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 Hogger, the most infamous gnoll on Azeroth

This page lists cards with card art depicting gnolls.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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Gnolls are a race of vicious but simple-minded hyena-like humanoids who dwell in many areas of the Eastern Kingdoms. Though highly aggressive, gnolls are notorious for being extremely unintelligent and often fight amongst themselves.
Gnolls are one of the younger races of Lordaeron. Indigenous to both the Alterac Mountains and the Redridge Range far to the south, these hyena-like humanoids are extremely aggressive and are often found quarreling amongst themselves. Though relatively intelligent compared to most beasts, they are not very bright by human standards. They have been known to manipulate each other into fights over ridiculous things like "whose shadow is larger". It has often been stated that the gnolls would be quite a fearsome race, if they ever stopped tearing each other to pieces long enough to organize themselves into an army. The cunning gnoll packs of the Redridge Mountains have notoriously plagued both human and dwarven kingdoms alike.
Gnolls are brutish and belligerent creatures who value strength over everything else and are fierce and formidable in battle, but are not the most intelligent of races. Gnolls have been employed as mercenaries, but their penchant for vicious fighting and their limited intelligence requires constant supervision. Gnolls are unfortunately as resilient as they are brutish and stupid.
Gnolls may seem like simple brutes, but there's animal cunning even among them. The gnolls run as a pack, and every pack has alphas: The biggest, strongest, and most ruthless members that claw their way to dominance; they're the ones giving orders.

Gnolls[edit | edit source]

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RLK 503.png
TU4a 003.png
TU4a 002.png
BG25 013 Battlegrounds.png
NEW1 040t.png
OG 318t.png
PVPDR SCH Active50.png
CFM 336.png
WON 307.png
GIL 213.png
TU4a 005.png
AV 298.png
BGS 072 Battlegrounds.png
TB BaconUps 133 Battlegrounds.png
VAN NEW1 040.png
NEW1 040.png
DMF 109.png
OG 318.png
WW 387.png
SW 062.png

Gnoll art[edit | edit source]

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UPCOMING 105499.png
DMF 108.png
AV 259.png
AT 015.png
WON 342.png
TOY 943.png
DMF 705.png
TOY 820.png
RLK 534.png