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Showdown in the Badlands - banner.jpg
In the beginnin', I was all alone, trying my best to do some good out there.
But it didn't take long to realize that, with the right friends, everything would change.
They knew the townsfolk were up to something... sinister.
And it was like a powder keg waiting to explode.
As it turned out, I had the right backup waiting for me just when I needed it.

Showdown in the Badlands is Hearthstone's 25th expansion, featuring new 145 collectible cards released on November 14, 2023.[1] The expansion takes place in the past in Hearthstone lore, when the Badlands was a rugged and lawless region. The Bloodrock Mining Company has found powerful Azerite in the Badlands seeking profit and power, while the noble outlaws try to stop them.

Showdown in the Badlands introduces 2 new keywords: Quickdraw and Excavate. Cards with Quickdraw gain bonus effects if they're played the same turn they're drawn. Cards with Excavate generate an assortment of treasures, increasing in rarity each time.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Showdown in the Badlands craftable cards can be obtained by one of the following methods:

Uncraftable cards

These specific cards can be obtained through other means. For more information, see their respective articles.

  • Prior to the expansion's release and for one week after its release, players could purchase one or both of the following bundles:

Cards[edit | edit source]

The Showdown in the Badlands card set features 145 collectible cards, which can be recognized with a special watermark (a sheriff star) behind the card text, not found on other cards.

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WW 331.png
WW 044.png
WW 435.png
WW 376.png
WW 383.png
WW 391.png
WW 901.png
WW 900.png
WW 001.png
UPCOMING 101871.png
UPCOMING 98734.png
WW 827.png
WW 428.png
WW 398.png
WW 399.png
WW 433.png
UPCOMING 101549.png
WW 397.png
WW 906.png
WW 434.png
WW 003.png
WW 360.png
WW 419.png
WW 332.png
WW 002.png
WW 333.png
WW 431.png
WW 351.png
WW 420.png
WW 025.png
WW 379.png
WW 359.png
WW 421.png
WW 0700.png
WW 440.png

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WW 816t.png
WW 0700p1.png
UPCOMING 104455.png
UPCOMING 103475.png
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UPCOMING 103476.png
UPCOMING 103478.png
UPCOMING 103472.png
UPCOMING 103479.png
WW 044t.png
WW 359t.png

Tier-1 Excavate treasures

WW 001t4.png
UPCOMING 98740.png
DEEP 999t1.png
UPCOMING 98859.png
UPCOMING 98738.png
UPCOMING 98739.png

Tier-2 Excavate treasures

UPCOMING 98749.png
WW 001t7.png
DEEP 999t2.png
UPCOMING 98742.png
UPCOMING 98748.png
UPCOMING 98744.png

Tier-3 Excavate treasures

UPCOMING 98761.png
UPCOMING 98759.png
UPCOMING 98857.png
UPCOMING 98755.png
WW 001t13.png
DEEP 999t3.png

Tier-4 Excavate treasures

DEEP 999t4.png
UPCOMING 102027.png
DEEP 999t5.png
UPCOMING 102039.png
WW 001t26.png
WW 001t23.png
WW 001t25.png

Death Knight

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UPCOMING 100627.png
UPCOMING 100595.png
WW 324.png
UPCOMING 101265.png
UPCOMING 99957.png
UPCOMING 101376.png
UPCOMING 100616.png
WW 357.png
WW 373.png

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Demon Hunter

WW 404.png
UPCOMING 100359.png
WW 406.png
UPCOMING 100365.png
UPCOMING 100369.png
WW 405.png
WW 408.png
WW 402.png
WW 400.png
WW 401.png

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WW 400t3.png
WW 400t4.png
WW 400t5.png
WW 400t6.png


UPCOMING 101054.png
UPCOMING 101975.png
UPCOMING 101052.png
WW 818.png
WW 819.png
WW 826.png
UPCOMING 101369.png
UPCOMING 101053.png
WW 824.png
WW 825.png

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Choice cards

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UPCOMING 102004.png


UPCOMING 100171.png
UPCOMING 100191.png
UPCOMING 100172.png
UPCOMING 101950.png
UPCOMING 100173.png
WW 810.png
UPCOMING 100178.png
UPCOMING 101953.png
WW 815.png
WW 814.png

