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A typical hand. The green highlighted cards can be played, while the yellow highlighted card has a special effect enabled by the current state of the game.

The hand is where each player keeps the cards currently available to them. The player can see their hand face-up at the bottom of the screen, while the opponent's hand is shown face-down at the top of the screen.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • To see the number of cards currently held in your hand, hover your cursor over your deck.
  • To see the number of cards in the opponent's hand, hover your cursor over the opponent's deck.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The player can only play cards that are currently in their hand. Players place cards into their hand through drawing cards from their deck. A few other methods such as return effects and generate effects can also add cards to the player's hand.

Players can have a maximum of 10 cards in their hand at any time, unless  Valdris Felgorge or  Audio Amplifier was played. Attempting to add a card to the hand when it is already full will cause that card to be destroyed, sometimes referred to as overdraw. Cards destroyed in this way are revealed to both players.

Playing a card removes it from the player's hand, and puts it into play. This is the main way for players to empty their hand. The only other way is through discard effects, which force the player to discard cards from their hand without playing them. Like overdraw, discard effects reveal the discarded cards to both players.

Hand size has some synergy with specific cards, such as  Mountain Giant,  Midnight Drake and  Twilight Drake. It can also have strategic impact on the use of discard effects, and card draw mechanics such as  Northshire Cleric.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Hand tracking is a strategy used to track and predict what cards are in the opponent's hand. This can also be done during the mulligan phase to see how many cards the opponent kept in their opening hand.

For tips related to drawing cards and the size of your hand, see Card draw.

How to track the opponent's hand (part 1 of 2).

How to track the opponent's hand (part 2 of 2).

Related cards[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Hand/Wild format.

Certain cards have effects specifically related to the size or contents of the player's hand; these are listed below.

For cards with effect that activate while in the player's hand, see In-hand effect.

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
TTN 002t32.png
TTN 002t22.png
VAC 525t1.png
TTN 903t.png
TOY 700t9t2.png
TOY 828t.png
VAC 338t2.png
VAC 338t.png
VAC 338.png
TTN 922.png
TOY 386.png
TOY 825t2.png
TOY 825.png
TOY 341t.png
WW 404.png
TOY 825t.png
VAC 464t10.png
VAC 304.png
ETC 087.png
ETC 536.png
WW 408.png
YOG 505.png
VAC 408.png
CORE RLK 712.png
ETC 113t.png
WW 901.png
CORE CFM 753.png
WW 333.png
TTN 955.png
TTN 955B.png
UPCOMING 100191.png
TTN 852.png
UPCOMING 100365.png
ETC 350.png
ETC 338.png
CORE BRM 013.png
TTN 803.png
ETC 105.png
UPCOMING 101264.png
CORE TSC 217.png
TOY 401t2.png
VAC 521.png
TOY 054.png
ETC 427t.png
TOY 714.png
ETC 427.png
WW 433.png
CORE DAL 729.png
ETC 085t4.png
YOG 525.png
YOG 525t.png
ETC 113.png
WW 394.png
ETC 121.png
TOY 943.png
WW 819.png
CORE BOT 103.png
TTN 718.png
TTN 485.png
TTN 865t.png
TOY 809.png
CORE SW 085.png
WW 826.png
WW 329.png
WW 398.png
UPCOMING 105511.png
TOY 810.png
UPCOMING 104999.png
WW 906.png
UPCOMING 101052.png
DEEP 999t4.png
DEEP 999t5.png
CORE EX1 043.png
TOY 828.png
TOY 602.png
WW 401.png
ETC 329.png
UPCOMING 100230.png
DEEP 004.png
TOY 341.png
CS3 025.png
WW 426.png
CORE DRG 037.png
GIFT 01.png
VAC 413.png
UPCOMING 102028.png
UPCOMING 100285.png
TTN 862.png
UPCOMING 101053.png
DEEP 036.png
TOY 877.png
TTN 330.png
VAC 945t.png
TTN 441.png
CS3 034.png
ETC 395.png
TTN 903.png
UPCOMING 101162.png
TOY 883.png
CORE EX1 105.png