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For information on summoning minions, see Minion#Summoning.

Summon is an ability which summons one or more minions.

Distinct from regular summoning, a minion generated by the summon ability does not consume or come from an existing card, is usually uncollectible, and does not incur its mana cost. The ability is found on hero powers, spells and minions, and is often triggered by a Battlecry or Deathrattle. Transform effects function similarly to summon effects in that they bring new minions into play, but do so by replacing an existing minion with another, and therefore do not trigger summoning-related effects.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Minions summoned by a summon effect are not played directly from the hand, and therefore will not trigger Battlecries or Overload. However, they will work with triggered effects which respond to the summoning of minions.
  • All minions are considered to be "summoned". However, only minions played directly from the hand are considered to have been "played". Card text which states "plays a minion" therefore refers only to the direct playing of a minion from the hand, while "summons a minion" can refer to a minion being summoned by any means. For example, using  Reinforce to summon a  Silver Hand Recruit will not trigger  Mirror Entity, but will trigger  Sword of Justice.
  • Unlike when directly summoning minions, the placement of minions summoned by summon effects is not controlled by the player. As a rule, summon effects tend to place minions to the right. In the case of minion summon effects such as  Violet Teacher's triggered effect, the minion is placed immediately to the right of the summoning minion; while for all other sources of summon effects, including Hero Powers such as  Totemic Call and spells such as  Animal Companion, the minion is placed at the far right of the battlefield.
    • One notable exception: Minions that summon multiple minions at once frequently place the minions symmetrically on both sides. For example, summoning  Onyxia will evenly distribute Whelps to  Onyxia's left and right.  Dr. Boom will similarly attempt to place a  Boom Bot to each side of himself.
  • Cards with effects that summon random minions can summon even class-inappropriate ones.

Cards with summon[edit | edit source]

Collectible[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Summon/Wild format.

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
ETC 076.png
WW 818.png
TTN 950.png
CORE AT 037.png
TOY 508.png
DEEP 003.png
UPCOMING 100171.png
ETC 207.png
RLK 061.png
ETC 521.png
JAM 008.png
TOY 886.png
JAM 003.png
JAM 010.png
CORE CFM 606.png
DEEP 017.png
CORE EX1 506.png
CORE FP1 007.png
WW 324.png
CORE EX1 160.png
CORE GIL 577.png
TOY 358.png
ETC 411.png
TOY 827.png
UPCOMING 101109.png
ETC 320.png
CORE BT 922.png
YOG 403.png
CORE NEW1 031.png
ETC 423.png
CORE AT 062.png
TOY 516.png
UPCOMING 100173.png
TOY 814.png
ETC 369.png
CORE BT 036.png
UPCOMING 101376.png
UPCOMING 101265.png
TOY 527.png
TTN 861.png
DEEP 002.png
CORE EX1 248.png
TTN 465.png
ETC 339.png
WW 433.png
CORE GVG 061.png
TTN 754.png
JAM 031.png
UPCOMING 100178.png
CORE KAR 077.png
DEEP 000.png
UPCOMING 103462.png
TTN 722.png
ETC 098.png
TOY 603.png
WW 360.png
WW 810.png
TTN 801.png
ETC 070.png
DEEP 019.png
CORE SW 085.png
TTN 490.png
TTN 843.png
TOY 716.png
TOY 377.png
TOY 670.png
ETC 832.png
ETC 029.png
TOY 651.png
CORE RLK 062.png
TOY 893.png
UPCOMING 101873.png
UPCOMING 104999.png
TOY 354.png
CORE BOT 312.png
ETC 387.png
WW 359.png
YOG 513.png
TOY 374.png
CORE OG 273.png
TTN 900.png
ETC 388.png
YOG 506.png
TOY 522.png
RLK 060.png
ETC 365.png
CORE RLK 504.png
TTN 856.png
TOY 908.png
CORE DMF 734.png
ETC 506.png
TTN 730.png
CORE EX1 116.png
CORE FB Champs LOOT 080.png
UPCOMING 100286.png
ETC 522.png
DEEP 025.png
WW 814.png
UPCOMING 101110.png
TTN 855t.png
TOY 804.png
TTN 092.png
DEEP 031.png
TOY 380.png
DEEP 028.png
TOY 830.png
CORE RLK 086.png
CORE DMF 238.png
ETC 314.png
WW 421.png
TOY 531.png
TTN 487.png
WW 406.png
DEEP 005.png
TOY 506.png
TTN 481.png
CORE EX1 534.png
TOY 511.png
CORE UNG 952.png
UPCOMING 100285.png
TTN 470.png
TTN 857.png
ETC 349.png
TOY 880.png
TTN 429.png
TTN 926.png
TTN 862.png
CORE DAL 721.png
TTN 700.png
TOY 808.png
UPCOMING 101053.png
ETC 373.png
TTN 480.png
CORE DMF 224.png
CORE KAR 076.png
CORE RLK 063.png
YOG 500.png
WW 090.png
Core UNG 211.png
CORE LOOT 507.png
DEEP 037.png
ETC 370.png
TOY 503.png
CORE GIL 598.png
TTN 727.png
UPCOMING 103463.png
ETC 386.png
ETC 526.png
CORE EX1 573.png
WW 392.png
CORE BT 304.png
TOY 519.png
TTN 940.png
TOY 607.png
WW 824.png
ETC 208.png
TTN 737.png
TOY 914.png
ETC 321.png
TOY 884.png
CS3 032.png
TTN 960.png
CORE RLK 122.png
ETC 210.png
TTN 903.png
TOY 601.png
UPCOMING 101876.png

