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This page lists cards with card art depicting uncategorized Titan-forged races.

For other categorized titan-forged races, see Trogg art, Vrykul art, Tol'vir art, and Mogu art, and by extension Dwarf art, Human art, and Gnome art.

For card art of the titans themselves, see Titan art.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
The titan-forged were the armies crafted by the Pantheon from Azeroth's crust to fight the Black Empire of the Old Gods. The keepers would later create more titan-forged through the twin forges, the  Forge of Wills and the Forge of Origination, in order to compensate the number of titan-forged lost during the War on the Black Empire.

Titan-forged[edit | edit source]

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BG27 000 Battlegrounds.png
TTN 465t.png
ULD 616.png
EX1 045.png
VAN EX1 045.png
TTN 833.png
TTN 469.png
TTN 039t.png
TTN 039.png
TTN 861.png
TTN 080.png
WON 311.png
LOE 017.png
YOG 517.png
TTN 835.png
TTN 092e2t.png
ULD 198.png
TTN 490.png
TTN 490t.png
TTN 850.png
TTN 751.png
TTN 931.png
YOG 523.png
ULD 268.png
TTN 900.png
UNG 940t8.png
ULD 138.png
LOE 061.png
TTN 856.png
TTN 842.png
BG25 050 Battlegrounds.png
TTN 487.png
TTN 481.png
TTN 724t.png
TTN 857.png
BGS 080 Battlegrounds.png
TTN 940.png
TTN 083t.png
TTN 752.png
TTN 083.png
TTN 724.png
ULD 183.png
TTN 811.png
ULD 721.png
AT 120.png
ULD 705t.png
EX1 586.png
CORE EX1 586.png
VAN EX1 586.png
PVPDR Darius T4.png

Titan-forged art[edit | edit source]

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TTN 092t2.png
TTN 721t1.png
TTN 858t3.png
YOG 516t.png
TTN 429t.png
TTN 081.png
TTN 932.png
YOG 514.png
YOG 503.png
TTN 317.png
TTN 920t7.png
TTN 486.png
YOG 522.png
TTN 430.png
TTN 430t.png
TTN 951t.png
TTN 951.png
TTN 484.png
TTN 854.png
TTN 728.png
TTN 845.png
YOG 508.png
YOG 501.png
TTN 753t.png
TTN 753.png
YOG 301.png
TTN 745.png
TTN 477t1.png
TTN 477.png
TTN 754.png
TTN 924.png
TTN 722.png
TTN 853.png
TTN 483.png
TTN 900.png
DEEP 999t5.png
TTN 463.png
YOG 509.png
DEEP 021.png
DEEP 025.png
TTN 092.png
YOG 502t.png
YOG 502.png
TTN 480.png
TTN 470.png
TTN 940a.png
TTN 330.png
TTN 940b.png