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This page lists cards with card art depicting Wild Gods.

This page depicts various Wild Gods, such as the Ancient Guardians, August Celestials, and Loa. Many Wild Gods take the form of various animals. For regular animal art, see Beast art, Bird art, and Dinosaur art.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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Wild Gods are primal manifestations of life and nature found on both Azeroth and other planets. Many of them appear in the form of gargantuan animals, such as wolves, bears, tigers, or birds. The Wild Gods of Azeroth are creatures of two realms, for while they inhabit the physical world, their spirits are bound to the ethereal Emerald Dream. When Wild Gods die, they go to Ardenweald ferried by kyrian Bearers and enter a wildseed to be taken care of by keepers of the groves of one of the celestial trees until they are ready to be reborn through the Grove of Awakening. Wild God, Loa, and August Celestial are interchangeable when referring to great spirits aligned with nature destined to Ardenweald.

Wild Gods[edit | edit source]

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BG27 822 Battlegrounds.png
BG20 205 Battlegrounds.png
BG20 205 G Battlegrounds.png
GIL 800.png
TRL 409.png
TRL 900.png
BG29 811 Battlegrounds.png
CORE TRL 345.png
TRL 345.png
TRL 260.png
TRL 241.png
TRL 316.png
WON 011.png
GVG 035.png
TRL 329.png
EX1 573.png
CORE EX1 573.png
BGS 018 Battlegrounds.png
TRL 253.png
AT 045.png
WON 012.png
VAN EX1 573.png
TRL 541.png
TRL 300.png

Wild God art[edit | edit source]

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TRL 541t.png
TRL 502.png
TRL 223.png
TRL 327.png
TRL 566.png
TRL 251.png
TRL 319.png
TRL 901.png
TRL 092.png
TRL 309.png
TOY 806.png
TRL 060.png
DMF 732.png