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Murloc Raid art.jpg

This page lists cards with card art depicting murlocs.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
The murlocs are a bipedal, amphibious humanoid race residing along coastlines, lakeshores, and riverbeds. Murlocs possess bulbous bodies, large mouths lined with rows of sharp fangs, and slime-coated skin. Individuals range in coloration from turquoise to darkish grey, while their heights vary from 3-1/2 feet to 6 feet. Depending on the variety, murlocs may lean towards a closer resemblance to frogs or to fish; the iconic green murloc, for example, has coloration similar to the Cuban tree frog.
Murlocs tend to dwell in amply-populated coastal settlements, and it is unusual to find individuals wandering too far from their compatriots. Players looking to engage murlocs should be wary of their surroundings; the creatures often lurk out of sight beneath the surface of the water. This tendency, coupled with their large social aggro radius, can often lead to larger pulls.

Murlocs[edit | edit source]

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BG27 023 Battlegrounds.png
PRO 001at.png
REV 957t.png
BG27 010 Battlegrounds.png
LOEA10 3.png
NX2 007t.png
TSC 925t.png
ETC 104.png
ICC 220.png
BAR 751t.png
CFM 650.png
EX1 508.png
DAL 743t.png
BT 009.png
TOT 067.png
SW 451.png
CS2 168.png
CFM 310t.png
EX1 506a.png
EX1 509.png
ULD 723.png
UNG 201t.png
ETC 358.png
OG 006a.png
LOE 076.png
TSC 908.png
DAL 433.png
BAR 751.png
BT 009t.png
BG22 401 Battlegrounds.png
DAL 077.png
BG DAL 077.png
OG 006.png
TSC 039.png
OG 156.png
BG25 040 Battlegrounds.png
CFM 647.png
CS2 173.png
ICC 058.png
WW 327.png
YOP 031.png
UPCOMING 109334.png
ULD 289.png
BT 496.png
GIL 678.png
WW 333.png
UNG 011.png
NX2 016t.png
BAR 062.png
BAR 063.png
BT 019.png
EX1 506.png
UNG 953.png
UNG 937.png
DMF 067.png
GVG 064.png
CS3 038.png
DMF 194.png
DRGA BOSS 03t3.png
UNG 073.png
BG UNG 073.png
BG21 008 Battlegrounds.png
ULD 500.png
BAR 040.png
TSC 039t.png
BG22 202 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 049.png
DAL 049.png
BG26 352 Battlegrounds.png
BG29 300 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 614.png
BG26 350 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 753.png
UPCOMING 108965.png
TID 004.png
EX1 050.png
EX1 103.png
BG EX1 103.png
DED 522.png
PVPDR SCH Active34.png
BG28 630 Battlegrounds.png
NX2 007.png
ETC 337.png
DMF 707.png
BG29 991 Battlegrounds.png
REV 022.png
EX1 507.png
BG EX1 507.png
TSC 633.png
TOY 517.png
BGDUO 117 Battlegrounds.png
BG26 360 Battlegrounds.png
DEEP 007.png
TSC 013.png
BG21 010 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 960.png
BG29 889 Battlegrounds.png
BG26 137 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 556 Battlegrounds.png
BG29 029 Battlegrounds.png
BT 010.png
BG BT 010.png
BAR 860.png
SCH 707.png
BG27 082 Battlegrounds.png
BG25 046 Battlegrounds.png
AT 076.png
TRL 520.png
REV 957.png
EX1 062.png
BG26 361 Battlegrounds.png
CFM 699.png
GVG 040.png
SCH 707t.png
DEEP 999t5.png
TID 003.png
BG28 406 Battlegrounds.png
UPCOMING 106387.png
CFM 344.png
TSC 034.png
UNG 942t.png
BG26 888 Battlegrounds.png
BGS 020.png
RLK 550.png
DAL 726.png
DRG 072.png
BG26 354 Battlegrounds.png
OG 161.png
TSC 962t.png
BGS 030 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 080 Battlegrounds.png
BG24 012 Battlegrounds.png
BG22 403 Battlegrounds.png
WC 030.png
BG27 513 Battlegrounds.png
TSC 962.png
BGS 068 Battlegrounds.png
BT 019t.png

Murloc art[edit | edit source]

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PVPDR SCH Active44.png
BG24 017 Battlegrounds.png
PVPDR TSC Passive5.png
DMF 004t3.png
TOY 700t10.png
REV 957t.png
DAL 071.png
TOY 700t4.png
TSC 934t.png
GIL 600.png
DRGA BOSS 03t.png
JAM 001.png
CFM 800.png
ULD 431.png
UPCOMING 105539.png
UPCOMING 108626.png
UPCOMING 108625.png
DRG 008.png
TSC 925.png
CFM 305.png
AT 132 SHAMANc.png
CS2 051.png
TRL 119.png
TRL 012.png
SCH 312.png
UNG 942.png
UPCOMING 107807.png
BT 042.png
TSC 957.png
DMF 189.png
CFM 696.png
ULD 431p.png
DAL 743.png
ICC 089.png
JAM 026b.png
NX2 016.png
UPCOMING 109324.png
REV 956.png
UNG 201.png
BGDUO 124.png
TOY 879t.png
ETC 372.png
UNG 029.png
CFM 716.png
DAL 710.png
UNG 956.png
DMF 515.png
OG 006b.png
BAR 043.png
TSC 608.png
CFM 310.png
ONY 005tb7.png
UPCOMING 111955.png
TOY 390.png
ETC 337.png
CS2 062.png
GILA BOSS 37t.png
UPCOMING 106536.png
BAR 041.png
ULD 172.png
TOY 823.png
DMF 107.png
UNG 817.png
BT 018.png
TSC 923.png
EBG Spell 032.png
REV 505.png
BG20 401 Battlegrounds.png
PRO 001a.png
TRL 533.png
OG 100.png
WON 051.png
MIS 314.png
PVPDR SCH Active19.png
BG23 003 Battlegrounds.png
UNG 079.png
TOY 383.png
RLK 550.png
YOD 043.png
TOY 385.png
BG26 354 Battlegrounds.png
DMF 069.png
SCH 512.png
BG29 708 Battlegrounds.png
UPCOMING 106714.png
UPCOMING 105546.png
UNG 004.png
LOE 113.png
TOY 519.png
UPCOMING 108627.png
UPCOMING 106681.png
ULD 716.png
LOE 026.png