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Priestess of Elune full.jpg

This page lists cards with card art depicting night elves.

For the half-night elf, half-stag dryads and keepers of the grove, see Cenarius' children.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
The night elves, or kaldorei ("Children of the Stars" in their native tongue of Darnassian), are a powerful and mystical race whose origin extends back to ancient times. The founders of a magical and advanced civilization which at its peak spanned the breadth of Ancient Kalimdor, the night elves came into a horrific conflict with the Burning Legion and achieved a pyrrhic victory that sundered Kalimdor's landmass into the continents of the present age. The devastation wrought by their conceit caused the kaldorei to abandon the ways of arcane magic entirely, and craft a radically different society centered around the worship of Elune, harmony with the natural world and its denizens and Druidism.
The far-reaching and ancient legacy of the kaldorei has shaped them into a race of very self-sufficient and self-conscious individuals, who often display strong streaks of isolationism. The night elves ended a long period of seclusion in the aftermath of the Third War, standing with refugees from the Eastern Kingdoms during the Battle of Mount Hyjal, and began to associate themselves with the Alliance from the Eastern Kingdoms in response to the Horde's presence in Ashenvale.

Night Elves[edit | edit source]

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DRGA BOSS 02h.png
TB Thunderdome Elise.png
TB TempleOutrun Elise.png
HERO 06b.png
TB RoadToNR EliseBoss.png
PVPDR Hero Elise.png
TB BaconShop HERO 42.png
ULDA Elise.png
BG26 001 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 353 Battlegrounds.png
GIL 553t.png
OG 195c.png
CS2 231.png
VAN CS2 231.png
ICC 092.png
JAM 001.png
CS2 189.png
VAN CS2 189.png
CORE CS2 189.png
BT 159t.png
CS2 101t8.png
VAN EX1 004.png
CORE EX1 004.png
EX1 004.png
DMF 189.png
AT 038.png
AT 042.png
ICC 051.png
JAM 027.png
YOP 030.png
BOT 038.png
SW 060.png
TID 704.png
DED 003.png
CS3 019.png
CORE CS3 019.png
BT 321.png
KAR 011.png
WC 034t8.png
BOT 083.png
CORE BOT 083.png
WW 827.png
SCH 538.png
TOY 401t2.png
WC 035.png
TSC 912t3.png
CFM 617.png
TOY 390.png
BRM 010.png
GIL 188.png
WC 004.png
REV 378.png
ULDA 017.png
DAL 355.png
DMF 217.png
WW 433.png
SW 419.png
DRG 081.png
TSC 646.png
SCH 607.png
PVPDR Elise T4 2.png
ULDA 022.png
TSC 912t2.png
PVPDR YOP DemHun.png
BT 937.png
TSC 057.png
CFM 851.png
LOE 079.png
CORE LOE 079.png
LT23 032H 02 MercCard0.png
LT23 032H 03 MercCard0.png
LT23 032H 01 MercCard0.png
LOOT 211.png
OG 044.png
CORE OG 044.png
BT 814.png
BAR 333.png
CFM 697.png
BT 737.png
WON 077.png
CS3 012.png
CORE CS3 012.png
ETC 108.png
SW 042.png
BT 416.png
CORE BT 416.png
SCH 234.png
BGS 059 Battlegrounds.png
SW 056.png
SCH 603.png
SCH 705.png
AV 262.png
AT 040.png
JAM 005.png
GIL 507.png
AV 403.png
DRGA 002.png
SW 039t3 t.png
VAN EX1 165.png
GVG 080.png
ULD 139.png
UNG 851.png
WW 401.png
AV 131.png
KAR 065.png
WON 305.png
CORE KAR 065.png
TOY 101.png
CORE TOY 101.png
EX1 593.png
VAN EX1 593.png
ONY 009.png
YOD 017.png
CFM 656.png
BG26 124 Battlegrounds.png
BT 729.png
BT 510.png
OG 290.png
SW 063.png
AV 267.png
EX1 165.png
CORE EX1 165.png
AV 204.png
WC 006.png
VAN EX1 583.png
EX1 583.png
WON 345.png
GIL 198.png
UPCOMING 105546.png
BOT 507.png
ICC 832.png
TRL 515.png
SW 417.png
WW 392.png
SW 044.png
LOOT 511.png
SW 447.png
BT 131.png

