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A Mechagnome in World of Warcraft
A Mechagon Mechagnome in World of Warcraft

This page lists cards with card art depicting mechagnomes.

For card art depicting gnomes, see Gnome art, and for card art depicting mechanicals, see Mechanical art.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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Mechagnomes[edit | edit source]

Mechagnomes (also called mechanognomes, and clockwork mechagnomes) are a race of titan-forged creatures, resembling clockwork machines, who inhabit the Storm Peaks of Northrend. Creations of the titanic watcher Mimiron, they are the ancestors of the gnome race, having been transformed into them after falling victim to the Curse of Flesh.

The mechagnomes were created by Mimiron (also referred to as "The Grand Architect") within Ulduar, apparently as servants and caretakers much like the {{wow|earthen]]. When their creator was struck down by the corrupted Keeper Loken, the mechagnomes scrambled to save his fading soul by transplanting it upon a giant mechagnome body, though they could do nothing to help his deteriorated mental state. Alongside the earthen, a number of mechagnomes left Ulduar and became caretakers of the facility of Uldaman.

Like the rest of the titan-forged, the mechagnomes were struck with Yogg-Saron's Curse of Flesh, though the ones at Northrend appear to have been unaffected. The mechagnomes of Uldaman, however, suffered the full brunt of the Curse 3,000 years in the past, where they degenerated into fleshy beings which would later become simply known as gnomes. Physically and mentally debilitated, these creatures lost all sense of purpose, abandoning the halls of Uldaman and fleeing into the surrounding caverns and mountain peaks. Only a handful of mechagnomes remained in the facility, still driven by their titan-forged imperative.

Mechagon mechagnomes[edit | edit source]

Mechagnomes (aka Mechagon mechagnome, and referred to by Blizzard as junker gnomes but not in-game) are a race of partially mechanical to fully mechanical gnomes that inhabit the island of Mechagon and are descended from the regular gnomes of Gnomeregan. They span a variety of different types. The higher-caste gnomes live in an advanced society inside a huge vault, where they previously dedicated themselves to their ruler King Mechagon. Under King Mechagon's society, the more robot parts one has, the higher one's social standing is.

Having lived for centuries in relative peace, a group of mechagnomes rejected King Mechagon's vision of a mechanical world as his ambitions turned from invention and advancement to mechanizing the entire planet. Known as the Rustbolt Resistance, this group was led by Mechagon's own son, Erazmin. Setting up in the outside Junker Wastes, they were beset by death robots and other mechagnomes who sought to end the resistance one way or another. The Rustbolt had fewer mechanical parts and tended to be partially deteriorating. As the Alliance and Horde arrived on Mechagon, they befriended the group in an effort to break into the mechagnomes' city and stop King Mechagon.

Following Operation: Mechagon, the mechagnomes re-joined Gnomeregan under High Tinker  Gelbin Mekkatorque and joined the Alliance. Following the ascension of Gelbin Mekkatorque as King of Gnomes with Prince Erazmin as his advisor, the goal of the Mechagnomes shifted from mechanization and removal of flesh to finding harmony between flesh and metal.

Mechagnomes[edit | edit source]

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Mechagnome art[edit | edit source]

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