Uncollectible[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Summon/Wild format.

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TTN 862t3.png
TTN 092t2.png
TTN 960t3.png
TTN 737t1.png
TTN 429t.png
TTN 429t3.png
UPCOMING 102057.png
TOY 380t.png
TOY 601t.png
TTN 950t3.png
RLK 039t.png
AT 037b.png
TTN 450t2.png
ETC 207t2.png
ETC 207t.png
HERO 11bp.png
HERO 11cbp2.png
EX1 tk33.png
UPCOMING 98744.png
HERO 04bp.png
EX1 160a.png
HERO 04bp2.png
HERO 02bp.png
HERO 02bp2.png
JAM 012t3.png
JAM 012t2.png
JAM 012t4.png
JAM 012t.png
RLK 570t1t3.png
RLK 570tt1.png
RLK 570t1t4.png
RLK 570t1t2.png
RLK 570t1t1.png
ETC 085t8.png
DEEP 999t3.png
ETC 387b.png
TTN 801t.png
TTN 490t.png
ETC 387c.png
WW 001t27.png
WW 001t26.png
ETC 506t.png
TTN 730t.png
WW 010t.png
TTN 855.png
JAM 018t4.png
ETC 314t.png
ETC 373a.png
REV 353t2.png
TTN 926a.png
TTN 940a.png
EX1 573b.png
TTN 960t.png

Related cards[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Summon/Wild format.

These cards have effects related to the summoning of minions in general, or the playing of minions from the hand specifically.

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
TTN 960t4.png
ETC 367.png
TTN 401.png
CORE EX1 509.png
WW 404.png
CORE WON 065.png
ETC 831.png
TOY 518.png
TTN 900t.png
TTN 479.png
TTN 078.png
DEEP 034.png
TOY 505.png
UPCOMING 98734.png
UPCOMING 100539.png
TOY 878.png
ETC 317.png
WW 428.png
CORE LOOT 101.png
TTN 920.png
WW 326.png
ETC 408.png
YOG 512.png
TOY 512.png
WW 402.png
ETC 336.png
UPCOMING 101873.png
TTN 475.png
UPCOMING 100286.png
YOG 519.png
TOY 385.png
TTN 481.png
TOY 511.png
WW 026.png
WW 025.png
TTN 954.png
TOY 960.png
WW 825.png
TTN 960.png

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

  • Hearthstone logo.png Alpha patch (unknown date, pre-May 2013): "Summon" in card text is no longer capitalised.