Night Elf art[edit | edit source]

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TB PickYourFate 10.png
TOY 700t10.png
DREAM 04.png
VAN DREAM 04.png
VAN EX1 169.png
EX1 169.png
CORE EX1 169.png
JAM 017.png
SCH 617.png
AV 204p.png
TSC 927.png
SW 311t.png
WW 818.png
BT 490.png
DAL 350.png
WC 022.png
SW 039.png
AT 055.png
CORE AT 055.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt6.png
SW 039t.png
VAN EX1 371.png
EX1 371.png
DAL 350b.png
RLK 034.png
LEG RLK 034.png
PVPDR SCH Active17.png
ICC 221.png
BT 753.png
UNG 028.png
SCH 606.png
AT 013.png
TOY 644.png
DMF 700.png
AV 324.png
GIL 801.png
CORE GIL 801.png
PVPDR SCH Active03.png
DRG 051.png
ETC 394.png
UNG 954.png
DRG 311.png
ULD 131.png
SCH 250.png
TSC 076t.png
VAN EX1 392.png
EX1 392.png
RLK 061.png
BT 035.png
CORE BT 035.png
GIL 506.png
GIL 665.png
WW 006.png
BCON 001.png
DMF 090.png
VAN EX1 610.png
EX1 610.png
CORE EX1 610.png
SW 040.png
TOT 105.png
BRM 007.png
SW 311.png
CS2 105.png
VAN CS2 105.png
ULD 272.png
AV 113t1.png
DMF 054.png
DMF 054t.png
ONY 014.png
UPCOMING 101142.png
CS2 009.png
VAN CS2 009.png
CORE CS2 009.png
MAW 019.png
WW 403.png
JAM 027b.png
ETC 411.png
VAN EX1 609.png
EX1 609.png
WON 018.png
BT 491.png
CORE BT 491.png
TOY 028.png
DREAM 02.png
VAN DREAM 02.png
JAM 027a.png
WW 003.png
VAN CS2 103.png
CS2 103.png
SCH 521.png
DAL 573.png
DAL 177.png
DAL 177ts.png
YOP 025.png
YOP 025t.png
AV 285.png
MAW 026.png
WW 433.png
TSC 076t2.png
EX1 155.png
VAN EX1 155.png
AV 102.png
DMF 219.png
UPCOMING 105514.png
AV 333.png
SCH 607b.png
TOY 943.png
ETC 200.png
BT 740.png
TOY 800.png
REV 516.png
AT 043.png
WE1 021.png
TSC 775.png
TSC 945.png
WW 405.png
ETC 316.png
UPCOMING 105511.png
DAL 371.png
CORE DAL 371.png
BT 429.png
CORE BT 429.png
UPCOMING 104999.png
YOP 009.png
BT 488.png
WON 051.png
UPCOMING 101382.png
BAR 328.png
TOY 640.png
WC 014.png
JAM 018t.png
YOP 026.png
BT 235.png
CORE BT 235.png
BT 173.png
GVG 019.png
ICC 207.png
JAM 018t3.png
LOE 111.png
UNG 079.png
TOY 400t6.png
TSC 076t3.png
JAM 018.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt4.png
JAM 018t2.png
TOY 401t.png
CS2 077.png
CORE CS2 077.png
JAM 002.png
DRG 246.png
JAM 018t4.png
GVG 041a.png
GVG 041.png
WON 040.png
ICC 849.png
GVG 041b.png
GVG 031.png
SCH 612.png
BT 601.png
ICC 054.png
EX1 173.png
VAN EX1 173.png
NEW1 008a.png
VAN NEW1 008a.png
OG 195b.png
SCH 253.png
DMF 224.png
CORE DMF 224.png
TSC 076.png
OG 195a.png
WC 034.png
VAN CS2 077.png
OG 195.png
TOY 884.png
BT 512.png
ETC 419.png
DAL 724.png
TSC 061.png