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"Transform in hand" is an unofficial term used to refer to cards that transform into another card, if a specific event happens.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Cards[edit | edit source]

Collectible[edit | edit source]

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
RLK 567.png
LOOT 104.png
GIL 142.png
TTN 950.png
UNG 929.png
OG 123.png
WON 039.png
ETC 717.png
ETC 379.png
JAM 015.png
GIL 529.png
SCH 199.png
WON 026.png
GIL 200.png
TTN 930.png
ETC 427.png
GIL 201.png
JAM 033.png
JAM 012.png
LOOT 278.png
LOOT 286.png
WW 364.png
BOT 434.png
WON 077.png
GIL 528.png
DRG 096.png
TTN 741.png
ETC 506.png
TID 709.png
JAM 018.png
ETC 314.png
DAL 366.png
LOOT 285.png
GIL 202.png

Uncollectible[edit | edit source]

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
WW 337t.png
TOY 700t13.png
ICC 827t.png
JAM 015t4.png
JAM 015t3.png
ETC 717t.png
ETC 379t.png
JAM 015t2.png
JAM 015t.png
GIL 529t.png
JAM 012t3.png
JAM 012t2.png
JAM 033t.png
ETC 427t.png
GIL 200t.png
JAM 012t4.png
JAM 012t.png
JAM 000t2.png
JAM 000t3.png
JAM 000t4.png
JAM 033t4.png
GIL 201t.png
JAM 033t3.png
JAM 033t2.png
GIL 528t.png
JAM 018t.png
ETC 506t.png
JAM 018t3.png
TID 709t.png
TID 709t2.png
TID 709t3.png
JAM 018t2.png
JAM 018t4.png
ETC 314t.png
GIL 202t.png