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This page lists cards with card art depicting wildkin.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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The wildkin are serene, powerful creatures, thought by the night elves to have been created by the moon goddess Elune. They resemble a cross between a bear and a horned owl, which explains both their wisdom and ferocity. They act as a powerful force for good and a staunch ally of the night elves. While good-tempered and wise, the wildkin fights fiercely against evildoers, especially undead and the forces of the Burning Legion.
These feathered creatures go by many names - moonkin, owlbear, and owlkin. These gentle giants possess a natural, druidic energy similar to that of the night elves.
These bird-faced humanoids are considered an abomination by most, but actually find favor with night elves. The wildkin have long been considered a sacred animal by the night elves and the tauren. The priests of Elune see the wildkin as imbued with the spirit and strength of the Moon Goddess, and the druids see them as guardians and protectors of nature.

Wildkin[edit | edit source]

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DMF 733.png
LOE 051.png
PVPDR DMF Druidt1.png
ONY 018.png
JAM 029.png
GIL 121.png
TOY 807.png

Wildkin art[edit | edit source]

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DRG 315.png
ETC 379t.png
ETC 379.png
BG28 838.png
TOY 805.png
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ETC 373.png
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