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This page lists cards with card art depicting dracthyr.

For general dragons, see Dragon art.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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The dracthyr are an ancient race of humanoid dragonkin. They have the ability to wield the magic of all five primary dragonflights as evokers, and, like true dragons, shapeshift between a draconic form and a humanoid visage. The dracthyr were created in the ancient past at Aberrus by the black Dragon Aspect Neltharion, who combined the essence of dragons with the adaptability of the mortal races to create a race of ideal soldiers. Neltharion fashioned the Forbidden Reach off the coast of the Dragon Isles to serve as the dracthyr soldiers' training ground, but after a terrible battle against the Primalists, Neltharion put the dracthyr into a slumber that lasted. Recently, the Primalists' return caused the dracthyr to stir, and they now seek to forge their own path in Azeroth by joining both the Alliance and the Horde.
The dracthyr are divided into armies known as weyrns, each led by a Scalecommander. Scalecommander Azurathel and the Obsidian Warders joined the Alliance, while Scalecommander Cindrethresh and the Dark Talons joined the Horde. Scalecommander Viridia and the Healing Wings traveled to the Dragon Isles, while Scalecommander Sarkareth and the Ebon Scales defected from the dracthyr army after feeling abandoned by Neltharion and renamed themselves the Sundered Flame. Scalecommander Emberthal's Adamant Vigil was wiped out by the Primalists, and she remained in the Forbidden Reach to search for answers.

Dracthyr[edit | edit source]

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Dracthyr art[edit | edit source]

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