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Imp Token full.jpg

This page lists cards with card art depicting imps.

For other demons, see Demon art.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
The imps are a mischievous and nefarious race of small, fiendish creatures. The simplest of the summoning spells a warlock can learn is that of the imp. Before they are imparted to this, they must prove that they have the necessary magical and physical ability. Though it lacks physical strength, it possesses powers and a cleverness that serve warlocks well. All imps however are afraid of rainbows.

In Hearthstone[edit | edit source]

Imps are like roaches. If you see one, there are definitely more nearby, and they’re probably doing things like letting the air out of your tires, changing your computer’s background to something embarrassing, or ’plosioning. It’s even worse when they’re in a gang . . . or SUPER GREAT if they’re on your side.[1]

Imps[edit | edit source]

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SCH 145.png
CS2 059.png
VAN CS2 059.png
DRG 238t12t2.png
SW 085t.png
CORE EX1 319.png
EX1 319.png
VAN EX1 319.png
CORE GIL 191t.png
DAL 751t.png
VAN EX1 598.png
EX1 598.png
GIL 191t.png
GVG 045t.png
BRM 006t.png
BT 008t.png
BG21 006 Battlegrounds.png
KAR 089.png
BT 160t.png
GIL 608.png
EX1 317t.png
ULD 324t.png
ETC 068.png
CORE FIX SW 084.png
SW 084.png
TTN 960t6.png
DMF 533t.png
BAR 914t3.png
MAW 000.png
NX2 016t.png
BT 305.png
UNG 829t3.png
WON 099.png
AT 021.png
CORE AT 021.png
AV 309t.png
BOT 224.png
AV 316t.png
BG29 140 Battlegrounds.png
JAM 032.png
CORE BRM 006.png
BRM 006.png
WE1 015.png
PVPDR 022.png
ETC 070t.png
BG AV 309.png
AV 309.png
WON 365.png
CFM 039.png
CFM 900.png
TB BaconShop HERO 37 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
REV 244t.png
REV 244.png
LOOT 136.png
PVPDR SCH Warlockt5.png
YOP 004.png
ETC 034.png
DMF 533.png
BG DMF 533.png
PVPDR SCH Warlockt2.png
BGS 044 Battlegrounds.png
DAL 561.png

Imp art[edit | edit source]

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AV 258t4.png
SW 322.png
REV 242.png
WW 092.png
TRL 249.png
BAR 910.png
EX1 371.png
VAN EX1 371.png
SW 322t2.png
DED 504.png
DRG 238p3.png
BAR 914.png
BAR 914t.png
BAR 914t2.png
REV 245.png
SW 316.png
NX2 016.png
BT 008.png
REV 371.png
YOP 033.png
TOY 390.png
ETC 083.png
MIS 027.png
AV 316t4.png
GIL 191.png
CORE GIL 191.png
DRG 250.png
DMF 113.png
EX1 597.png
VAN EX1 597.png
BG21 007 Battlegrounds.png
DAL 605.png
BG26 522 Battlegrounds.png
BG AV 309.png
DAL 007.png
JAM 031.png
BT 740.png
SW 085.png
CORE SW 085.png
TTN 490.png
GVG 045.png
ULD 324.png
BG26 525 Battlegrounds.png
BT 160.png
MAW 012t.png
MAW 012.png
WON 329.png
BRM 034.png
ULD 702.png
UNG 829t1.png
SW 322t4.png
ETC 082.png
REV 835t.png
REV 835.png
ONY 033.png
DAL 751.png
BG DMF 533.png
BT 732.png
DAL 378ts.png
DAL 378.png
ULD 273.png
SCH 181.png
TOY 884.png
TOY 914.png
REV 017t.png
TOY 883.png
BAR 919t.png
TTN 960t.png

References[edit | edit source]