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You must use your hero power every turn.
Auto-cast Hero Powers are indicated by a golden circle around the icon

Auto-cast is an ability currently found only on boss Hero Powers. It causes the Hero Power to be used automatically at the start of each turn, provided the hero has enough mana to spare.

The auto-cast ability is indicated by a special ongoing visual effect around the Hero Power. The ability is sometimes also stated in the text of the Hero Power itself, but this is not necessary to benefit from the effect.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Auto-cast Hero Powers activate at the start of each turn, following any 'start of turn' triggered effects. There are some exceptions, such as  Brood Affliction, which is auto-cast but specifically activates at the end of the turn.
  • Auto-cast Hero Powers activate automatically, but can be prevented by certain factors:
    • Some auto-cast Hero Powers are affected by the state of the battlefield, and the right conditions can prevent their use.
    • Auto-cast Hero Powers are frequently 0-mana, but for Hero Powers with mana costs, the mana must be paid before the Hero Power will activate. If the hero does not have enough mana to use the Hero Power, it will not activate.
  • With planning, auto-cast Hero Powers can often be used against the boss, by turning their effect to the player's advantage. Because these Hero Powers take effect automatically, the boss is not able to choose the best time to make use of the effect, or to forgo using it on any given turn. Auto-cast Hero Powers also cannot be targeted. Auto-cast Hero Powers are used whenever possible, even if that leaves the hero with no mana for the rest of the turn.
  • If an Auto-cast Hero Power is refreshed (through Blackwald Pixie, for example) , the boss will not cast it again.

Hero Powers with Auto-cast[edit | edit source]

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
BRMA14 2H.png
LOEA13 2.png
LOEA13 2H.png
DALA BOSS 24px.png
ULDA BOSS 39px2.png
ULDA BOSS 39p2.png
KAR A02 13.png
KAR A02 13H.png
BRMA12 2.png
LOOTA BOSS 22p.png
LOOTA BOSS 45p.png
ULDA BOSS 37px3.png
NAX12 02H.png
LOOTA BOSS 34p.png
LOOTA BOSS 49p.png
LOEA09 3H.png
NAX5 02H.png
BRMA11 2.png
BRMA11 2H.png
ULDA BOSS 38p1.png
ULDA BOSS 38px1.png
DRGA BOSS 37p.png
DRGA BOSS 38p.png
NAX15 02.png
NAX15 02H.png
NAX14 02.png
LOEA09 3.png
LOEA09 3b.png
LOEA09 3d.png
LOEA09 3c.png
TB BotB Blingtron 001p.png
DRGA BOSS 22p.png
Story 03 AnduinHP.png
Story 03 FireElementalHP.png
DALA BOSS 47px.png
ULDA BOSS 72p.png
ULDA BOSS 70px.png
ULDA BOSS 78p.png
ULDA BOSS 46p.png
BRMA07 2H.png
ULDA BOSS 28p.png
ULDA BOSS 62p.png
LOEA10 2.png
LOEA10 2H.png
BRMA17 8.png
DALA BOSS 66p.png
BRMA01 2.png
BRMA01 2H.png
GILA BOSS 60p.png
NAX11 02H.png
NAX13 02.png
ULDA BOSS 22p.png
ULDA BOSS 22px.png
DALA BOSS 03px.png
BTA BOSS 03p.png
ICCA08 030p.png
ULDA BOSS 08px.png
TB Mimiron faceoff HP2.png
ULDA BOSS 38p2.png
DRGA BOSS 27p H.png
BRMA10 3H.png
BOM 02 Sniggles 06p.png
LOEA15 2H.png
LOOTA BOSS 25p.png
BTA BOSS 21p.png
Story 03 CairneHP.png
NAX3 02H.png
ICCA10 009p.png
Story 02 MishaHP.png
LOEA02 02.png
LOEA02 02h.png
LOEA07 03h.png
TB BotB Manastorm 002p.png
Story 04 BlademasterHP.png
GILA BOSS 62p.png
ULDA BOSS 37p3.png
DRGA BOSS 22p H.png
NAX8 02H.png
BRMA04 2.png
KARA 08 02H.png
ULDA BOSS 33p.png
DALA BOSS 46px.png
DALA BOSS 55px.png
DRGA BOSS 19p.png
BTA BOSS 02p.png
DALA BOSS 50px.png
ULDA BOSS 08p.png
BTA BOSS 13p.png
LOEA06 02.png
LOEA06 02h.png
DRGA BOSS 27p.png
BRMA10 3.png
LOOTA BOSS 43p.png
DALA BOSS 18px.png
BRMA13 2.png
BTA BOSS 14p.png
LOOTA BOSS 05p.png
BRMA13 4.png
BRMA14 2.png
BRMA14 4H.png
Story 02 RexxarMidHP4.png
Story 02 RexxarHP.png
Story 03 RehgarHP.png
TB SPT BossHeroPower.png
TB RoadToNR DinoHP.png
TB RoadToNR OrgrimmarHP.png
TB SPT DALA BossHeroPower.png
BOM 06 Anetheron 005p.png
LOEA09 2.png
DALA BOSS 39p.png
Story 06 Stasia 05p.png
LOOTA BOSS 24p.png
LOOTA BOSS 41p.png
KARA 13 13.png
LOOTA BOSS 50p.png
KARA 08 02.png
TB SPT MTH BossHeroPower.png
DALA BOSS 50p.png
BTA BOSS 22p.png
BTA BOSS 19p.png
BTA BOSS 19p.png
BTA BOSS 19p.png
BTA BOSS 19p.png
LOOTA BOSS 36p.png
LOOTA BOSS 21p.png
DALA BOSS 18p.png
BOM 09 Brukan 001p.png
LOOTA BOSS 28p.png
LOOTA BOSS 23p.png
Story 01 JainaHP.png
Story 01 JainaHP2.png
BOM 06 Anetheron 005p2.png
BRMA14 6H.png
BRMA14 4.png
LOOTA BOSS 52p.png
BRMA14 6.png
BRMA14 8H.png
BRMA14 8.png
BTA BOSS 05p.png
LOOTA BOSS 53p.png