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This page lists cards with card art depicting virmen.

Lore[edit | edit source]

A virmen in World of Warcraft
Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
The virmen are a race of primitive rabbit-like people that live in Pandaria, akin to kobolds. Commonly seen as little more than aggressive pests, they are obsessed with vegetables, mostly carrots.
The virmen are an annoyance with the potential to become a serious problem. Rabbit-like pests with rat-like tails and powerful hind legs that send them bounding across terrain, virmen typically live and scavenge out of sight in caves and burrows. But when the civilized races of Pandaria draw near their warrens, the virmen are a famine on legs.
Virmen are inveterate lurkers, awaiting the opportunity to grab carrion, garbage, or actual food whenever they can. They'll steal and eat nearly anything, then scurry away, leaving behind overturned tables and ransacked trash piles. The menace of the virmen is only slightly increased by their propensity to wield stolen daggers (or, failing that, sharpened pieces of bamboo) in both hands. Though most virmen avoid direct conflict, they are not unwilling to attack others in pursuit of the sustenance that drives their every waking moment.
Virmen causing mayhem in the Stormstout Brewery
Virmen love vegetables, especially carrots. Virmen will often steal any vegetable they can find and sometimes use them in unorthodox ways, such as turning watermelons into toy boats. Virmen have surprisingly sharp teeth for creatures that mostly eat carrots. However, there is one vegetable they have no love for; the turnip. For some odd reason, virmen hate turnips to the point that they will sometimes deliberately go out of the way to beat them up. This odd distaste has caused many pandaren children to find ways to trick them into accidentally eating a turnip, such as painting them orange to look like carrots; a prank that the virmen often fall prey to.
Virmen (unsurprisingly) breed as fast as the rabbits they resemble. They aren't very selective when it comes to breeding, but most broods will still have several alpha males and a single dominant mother figure. She's usually bigger, meaner, and tougher than anyone else in the brood.

In Hearthstone[edit | edit source]

In Hearthstone, virmen are found as one of the races that make up the Jade Lotus, one of the three crime families active in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.[1] Described as being "pesky" and "hard to deal with", the Jade Lotus' virmen are typically equipped with brass knuckles and travel in packs, "like a fluffy white wave coming at you".[2]

Those depicted are notably of a far higher level of development than those seen in World of Warcraft, and appear to be exceptional members of their race, both in intelligence and in restraint. They are also more anthropomorphic than the virmen seen in Pandaria, lacking the long, rat-like tail and possessing longer limbs and torso than the more primitive variant. Aside from the mystical  Virmen Sensei, an unnamed virmen is seen during the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan trailer, fighting (and stealing) on behalf of the Jade Lotus.

Virmen[edit | edit source]

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Virmen art[edit | edit source]

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