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Use Galakrond's Power.
Invoking  Galakrond's Might. Galakrond is displayed to both players.

Invoke is an ability introduced in the Descent of Dragons expansion. When an Invoke card is played, the Hero Power of Galakrond will be activated, as long as the player has a Galakrond hero card in their hand, deck, or battlefield.

Invoke cards are also needed to upgrade Galakrond's Battlecry. Two are needed to upgrade him once, and four are needed to fully upgrade him.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you've never had a Galakrond card in your hand, deck, or battlefield, Invoke has no effect.[1]
  • The first Galakrond you gain control of (in either your hand or deck) becomes your "main Galakrond", and will be the source of your Invoke effects for the rest of the game.[1]
  • Invoke cards and Galakrond hero cards cannot be randomly generated.[2]
  • Invoke cards and Galakrond hero cards can still be copied by cards such as  Mind Vision and  Archbishop Benedictus.
  • In case you have multiple different Galakronds in your deck at the start of the game, your Galakrond will match your class if possible or choose the one first detected by the game.[1]
  • If you have become Galakrond, playing a different Galakrond card will cause that version to become your main Galakrond.[1]
  • The Invoke effect is a separate function from the Invoke ability and does not count as having been cast by the card itself.
Example: Invoking  Galakrond's Malice or  Galakrond's Fury does not count as summoning a minion with a card, and will not trigger effects like  Khadgar.
Example: Your opponent plays  Praise Galakrond! then plays their Lackey. The Lackey will display "Created by  Galakrond's Guile" underneath it.

Invoke effects[edit | edit source]

Galakrond's Wit
Galakrond's Guile
Galakrond's Fury
Galakrond's Malice
Galakrond's Might
Icon Priest 48.png


Icon Rogue 48.png


Icon Shaman 48.png


Icon Warlock 48.png


Icon Warrior 48.png


Cards with Invoke[edit | edit source]

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DRG 303.png
DRG 248.png
DRG 030.png
DRG 021.png
DRG 249.png
DRG 202.png
DRG 250.png
DRG 247.png
DRG 050.png
DRG 218.png
DRG 242.png
DRG 246.png

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Add Galakrond to your Deck.png
  • Adding an Invoke card to your deck without Galakrond while building a Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, or Warrior deck will display a special text box prompting you if you want to add Galakrond to your deck.
    • Adding an Invoke card to a deck for a class that does not have a Galakrond card has no warning.

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

  • Scholomance Academy logo.pngPatch (2020-07-30): (Undocumented) Invoke cards can no longer be randomly generated.
  • Ashes of Outland logo.pngPatch (2020-05-18): (Undocumented) Invoke cards can now be randomly generated if you have Galakrond in your deck.
  • Ashes of Outland logo.pngPatch (2020-03-30): Invoke cards can no longer be randomly generated.
  • Ashes of Outland logo.pngPatch (2020-03-26): (Undocumented) Invoke cards can now be randomly generated. They were intended to only be generated by decks with Galakrond in them, but this was not implemented correctly.[3][4]
  • Descent of Dragons logo.png Patch (2019-12-05): Added.

References[edit | edit source]

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