Finder.
The Horseman was once a Knight of the Silver Hand, but is now cursed. He is of the belief that he is alive, while those who face him are dead. When defeated, he is revealed as Sir Thomas Thomson.


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