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This page lists cards with card art depicting golems.

This page depicts various uncategorized golems, such as arcane base golems and rock base golems. For more specific types of golems, see Abomination art, Animated object art, Infernal art, Mechanical art, and Titan-forged art.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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Golems are constructs, magically wrought automatons of bones, flesh, metal, or stone and are generally thought to be mindless. They are built generally as guardians or protectors of a person, place, or thing.
Arcane golems
Arcane golems (or crystal golems) are hulking, magically-powered robotic constructs found mainly in blood elf territories. They act as peacekeepers, defenders, and sometimes public announcers. The golems returned to prominence in Silvermoon some years after Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas. Their physical build boasts a number of different color schemes depending on the model. The blood elves have put them to the most use, generally using a red-and-gold variant, though also have vermilion and altered fel golem versions in their arsenal.
Rock base golems
The golems of the Third War were magically wrought automatons of varying types of stone. Most of these golems could be found in and around Dalaran, for the mages there created them to perform manual labor and guard their mystical holdings. Certain renegade wizards were also known to create their own golems to protect their secret dens and lairs. Most of these golems were magically protected from spells, so that enemy mages couldn't turn them against their creators. Golems were generally thought to be mindless, however there were documented cases of golems roaming freely, without their masters to control them. Where these vagabond constructs went or what they sought was a complete mystery.

Golems[edit | edit source]

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BAR 079 m1.png
BOT 236.png
TTN 900t.png
EX1 089.png
VAN EX1 089.png
RLK 542.png
TTN 844.png
ULD 711t.png
KAR 095.png
TB BaconUps 063 Battlegrounds.png
TOY 809.png
TTN 714.png
TSC 919.png
MIS 314.png
RLK 544t.png
BAR 079 m2.png
LOOT 285t3t.png
ETC 329.png
LOOT 203t4.png
TSC 919t.png
NX2 023.png
LOOT 365.png
UPCOMING 101053.png
KAR 061.png
WE1 038.png
VAN CS2 186.png
CS2 186.png
BAR 079 m3.png
TTN 459.png
KAR 711.png
TOT 110.png

Golem art[edit | edit source]

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ETC 330.png
BAR 079.png
RLK 544.png