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WW 810t1.png
WW 810t2.png
WW 810t3.png
WW 810t4.png
WW 810t5.png
WW 810t6.png
WW 810t7.png
WW 810t8.png


UPCOMING 99221.png
UPCOMING 101873.png
UPCOMING 101876.png
WW 377.png
UPCOMING 101874.png
UPCOMING 101875.png
WW 422.png
UPCOMING 101939.png
WW 430.png
WW 429.png


WW 335.png
UPCOMING 100230.png
WW 336.png
UPCOMING 100284.png
UPCOMING 101142.png
WW 341.png
UPCOMING 101109.png
UPCOMING 101162.png
WW 337.png
UPCOMING 100285.png

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WW 345t1.png
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WW 345t7.png
WW 345t4.png
WW 345t2.png
WW 345t3.png
WW 345t5.png
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WW 381.png
UPCOMING 101382.png
WW 393.png
UPCOMING 101110.png
WW 387.png
UPCOMING 101955.png
UPCOMING 104999.png
WW 394.png
WW 392.png

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WW 412.png
UPCOMING 100936.png
UPCOMING 100935.png
WW 416.png
WW 413.png
WW 363.png
WW 006.png
WW 415.png
WW 364.png
WW 417.png

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WW 327.png
WW 325.png
UPCOMING 100286.png
UPCOMING 102061.png
WW 326.png
WW 090.png
UPCOMING 100291.png
WW 382.png
UPCOMING 99961.png
WW 026.png

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UPCOMING 109363.png
UPCOMING 100287.png
WW 010t.png
UPCOMING 102060.png


WW 041.png
WW 441.png
WW 042.png
WW 092.png
WW 043.png
WW 442.png
WW 378.png
UPCOMING 103462.png
WW 091.png
UPCOMING 103463.png

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WW 437t.png


UPCOMING 100539.png
WW 334.png
WW 329.png
WW 380.png
UPCOMING 101264.png
UPCOMING 100537.png
WW 348.png
UPCOMING 100546.png
WW 375.png
WW 372.png

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Themes[edit | edit source]

A Crooked Lawman Faces Noble Outlaws[edit | edit source]

Sheriff Barrelbrim full.jpg

The Bloodrock Mining Company’s operation is run by none other than the corrupt Sheriff Barrelbrim! Sheriff Barrelbrim is as greedy as his hat is tall, so he’s not halting the mining for something as silly as health and safety. He’s coerced, cajoled, and conscripted the townsfolk into working the mines; and he has a special spot in the Badlands Jail for anyone who stands in his way.

But an unexpected band of noble outlaws has come together to take him on! Each of these gunslingers is used to working on their lonesome, so they have special effects if your deck has no duplicates. Demon Hunter, Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Priest, and Shaman each have one of these Legendary Outlaws, and they’re led by Elise, Badlands Savior!

This here story takes place before Elise joined the League of Explorers, so they won’t be joining her in this rodeo, but who knows who she might meet on this adventure.

New Keyword: Quickdraw[edit | edit source]

Trolley Problem full.jpg

To win a Wild West Showdown, you’ve got to be quick on the draw! Cards with the new Quickdraw keyword get a special bonus if they’re played the turn they enter your hand. Fire your cards off as soon as you draw them for maximum effect!

New Keyword: Excavate[edit | edit source]

Kobold Miner full.jpg

What’s the Bloodrock Mining Company after, anyway? Why, Treasures, of course! Cards with the new Excavate keyword give you a Treasure when played. Each time you Excavate, you get a Treasure from the tier you’re on, and then you progress to the next tier, so the further you dig into the mine, the bigger and rarer your treasure gets. Talk about paydirt!

So, the first time you Excavate, you get one of five 1-mana Common Treasures. The next time you Excavate, you get one of five 2-mana Rare Treasures. Then one of five 3-mana Epic Treasures. Once you tap out your mine, you start your excavation over at Common in a new vein! In total, there are 15 Neutral Excavation Treasures that all classes can dig up: five at each rarity.

Five classes are working with the Bloodrock Mining Company: Death Knight, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior. These expert miners are able to get even deeper in their Excavations. Each of these classes has a class-specific 4-mana Legendary Excavate Treasure that they get when they Excavate for the fourth time. Eureka!

Cards with Excavate
Excavation Treasures

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.

