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Put into battlefield effects are abilities which puts cards from the player's deck or hand directly into the battlefield. They may affect minions or spells, and may require a specific type or sub-type of card.

Cards put into the battlefield are not directly played from the hand (even if they are put into the battlefield from the hand), and as such do not trigger minion Battlecries.

Put into battlefield effects are distinguished from Summon effects, which summon entirely new minions without consuming existing cards; and from put into hand and card draw effects, which place cards into the player's hand, rather than directly into play.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Put into battlefield and put into hand effects select eligible cards randomly, not based on their order in the deck.[3][4] This means that the distribution of such cards throughout the deck is randomly altered by such effects, rather than creating any sort of bias, such as by always drawing the top-most eligible card. As a result, and due to the random ordering of each deck, no significant ordering change is made by such effects.
  • Put into battlefield effects cannot exceed the limit of 7 minions on each side of the battlefield, and will never put minions into the battlefield above this number. If a put into battlefield effect would cause the player to have more than 7 minions, it will stop at 7.[5] This means put into battlefield effects may sometimes fail to take effect. Note that cards like  Alarm-o-Bot that first remove a minion from the board are protected from this possibility by creating a space for their effect to fill.
  • Golden cards with put into battlefield effects will not transform the related cards into their golden versions. This is because unlike golden cards which generate or summon new cards, put into battlefield effects only move existing cards, without changing them in any way.[6]
  • Despite its wording,  Mindgames is not a put into battlefield effect, as it does not draw the minion from the player's hand or deck, but simply summons an entirely new minion.

Cards[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Put into battlefield/Wild format.

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