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 Sire Denathrius, an Eternal One.

This page contains card art depicting Eternal Ones.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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The Eternal Ones (sometimes called the Eternals or lords of death) are the most powerful beings in the Shadowlands and rule over the realm of Death. They founded four covenants for the purpose of carrying out the many duties required to maintain their respective realms, and each one rules over one of the six main realms of the Shadowlands: Kyrestia over the kyrian and Bastion, the Primus over the necrolords and Maldraxxus, the Winter Queen over the night fae and Ardenweald, Denathrius over the venthyr and Revendreth, the Arbiter over the attendants and Oribos, and Zovaal over the Mawsworn and the Maw, which does not have a covenant as it prefers to torture souls rather than work with them.

Together, the Eternal Ones make up the Pantheon of Death. They are one of several pantheons that were created by the First Ones to embody the six cosmic forces and were created by the First Ones in their realm of Zereth Mortis. Their physical bodies were forged in the Endless Foundry within the Sepulcher of the First Ones and then infused with souls. The Prototype Pantheon are a group of incomplete prototypes of them. The Eternal Ones are forbidden from returning to Zereth Mortis according to the laws of the First Ones. Long ago, each Eternal One was given a sigil symbolizing their covenant's purpose. Zovaal served as the original Arbiter, until he betrayed the rest of the pantheon. Led by the Primus, they united against him, imprisoned him in the Maw, and created a new Arbiter to replace him.

The pantheon's traditional meeting place is the Crucible atop Oribos. The pillar where Zovaal once stood has since been broken.

At least some attendants pray to the Eternal Ones like deities.

Eternal Ones[edit | edit source]

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Eternal One art[edit | edit source]

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