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A gnomish inventor working on some mind control technology

Gnomes are a diminutive race of humanoids, known for their remarkable intellect, their engineering and mechanical prowess, and their impressive if unpredictable inventions. In Hearthstone they are best known for bringing powerful and often hard to control effects to the board, with a particular penchant for summoning and transforming minions.

The gnomes and their inventions are featured in Hearthstone's first expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.
"The clever, spunky, and oftentimes eccentric gnomes present a unique paradox among the civilized races of Azeroth. Brilliant inventors with an irrepressibly cheerful disposition, this race has suffered treachery, displacement, and near-genocide. It is their remarkable optimism in the face of such calamity that symbolizes the truly unshakable spirit of the gnomes."
- World of Warcraft introduction
The ingenious gnomes, masters of technology and the former denizens of Gnomeregan, are a race of diminutive humanoids who spent years in exile in Tinker Town in the dwarven capital of Ironforge before launching a partially-successful recapture of Gnomeregan. Their main base of operations is now New Tinkertown.
Gnomes are a diminutive, wiry race of tinkers who live underground. In the Second War, they built gadgets and vehicles, such as submarines and flying machines, for the Alliance to combat the Horde. They are great mechanics and inventors, renowned for their knowledge and eccentric natures. The gnomes had a city, Gnomeregan, built into Ironforge Mountain, but invading troggs destroyed it and slaughtered its citizens. Many survivors now live with the Ironforge dwarves, a few traveling with their dwarven friends to Kalimdor. The gnomes are still reeling from the destruction of their home city and are loath to leave the safety of the dwarven tunnels.

In Hearthstone[edit | edit source]

What Gnomes do, they do FOR SCIENCE! While Gnomish inventions are less likely to leave smoking craters, they are significantly more likely to turn innocent bystanders into poultry. In fact, it seems like a lot of Gnomish engineering is a combination of the wackiest technology imaginable and a hefty dose of ‘turning-things-into-other-things probably-by-accident.’ Odds are, rather than blowing something up, a Gnomish invention will usually just leave the unfortunate target wishing they’d been blown up.[1]

Gnomes are at the heart of the first Hearthstone expansion Goblins vs Gnomes, where they represent the Alliance. They are contrasted with the explosive and volatile goblins, with the gnomes tending toward more mechanical and clockwork constructions. They are also somewhat more lawful and less chaotic than the goblins, although they still have their share of accidents. While malfunctions (and indeed correct functioning) in goblin technology tend to result in fiery explosions, gnomish technology is more likely to transform the target into a  Chicken or other critter.

Thematic elements of gnome card design are RNG and transformation.

Gnomes[edit | edit source]

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BG24 715 Battlegrounds.png
DRG 239.png
CORE GVG 013.png
GVG 013.png
WW 368t.png
AV 121.png
BT 722.png
SCH 310.png
EX1 029.png
VAN EX1 029.png
BGDUO 114 Battlegrounds.png
SCH 248.png
DAL 544.png
CFM 325.png
WON 351.png
BOT 558.png
WW 044.png
TOY 518.png
SCH 350.png
BGS 004 Battlegrounds.png
WC 034t5.png
UNG 020.png
CORE UNG 020.png
TRL 514.png
ULD 712.png
TRL 512.png
SW 059.png
DED 513.png
WW 041.png
CFM 659.png
ICC 407.png
DRG 401.png
TU4c 005.png
NEW1 019.png
VAN NEW1 019.png
EX1 096.png
VAN EX1 096.png
CORE EX1 096.png
VAN NEW1 029.png
NEW1 029.png
KAR 062.png
VAN EX1 015.png
EX1 015.png
EX1 522.png
VAN EX1 522.png
CORE EX1 522.png
VAN EX1 076.png
EX1 076.png
GVG 108.png
WON 314.png
GVG 011.png
DRG 312.png
SCH 708.png
VAN EX1 608.png
SCH 708t.png
DAL 089.png
BG21 013 Battlegrounds.png
CFM 646.png
OG 315.png
DRG 403.png
YOD 024.png
DAL 573.png
EX1 582.png
VAN EX1 582.png
ICC 083.png
ULD 329.png
BOT 550.png
MIS 308.png
BAR 317.png
MAW 005.png
GVG 098.png
GVG 092.png
GVG 089.png
DMF 079.png
GVG 097.png
BG26 814 Battlegrounds.png
BOT 535.png
VAN EX1 085.png
GVG 109.png
CORE GVG 109.png
ETC 113.png
EX1 finkle.png
WW 394.png
ICC 809.png
CORE ICC 809.png
TOY 823.png
CFM 341.png
AT 032.png
ICC 702.png
SW 413.png
YOP 016.png
DAL 081.png
SW 093.png
GVG 102.png
EX1 083.png
VAN EX1 083.png
OG 286.png
SCH 142.png
KAR 710.png
TRL 517.png
GIL 693.png
ICC 820.png
TOT 030.png
EX1 025.png
VAN EX1 025.png
DAL 563.png
ULD 137.png
GILA 801.png
TOY 670.png
CS2 147.png
VAN CS2 147.png
SCH 340t.png
TOY 312.png
OG 323.png
BAR 552.png
WW 359.png
EX1 608.png
TOY 700.png
OG 302.png
WON 322.png
GVG 122.png
BOT 914.png
PVPDR Brann T5.png
TOY 524.png
ETC 088.png
BOT 910.png
CORE EX1 085.png
EX1 085.png
REV 837.png
LEG RLK 077.png
ETC 071.png
GVG 070.png
CORE GVG 053.png
GVG 053.png
AV 222.png
SW 052t3.png
PVPDR Finley T4 2.png
DRG 034.png
BG26 815 Battlegrounds.png
TOT 056.png
DRG 207.png
DAL 566.png
SW 089.png
EX1 112.png
VAN EX1 112.png
BOT 270.png
TOY 100.png
CORE TOY 100.png
CORE RLK 505.png
RLK 505.png
DMF 089.png
LOOT 306.png
LOOT 415.png
MAW 020.png
GIL 549.png
GVG 115.png
AT 027.png
SW 109.png
BOT 423.png
BGDUO 125 Battlegrounds.png
UPCOMING 103463.png
DAL 752.png
TOY 960.png
AV 203.png
GVG 116.png
ETC 395.png

