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Shrine is a minion ability currently found only in the Rastakhan's Rumble's Rumble Run.

Minions with Shrine ability have a passive special effect. After being killed, they respawn after 3 turns. If a shrine would be returned to a player's hand or deck, would be silenced, or would transfer ownership (as with a mind control effect) it is killed instead and starts its normal respawn timer. Copies of shrines can be made whether they're friendly or otherwise.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Below are all current cards with the Shrine ability.

Swipe left or right to see the cards.
TRLA 104.png
TRLA 116.png
TRLA 114.png
TRLA 146.png
TRLA 112.png
TRLA 115.png
TRLA 110.png
TRLA 128.png
TRLA 129.png
TRLA 155.png
TRLA 138.png
TRLA 105.png
TRLA 137.png
TRLA 154.png
TRLA 171.png
TRLA 170.png
TRLA 113.png
TRLA 106.png
TRLA 147.png
TRLA 178.png
TRLA 163.png
TRLA 162.png
TRLA 179.png
TRLA 108.png
TRLA 109.png
TRLA 187.png
TRLA 186.png
TRLA 107.png