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This page lists cards with card art depicting ambulatory plants.

For artwork depicting ancients, see Ancient art. For artwork depicting bog beasts, see Bog beast art.

Lore[edit | edit source]

While plant-based NPCs are classified as elementals in World of Warcraft for gameplay purposes, they may not actually be true elementals.

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
Treants are mighty tree-folk imbued with great wisdom and strength native to the forests of Azeroth.
Treants are powerful, ancient trees and more primitive forms of the wise Ancients that served under Cenarius in ages past. Treants resemble large moving trees with faces. Over time, treants also grow to be ancient protectors.

Plants[edit | edit source]

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UNG 111t1.png
UNG 999t2t1.png
AT 037t.png
TTN 950t.png
EX1 573t.png
EX1 158t.png
ULD 137t.png
VAN EX1 tk9b.png
EX1 tk9.png
DRG 311t.png
DMF 061t2.png
VAN EX1 tk9.png
FP1 019t.png
REV 336t2.png
SW 422t.png
TTN 950t2.png
DAL 256t2.png
MIS 301t.png
GIL 663t.png
ETC 373t.png
SCH 612t.png
GIL 616t2.png
UNG 063.png
WW 376.png
JAM 026.png
UNG 058.png
GIL 835.png
TOY 802.png
YOG 403.png
GIL 561.png
YOG 528.png
UNG 035.png
LOOT 351.png
UNG 844.png
CORE UNG 844.png
TOY 646.png
GIL 616t.png
Story 02 Sporlar.png
UNG 843.png
GIL 680.png
REV 314t.png
UNG 065.png
JAM 028.png
GIL 655.png
LOOT 329.png
BG29 846 Battlegrounds.png
UNG 064.png
SCH 614.png
KAR 041.png
UPCOMING 102060.png
REV 314.png
GIL 658.png
GIL 616.png
UNG 065t.png

Plant art[edit | edit source]

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BAR 079t5.png
BAR 079t8.png
BAR 079t13c.png
BAR 079t13.png
BAR 079t13b.png
YOG 529.png
BAR 079t9.png
BAR 079t11.png
BAR 079t12c.png
BAR 079t12.png
BAR 079t12b.png
BAR 079t15c.png
BAR 079t15.png
BAR 079t15b.png
BAR 079t7.png
SCH 427.png
UNG 999t2.png
BAR 079t14c.png
BAR 079t14.png
BAR 079t14b.png
YOG 529b.png
YOG 529a.png
TTN 903t.png
BAR 079t6.png
BAR 079t4.png
Bar 079t10c.png
BAR 079t10.png
BAR 079t10b.png
BOT 054.png
SW 422b.png
TTN 950t3.png
TTN 950.png
AT 037a.png
UNG 856.png
AT 037.png
CORE AT 037.png
UNG 960.png
PVPDR SCH Druidt5.png
SCH 333.png
SW 422a.png
AT 037b.png
REV 313.png
UNG 057t1.png
DRG 311b.png
PVPDR SCH Active03.png
SW 422.png
DRG 311a.png
DRG 051.png
DRG 311.png
BOT 419.png
UNG 823.png
UPCOMING 102054.png
JAM 026b.png
TTN 955A.png
TTN 955.png
TTN 955B.png
BAR 536.png
BAR 536t.png
BAR 536t2.png
UNG 060.png
TOY 829hp3.png
TOY 829hp.png
UNG 057.png
DRG 312.png
JAM 026a.png
DAL 062.png
TTN 456.png
AV 205pb.png
TTN 927.png
DMF 061b.png
UNG 103.png
TTN 930t.png
TTN 930.png
BOT 420.png
CORE BOT 420.png
MIS 301.png
DMF 061a.png
TSC 651.png
EX1 158.png
CORE EX1 158.png
UNG 832.png
ULD 137.png
TRL 533.png
WW 393.png
BOT 404.png
FP1 019.png
VAN EX1 158.png
DRG 314.png
YOP 026.png
PVPDR SCH Active23.png
EX1 571.png
CORE EX1 571.png
UNG 111.png
SCH 612b.png
SCH 612a.png
VAN EX1 571.png
BOT 422b.png
BOT 422a.png
GVG 031.png
SCH 612.png
TTN 926b.png
ETC 373.png
ETC 373a.png
WW 090.png
ETC 373b.png
TTN 926a.png
DMF 732.png
TTN 954.png
TOY 519.png
REV 311t2.png
REV 311.png
REV 319.png
EX1 573b.png
REV 311t.png
DAL 256.png
DAL 256ts.png
VAN EX1 573b.png
TTN 903.png