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This content is only for Battlegrounds.
Start of Combat
Does something at the start of the Combat Phase.

Start of Combat is an ability only seen in Battlegrounds.

Start of Combat is a triggered effect that activates at the beginning of the Combat Phase before any minions have attacked.

Cards with Start of Combat


Battlegrounds minions
Battlegrounds minions
Swipe left or right to see the cards.
BG29 814 Battlegrounds.png
BG29 990 Battlegrounds.png
BG29 810 Battlegrounds.png
BG27 556 Battlegrounds.png
BG21 014 Battlegrounds.png
BG24 500 Battlegrounds.png
BG23 012 Battlegrounds.png
BG29 811 Battlegrounds.png
BG26 354 Battlegrounds.png
BG29 872 Battlegrounds.png


Swipe left or right to see the cards.
BG22 HERO 000p t3.png
BG22 HERO 000p t1.png
BG22 HERO 000p t2.png
BG22 HERO 000p t4.png
BG22 HERO 000p.png
BG22 HERO 001p t1.png
BG22 HERO 001p.png
BG22 HERO 001p t2.png
BG20 HERO 282p.png
BGDUO HERO 101p.png
BG22 HERO 001p t4.png
BG20 HERO 666p t1b.png
BG25 HERO 103p.png
BG20 HERO 666p t1c.png
BG20 HERO 666p t1a.png
TB BaconShop HP 086.png
BG23 HERO 201p.png
BG20 HERO 666p t1d.png
BG22 HERO 001p t3.png
TB BaconShop HP 037a.png
TB BaconShop HP 069.png
TB BaconShop HP 027.png
BG28 519.png
TB BaconShop HP 017.png
TB BaconShop HP 043.png
BG20 HERO 666p2.png
TB BaconShop HP 103.png
BG28 641.png
BG28 573.png