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For the Anomalies in Battlegrounds, see Anomaly.

An anomaly is an effect that is revealed prior to each player's mulligan and activates after the mulligan for both players. Effect types of Anomalies can be either an one-time trigger at the start of game, which activates after mulligan but before any Start of Game effects; or an ongoing effect or triggered effect that is bound to both players. Up to 2 Anomalies can be present at once in a game.

Anomalies are featured in the Fall of Ulduar mini-set as uncollectible cards, and can be activated by  Cho'gall, Twilight Chieftain.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • From September 20 until Patch 28.0, Anomalies had the chance to be active in all Constructed (Standard, Wild and Twist formats), Arena, and Practice mode games.
    • During the first week, from September 20 to September 26, Anomalies had a 100% chance to appear in any of those games.
    • From September 26 until Patch 28.0, Anomalies only had a 25% chance to appear instead of 100%.
    • If  Cho'gall, Twilight Chieftain was played in one of the games where an Anomaly was active, it was possible to have two Anomalies active at the same time.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The players can inspect the active Anomalies while in-game by hovering over the purple icon above the History bar.
  • Internally, cards are considered active Anomalies when they have the tag 2895=1. Inactive Anomalies do not have this tag.

Active Anomalies[edit | edit source]

There are currently a total of 19 Anomalies that can appear in games.

Active Anomalies
Active Anomalies
Swipe left or right to see the cards.
TTN 002t14.png
TTN 002t43.png
TTN 002t41.png
TTN 002t15.png
TTN 002t20.png
TTN 002t32.png
TTN 002t30.png
TTN 002t5.png
TTN 002t9.png
TTN 002t44.png
TTN 002t22.png
TTN 002t24.png
TTN 002t50.png
TTN 002t36.png
TTN 002t45.png
TTN 002t1.png
TTN 002t21.png
TTN 002t11.png
TTN 002t35.png

Inactive Anomalies[edit | edit source]

There are currently a total of 1 Anomalies that are disabled and cannot appear in games.

Inactive Anomalies
Inactive Anomalies
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TTN 002t29.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Anomalies previously existed in The Dalaran Heist and Tombs of Terror as spin-off features. However, they had different functions (with the most notable being that they actually belonged to the player's deck and had a Passive-like effect, while constructed Anomalies can also be shown prior mulligan and belong in a different, unique zone).