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The faceless ones, children of the Old Gods

This page lists cards with card art depicting n'raqi, better known as the faceless ones.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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The n'raqi, commonly known as the faceless ones or the faceless, are a monstrous race that arose from the organic matter that seeped from the Old Gods' blighted forms during the primordial era of Azeroth. Cunning and intelligent, they serve their eldritch masters with fanatical loyalty.
When the Old Gods first embedded themselves into Azeroth, they spread their corruptive influence across the landscape. Two distinct races arose from the Old Gods' blighted forms: the n'raqi and the aqir. As the physical manifestations of the Old Gods' will, both served their masters with fanatical loyalty. The n'raqi acted as ruthless taskmasters, employing the aqir as laborers to erect towering citadels and temple cities around ther masters' colossal bulks. This burgeoning civilization was located near the center of Azeroth's largest continent. As it spread across the world, it became known as the Black Empire. Countless eons ago, the n'raqi waged endless wars against each other as part of the forces of N'Zoth,  C'Thun and Yogg-Saron.
When the Old Gods were sealed below the earth by the titan-forged, many of the n'raqi were imprisoned alongside them.

N'raqi[edit | edit source]

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BG24 719 Battlegrounds.png
DAL 613.png
TB BaconUps 095 Battlegrounds.png
OG 123.png
BGS 029 Battlegrounds.png
OG 158.png
TTN 484.png
DAL 030.png
YOG 501.png
DAL 744.png
DMF 081.png
DRG 308.png
OG 256.png
ETC 110.png
OG 085.png
OG 254.png
CORE OG 254.png
OG 272t.png
OG 174.png
BGS 113 Battlegrounds.png
OG 024.png
OG 328.png
OG 267.png
DED 511.png
TID 719.png
DAL 039.png
OG 102.png
TTN 741.png
CFM 668t2.png
CFM 668t.png
DRG 076.png
ULD 189.png
CORE EX1 564.png
VAN EX1 564.png
EX1 564.png
BGS 202 Battlegrounds.png
OG 087.png
WON 036.png
DRG 084.png
TSC 959.png
OG 207.png
OG 316.png
YOG 500.png
OG 142.png
TTN 462.png
OG 340.png
OG 141.png

N'raqi art[edit | edit source]

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TTN 092t1.png
TOY 700t13.png
TOY 700t6.png
OG 198.png
DMF 221.png
YOG 505.png
YOG 508.png
PVPDR DMF Warlockt3.png
TOY 046.png
TTN 460.png
YOG 525t.png
YOG 525.png
DMF 187.png
OG 176.png
YOG 510.png
TRL 533.png
PVPDR YOP PriestT1.png
TTN 700.png