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These cards apply enchantments that double the Attack or Health of a minion.

For a list of all enchantments in the game, see Enchantment list.

Notes on Divine Spirit[edit | edit source]

  • Divine Spirit increases both the minion's current and maximum Health by an amount equal to its current Health. Healing or otherwise increasing the Health of the target before casting Divine Spirit therefore results in higher current and maximum Health values, and multiple Divine Spirits will have a cumulative effect.
  • The increase to the minion's maximum Health is persistent; if a minion is damaged below its Divine Spirit Health, it can receive heals up to the Divine Spirit-enhanced value.
  • Note that the minion's maximum Health is not doubled, but only increased by an amount equal to the minion's current Health. However, if the minion is at maximum Health, the result will be the same. For example:
    • A full Health 4/7 Injured Blademaster (maximum Health 7) receiving a Divine Spirit will become a 4/14 (maximum Health 14)
    • A damaged 4/3  Injured Blademaster (maximum Health 7) receiving a Divine Spirit will become a 4/6 (maximum Health 10)

Notes on Gahz'rilla[edit | edit source]

Calculating the result of Gahz'rilla's effect in advance can be tricky. The basic rule for multiple enchantments or 'buffs' is that each is applied to the minion in the order in which they were granted. When a temporary enchantment is removed without removing other enchantments, the consequences of the enchantment stack are therefore recalculated. The one exception is aura buffs, which appear to be granted after all other enchantments have been applied, even if the aura was in place prior to the other buffs being gained.

Gahz'rilla's effect will therefore act upon any other enchantments that were applied beforehand, but not upon buffs which are applied afterwards,[1] and not upon any aura buffs.[2]

Gahz'rilla examples

Gahz'rilla's triggered effect does include Attack granted by other enchantments, such as that of  Defender of Argus. If a Gahz'rilla who has been buffed by a Defender of Argus to 7 Attack takes damage, its Attack will be increased to 14.

Gahz'rilla's buff works through doubling the amount of Attack produced by the combination of the minion's base Attack and any modifications provided by pre-existing buffs. This means that +Attack buffs granted after dealing damage to Gahz'rilla will not have their effects doubled.[1]

Gahz'rilla's triggered effect also takes into account temporary Attack buffs and nerfs, such as from  Shrinkmeister. When affected by a temporary enchantment, Gahz'rilla's Attack will be adjusted as for permanent enchantments, but once the enchantment expires, Gahz'rilla's Attack will be recalculated.[2]

  • A 6/9 Gahz'rilla is affected by  Shrinkmeister's Battlecry, temporarily reducing it to a 4/9. The Gahz'rilla then takes a point of damage, doubling its Attack to 8: (((6 - 2) * 2) = 8). At the end of the turn, the Shrinkmeister's buff will be removed, and Gahz'rilla's Attack will therefore increase to 12, as the order of Attack calculation is now ((6 * 2) = 12).[2]

Gahz'rilla's triggered effect does not take into account Attack gained from auras, such as  Timber Wolf or  Raid Leader.[3] When the triggered effect is activated, Attack granted by auras will not be included, but the amount will still be applied on top of the Gahz'rilla's Attack once the doubling has occured. The basic rule for this appears to be that aura buffs are added to the minion's stats after all other effects.

  • A player has both Gahz'rilla and  Timber Wolf on the board; Gahz'rilla therefore has 7 Attack: ((6 + 1) = 7). Gahz'rilla suffers a point of damage from an  Elven Archer, therefore doubling its Attack. Aura-granted Attack is not included in the doubling, and Gahz'rilla's Attack is therefore increased by 6, for a new total of 13 Attack (((6 * 2) + 1) = 13). Gahz'rilla then suffers another point of damage, increasing its Attack by 12, for a new total of 25 ((((6 * 2) * 2) + 1) = 25). Timber Wolf is then removed from the field, reducing Gahz'rilla's Attack to 24.

Cards that multiply attributes[edit | edit source]

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