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This page lists cards with card art depicting oozes, also known as slimes.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
Oozes are a type of mindless slime creatures. They are known to adapt to their environments, taking on aspects of their surroundings, which may account for the variety of oozes seen on Azeroth and beyond.
These strange creatures share an elemental heritage, but have been corrupted by the powers of chaos. Now they exist as tortured masses of semi-sentient goo. No one knows what their motivations are or if there is any specific ecology behind their existence. An unproven and unpopular theory belonging to Laris Geardawdle is that oozes and slimes are tied to the creation of Azeroth, almost like a secretion of the planet.

Oozes[edit | edit source]

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BG27 002 Battlegrounds.png
TOY 504t.png
BT 721t.png
OG 156a.png
WON 128t.png
FP1 012t.png
BOT 565t.png
TTN 087.png
EX1 066.png
VAN EX1 066.png
CORE EX1 066.png
FP1 003.png
LOOT 131t1.png
OG 202c.png
OG 249a.png
OG 314b.png
BT 721.png
WC 027.png
PVPDR DMF Priestt2.png
UNG 946.png
BG25 005 Battlegrounds.png
REV 012t.png
WW 043.png
CFM 655.png
BOT 434.png
WW 091.png
RLK 540.png
LOOT 161.png
LOOT 122.png
BGDUO HERO 101 Buddy Battlegrounds.png
LOOT 131.png
REV 012.png
LOOT 520.png
DAL 550.png
DMF 053.png
OG 173.png

Ooze art[edit | edit source]

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OG 114.png
OG 101.png
OG 314.png
OG 072.png
ONY 005ta2.png
WC 020.png
OG 276.png
WON 103.png
NAX11 04.png
BG28 605.png
WC 034.png
REV 514.png