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This page lists cards with card art depicting mogu.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
The mogu are a powerful magical race who live in Pandaria. Proud, hateful, and powerful both physically and magically, the mogu are the foremost enemies of the pandaren. The mogu and pandaren have fought over the future of Pandaria since time immemorial.
Though created by the Titans during the creation of Azeroth to serve and protect the land, they were later afflicted by the Curse of Flesh, eventually losing their way and valuing power and control above all else. Under the reign of emperors like Lei Shen, the Mogu Empire dominated Pandaria. After the Pandaren revolution and the downfall of the empire, the mogu clans scattered.
Following the arrival of the Alliance and the Horde, the mogu clans made various attacks to reclaim their former glory from the pandaren in the ensuring chaos. Shan Bu and Zhao-Jin the Bloodletter in particular led their clans against the pandaren-controlled Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Townlong Steppes. After the fall of the newly resurrected Thunder King, the mogu have once again been defeated.

Mogu[edit | edit source]

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TOY 803.png
CFM 712 t01.png
Story 05 JadeWarlord.png
ULD 705.png
CFM 712 t02.png
TTN 078.png
CFM 712 t03.png
TTN 482.png
TTN 503.png
CFM 712 t04.png
EX1 396.png
VAN EX1 396.png
BG TTN 078.png
CFM 712 t05.png
CFM 312.png
WON 084.png
CFM 712 t06.png
CFM 712 t07.png
CFM 712 t08.png
CFM 712 t09.png
ULD 169.png
CFM 712 t26.png
CFM 712 t21.png
CFM 712 t10.png
CFM 712 t11.png
CFM 712 t12.png
CFM 712 t27.png
CFM 712 t24.png
CFM 712 t13.png
CFM 712 t14.png
CFM 712 t15.png
CFM 712 t16.png
CFM 712 t20.png
CFM 712 t22.png
CFM 712 t23.png
CFM 712 t17.png
CFM 712 t18.png
CFM 712 t30.png
CFM 712 t19.png
CFM 712 t29.png
CFM 712 t28.png
CFM 712 t25.png
WE1 022.png
CFM 308.png

Mogu art[edit | edit source]

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CFM 602a.png
ULD 256.png
CFM 602.png
CFM 602b.png
TTN 302.png
TTN 302t.png
CFM 707.png
WON 082.png
TTN 865.png
TTN 865t.png
WON 078.png
CFM 308a.png
CFM 308b.png
ULD 705t.png