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This page lists cards with card art depicting brokers.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Brokers are a race of humanoid energy beings native to an unnamed realm of the Shadowlands. Independent from the Covenants and the Maw, they possess an innate affinity for anima and act as soul-traders that can move freely around the realms. They are savvy, adaptable, and keep their true intentions to themselves. In the wake of the current anima drought, the Brokers have taken the chance to capitalize on new opportunities for profit and perhaps more. Brokers value success, and are not afraid to display the results of their endeavors. Brokers do not only sell, they also collect and put their collections on display. Their methods of storage are bigger on the inside. They navigate through the In-Between.

Since embarking upon their expeditions to chart the afterlives of the realms of Death, the Brokers dreamed of setting foot in the Eternal City of Oribos, which they finally accomplished due to a whim of a navigator belonging to the Cartel Au. Following their discovery of the city, the Brokers were allowed to establish themselves within. After the arrival of mortal adventurers to Oribos, the brokers decide to provide a variety of exotic merchandise and profession knowledge.

Brokers value the accumulation of information and knowledge, and the application of such knowledge has the side effect of allowing them to accumulate much influence and wealth. The lure of information is appealing enough to brokers for them to even go to places as dangerous as the Maw.

Brokers[edit | edit source]

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Broker art[edit | edit source]

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