The Badlands is an arid and desolate region in Khaz Modan accessed via the Searing Gorge to the west and Loch Modan to the north. Only the hardiest of creatures can survive in the arid wastes, such as feral coyotes, cougars and buzzards. The black dragonflight have a pronounced presence in the area, mainly in the Lethlor Ravine and, later, in the Dustbowl. Scattered across the Badlands are camps of the Dustbelcher ogres.

The region is often mistaken for being an Alliance territory. It is an extreme environment, it is imperative to have an excellent map of the ruins and surroundings to survive, the sandstorms sweeping the region can confuse the landmarks. It is advisable to travel at night, to sleep during the day, to protect your face from sand and winds, and to provide plenty of water, or a mage.

Despite its position between Stormwind and Dun Morogh, the Badlands have traditionally been Horde territory, though the Alliance have recently established the encampment of Dragon's Mouth in the western part of the region. To the north of Dragon's Mouth lies the Horde stronghold of New Kargath, built after its predecessor was buried by an avalanche during the Cataclysm. In the east is the goblin town of Fuselight and its sister port town, Fuselight-by-the-Sea, both controlled by the neutral Steamwheedle Cartel. In the west, a massive, charred ravine called the Scar of the Worldbreaker was formed when LegacyDeathwing passed through the area.

In the northeast, near the border with Loch Modan, lie the ruins of a titan-forged fortress known as Uldaman, home to titan-forged earthen, savage troggs, and much information about the origins of the dwarven race, while the smaller Tomb of the Watchers has recently been unearthed in the center of the region. As a result, the Alliance-affiliated Explorers' League, the dwarven Dark Iron clan and the blood elven Reliquary are fighting for control over the ruins and any titan artifacts that may lie within.

In Hearthstone[edit | edit source]

Hearthstone's iteration of the Badlands is quite different to how it appears in World of Warcraft. Where in WoW it is an arid region without much going on, Hearthstone turns it into a classic wild west-style area with saloons, mining, and cowboys. In Hearthstone, the Bloodrock Mining Company has found an Azerite vein in the Badlands, and their operation is run by the corrupt Showdown in the BadlandsSheriff Barrelbrim. And it's the job of the unexpected band of noble outlaws to take him on.

Showdown in the Badlands tells the origin story of The League of ExplorersReno Jackson and The League of ExplorersElise Starseeker.

Long before Reno joined the League of Explorers, he was just a lone wanderer in search of profit. He heard through the great vine that Bloodrock was the place to get rich (or die trying, with a name like that). After wandering to town in search of a bountry, Reno was hired by Sheriff Eustace Barrlebrim to bring a group of outlaws to justice. In the sheriff's own words, these outlaws were the vilest, sickest scum on this side of Azeroth. But after signing the mayor's contract and pursuing the bounty, Reno found the truth: The outlaw boss was none other than the noble The League of ExplorersElise Starseeker. Turns out the real villain was the sheriff himself, and the Azerite strip mine outside of the town was destabilizing the entirety of the Badlands. The townsfolk were digging up anything to get to those Azerite treasures. And the bad news was, if they kept this excavation up, the Badlands would be destroyed.[2]

Expansion overview[edit | edit source]

The Bloodrock Mining Company found powerful Azerite in the Badlands. They’re digging deep and bleeding the land dry, disrupting the Badlands and awakening slumbering elementals! Now mysterious outlaws are riding into town to set things right. Tumbleweeds roll by and high noon looms. Grab your horse and your hat, it’s nearly time for a Showdown in the Badlands—launching November 14th!

Blog description[edit | edit source]

The Bloodrock Mining Company found powerful Azerite in the Badlands. They’re digging deep and bleeding the land dry, disrupting the Badlands and awakening slumbering elementals! Now mysterious outlaws are riding into town to set things right. Tumbleweeds roll by and high noon looms. Grab your horse and your hat, it’s nearly time for a Showdown in the Badlands!

History[edit | edit source]

Teasers and announcement[edit | edit source]

On October 16, 2023, the official Hearthstone Twitter posted a teaser image containing darkened-out cowboy boots.[3]

On October 17, the expansion was announced and new cards were revealed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Logo concept art by Christopher Hayes

Cinematic stills by Mooncolony

Videos[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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