Gnome art[edit | edit source]

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CS2 072.png
VAN CS2 072.png
CORE CS2 072.png
WON 023.png
CORE AT 061.png
AT 061.png
ETC 367.png
NEW1 003.png
VAN NEW1 003.png
VAN EX1 345t.png
AV 203p.png
TSC 934t3.png
BG27 025 Battlegrounds.png
TTN 960t2.png
EX1 345t.png
AT 073.png
GIL 543.png
SCH 233.png
SCH 702.png
SW 052.png
SCH 247.png
EX1 544.png
VAN EX1 544.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt6.png
DRG 248.png
UNG 116.png
SW 052t2.png
UPCOMING 105539.png
NX2 019.png
CS2 027.png
VAN CS2 027.png
TOY 312t.png
EX1 316.png
VAN EX1 316.png
CORE EX1 316.png
CS2 004.png
VAN CS2 004.png
DRG 008.png
SW 450.png
BOT 263.png
SW 422.png
CORE SCH 312.png
SCH 312.png
DRG 255.png
UPCOMING 98739.png
SCH 250.png
BAR 323.png
AT 016.png
TOY 886.png
ETC 206.png
VAN CS2 203.png
WE1 026.png
VAN DS1 233.png
DS1 233.png
AV 710.png
REV 337.png
ETC 372.png
TSC 083.png
TU4d 003.png
DMF 191.png
DMF 515.png
YOD 018.png
BAR 319.png
BAR 319t.png
BAR 319t2.png
UPCOMING 108619.png
DMF 237.png
SCH 348.png
UPCOMING 101265.png
DMF 073t.png
DMF 082.png
DMF 082t.png
GVG 084.png
MIS 714.png
BG28 GIL 836.png
CS2 203.png
CORE CS2 203.png
YOP 014.png
CFM 713.png
TSC 054.png
AV 102.png
DED 502.png
TOY 943.png
VAN EX1 317.png
EX1 317.png
YOD 028.png
AV 250.png
CORE GVG 044.png
GVG 044.png
CS2 076.png
CORE CS2 076.png
DMF 186.png
DMF 186a.png
DMF 235.png
BG28 607.png
AV 211.png
GVG 005.png
CS2 029.png
VAN CS2 029.png
CORE CS2 029.png
DRG 270t9.png
EX1 626.png
ONY 019.png
PRO 001b.png
GVG 047.png
GILA BOSS 26t2.png
SCH 603.png
TRL 157.png
WC 014.png
VAN CS2 076.png
SCH 138.png
DMF 064.png
DMF 064t.png
AV 405.png
CS1 069.png
VAN CS1 069.png
UPCOMING 100230.png
GVG 086.png
ETC 085.png
BG28 821.png
WON 041.png
WON 040.png
BOT 099.png
RLK 720.png
DRG 061.png
TRL 351.png
NEW1 004.png
VAN NEW1 004.png
ETC 373.png
ETC 373a.png
ETC 373b.png
WC 034.png
BG26 055 Battlegrounds.png
TOY 519.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt2.png
AV 282t4.png
PVPDR SCH Maget5.png
CFM 750.png
WON 324.png
DAL 724.png
ETC 086.png
ETC 395.png
AV 290.png
TOY 530.png

References[edit | edit source]