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This page lists cards with card art depicting infernals.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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Infernals are mindless giants of flame and fury and can be summoned by warlocks and the nathrezim. They are not truly demons, apparently more similar to constructs.
Crafted by the mo'arg and gan'arg, infernals fall to earth as green, molten meteorites from the Twisting Nether. They exist only to destroy every living thing in their path. Though their lifespans are limited, the mighty infernals have been known to destroy entire cities before their energies dissipated back into the Great Dark Beyond. A large concentration of infernals can be found in Shadowmoon Valley. There are the ever present infernals attacking Alliance and Horde towns in the region; they appear to be stockpiled at Legion Hold and launched by shivarra. The Deathforge provides details on how this variety is made. Infernals are produced by a green fire elemental called an "infernal soul", which is put into a collection of fel stone by mo'arg and gan'arg engineers, which then creates a very weak infernal. They can also be stored in their comet forms.
Most dreadlords can summon an Infernal with the ultimate ability inferno. Tichondrius has been seen to summon four, while Anetheron and Balnazzar can summon two at once. Archimonde, on the other hand, is known to summon massive amounts of infernals and other demons at the same time.
Infernal's are known to be extremely unintelligent, and can barely take orders from their demon commanders as it is. They are able to understand Eredun, but are mute except for the occasional roar or grunt. There are also abyssals, a similar construct.

Infernals[edit | edit source]

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DRG 207t.png
MIS 703.png
BGS 204 Battlegrounds.png
CORE CS2 064.png
VAN CS2 064.png
CS2 064.png
TTN 960t5.png
VAN EX1 tk34.png
EX1 tk34.png
DMF 118.png
DMF 118t.png
JAM 016.png
CFM 751.png
CORE CFM 751.png
BT 734.png

Infernal art[edit | edit source]

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TTN 960t3.png
SW 322t2.png
RLK 061.png
VAN EX1 533.png
EX1 533.png
BRM 005.png
TTN 490t.png
MAW 012.png
MAW 012t.png
BT 011.png
BT 486.png