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Different varians of stoneborn in World of Warcraft.

This page contains card art depicting stoneborn.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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The stoneborn, also known as gargoyles, are winged stone constructs who serve the venthyr of Revendreth as soldiers and guards.

As their name implies, stoneborn are carved from stone and then awakened by being infused with anima. When deprived of anima or when their services are no longer required, they return to their natural stone form but can be reawakened at a later date. It is implied that they are fully conscious while in this state.

Stoneborn serve their venthyr masters with a sense of infallible loyalty forged over a lifetime of fighting side by side. Most stoneborn serve Sire Denathrius as members of the Stone Legion under the command of the Stone Legion Generals and are responsible for protecting Revendreth, keeping order in each of the Wards, and purging manifestations. The Darkwing have instead sided with Prince Renathal's rebellion under General Draven. After the events of the rebellion, the return of the nathrezim to Revendreth, and the Stonewright's allegiance to Renathal, the stoneborn are operating as the Stone Legion once more.

Stone fiends, gargon, and dredbats are made in the same way as stoneborn, but gargons and dredbats lack the stoneborn's intelligence. Stone fiends are sometimes considered stoneborn. They are considered stone-wrought creations.

Stoneborn[edit | edit source]

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Stoneborn art[edit | edit source]

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