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A typical kobold, pick in hand, candle on head

This page lists cards with card art depicting kobolds.

Lore[edit | edit source]

"You no take candle!"
Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
Kobolds are rat-like humanoids that dwell in underground tunnels and spend their lives mining, primarily for gold. They evolved from troggs.They are cowardly, cringing folk who live in fear of larger races and rarely venture outside their tunnels. However, while not powerful individually, they congregate in large numbers and can prove a nuisance and occasionally a danger.
Kobolds live in tunnels going deep into the Alterac and Redridge Mountains. Kobolds are most at home in the dark underground, as bright light causes them discomfort. As they cannot, however, see perfectly in the dark, kobolds also have a great affinity for candles.
Kobolds are cowardly and flee from most combat. Nonetheless, they are tenacious and fierce when cornered, so when their lairs (or candles) are threatened, they attack with abandon. Unfortunately for them, they are not particularly intelligent and their tactics leave much to be desired: though they are naturally stealthy, they use this ability for escape more than ambush, and they usually try to overwhelm opponents with large numbers rather than defeat them using strategic cunning. Further, kobolds are sometimes so cowardly that they refuse to help their friends when they fall under attack nearby – these craven creatures will simply go about their business (sweating in fear all the while) and hope that the troublesome adventurers will leave them alone.
Kobolds trade the gold and other minerals they unearth to goblins and other patrons for all the goods they need to survive; occasionally they purchase protection as well. They will take over abandoned mines and scavenge equipment whenever they can do so safely.
The grimy, vermin-like kobolds dwell deep within the crags and rocky caves of the Redridge Mountains. These slovenly creatures are best known for their penchant for digging and their underground excavations. Most recently, the kobolds have found themselves falling prey to the merciless Riverpaw Pack of gnolls. These cunning gnolls have proven themselves to be merciless taskmasters, forcing the kobolds into an existence of neverending drudgery. Since their enslavement, the historically meek kobolds have grown bitter and aggressive toward any creature that meddles with their ceaseless labor.

Kobolds[edit | edit source]

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LOOT 154.png
DAL 614.png
LOOT 014.png
LOOT 033.png
CFM 790.png
CORE CFM 790.png
LOOT 363.png
LOOT 367.png
CORE CS2 142.png
VAN CS2 142.png
CS2 142.png
LOOT 062.png
WW 001.png
ULD 184.png
BG25 105 Battlegrounds.png
WW 345t3.png
ULD 205.png
AV 251.png
DAL 415.png
LOOT 347.png
LOOT 041.png
AV 136.png
LOOT 389.png
LOOT 069.png
LOOT 528.png
TB BaconUps 105 Battlegrounds.png
BGS 035 Battlegrounds.png
LOOT 233.png
OG 082.png
AT 093.png
DAL 416.png
CORE DAL 416.png
LOOT 382.png
DRG 031.png
RLK 217.png
LOOT 291.png
UPCOMING 99957.png
LOOT 167.png
BGS 066 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 130 Battlegrounds.png
LOOT 412.png
DRG 082.png
DAL 749.png
LOOT 518.png
DRG 037.png
CORE DRG 037.png
DAL 417.png
DAL 719.png
BG DAL 775.png
DAL 775.png
LOOT 519.png
LOOT 414.png
LOOT 541.png
DAL 760.png

Kobold art[edit | edit source]

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DRG 301.png
ULD 326.png
DAL 728.png
WW 354.png
ULD 715.png
DRG 317.png
DAL 010.png
AV 295.png
DAL 733.png
LOOT 214.png
AV 326.png
DAL 373.png
DAL 373ts.png
DRG 258.png
DEEP 018.png
LOOT 210.png
CORE LOOT 079.png
LOOT 079.png
YOD 018.png
AV 201.png
UPCOMING 98759.png
ULD 719.png
LOOT 998k.png
VAC 702t4.png
LOOT 357l.png
LOOT 344.png
LOOT 364.png
DRG 247.png
DEEP 010.png
WW 360.png
ETC 543.png
LOOT 077.png
BG23 HERO 305 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
LOOT 161.png
LOOT 417.png
LOOT 172.png
DAL 731.png
ULD 707.png
DRG 321.png
ULD 706.png
DRG 033.png
LOOT 383.png
ULD 713.png
UPCOMING 100285.png
YOD 007.png
UPCOMING 100546.png
ULD 273.png