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Rafaam: So you're probably wondering why I gathered you here. Let me take a moment and break it down. We've been given black eyes by the good guys. But that's about to change! Those meddlesome mortals who've mucked up our missions, will finally feel some of our pain! You see, I have a devious plan that requires a demonstrative fist. And each of you will have your dreams come true as a fiendish finger of this!
Dr. Boom: What?
Rafaam: All right. Let me try this again. Alone all our dreams went...
Dr. Boom: Uh, ka-kaboom?
Rafaam: Yes! But united we'll take all...
King Toggwaggle: ... all their candles?
Rafaam: No! Think bigger!
Madame Lazul: I'm seeing what you want to do.
Rafaam: Let me hear it!
Hagatha: We'll come together so we can dismantle!
Rafaam: Now here's the plot to capture your greed and intrigue. We'll take Dalaran for all that it's got...
All: As we form an evil league!
Wild format
Wild icon.png
With the arrival of the Year of the Gryphon, Rise of Shadows is now a Wild format card set, which means cards from the Rise of Shadows will no longer be playable in Standard format matches. For more information, see Game format.

Rise of Shadows is Hearthstone's eleventh expansion, featuring 135 new collectible cards and the alternate priest hero  Madame Lazul. The expansion was released on April 9, 2019.[1] Like the previous expansions, this one also includes an expansive single-player content called The Dalaran Heist, playing as one of the League of E.V.I.L.'s henchmen on their mission to take over the city of Dalaran across five chapters. This game mode is purchased for Gold or money.

The expansion introduced one new keyword: Twinspell, which creates a copy of a card to the player's hand. Also a new kind of minion, Lackey, is introduced; powerful 1/1 minions with Battlecry that are generated by other cards.

As the first expansion of 2019, the release of this expansion ended the previous Standard year, the Year of the Raven, and started the new one, Year of the Dragon.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Rise of Shadows craftable cards can be obtained by one of the following methods:

  • Opening card packs with the usual prices and purchasing options

    Rise of Shadows
    Year of the Dragon
    Golden Wild
  • Crafting for the usual amounts of Arcane Dust depending on the cards' rarity
Uncraftable cards

These specific cards can be obtained through other means. For more information, see their respective articles.

  • Prior to the expansion's release, players were able to purchase one or both of the following bundles:[1]

Cards[edit | edit source]

This expansion features 136 collectible cards. Rise of Shadows cards can be recognized with a special watermark (the League of E.V.I.L. logo) behind the card text, not found on other cards.

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DAL 085.png
DAL 566.png
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DAL 774.png
DAL 775.png
DAL 550.png
DAL 773.png
DAL 087.png
DAL 548.png
DAL 565.png
DAL 538.png
DAL 592.png
DAL 742.png
DAL 553.png
DAL 800.png
DAL 558.png
DAL 546.png
DAL 554.png
DAL 736.png
DAL 752.png

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DAL 582t.png
DAL 747t.png
DAL 088t2.png
DAL 554t.png


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DAL 733.png
DAL 355.png
DAL 256.png
DAL 352.png
DAL 799.png
DAL 732.png
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DAL 587.png
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DAL 376.png
DAL 379.png

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DAL 182.png
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DAL 177.png
DAL 576.png
DAL 603.png
DAL 578.png
DAL 575.png
DAL 609.png

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DAL 146.png
DAL 141.png
DAL 571.png
DAL 727.png
DAL 147.png
DAL 731.png
DAL 573.png
DAL 581.png

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DAL 065.png
DAL 723.png
DAL 039.png
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DAL 011.png
DAL 030.png
DAL 729.png
DAL 721.png

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DAL 728.png
DAL 415.png
DAL 416.png
DAL 010.png
DAL 714.png
DAL 716.png
DAL 720.png
DAL 366.png
DAL 417.png
DAL 719.png

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LOOT 998k.png
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LOOT 998l.png
LOOT 998j.png
DAL 366t1.png
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DAL 710.png
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DAL 433.png
DAL 049.png
DAL 009.png
DAL 432.png
DAL 052.png
DAL 726.png
DAL 431.png

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DAL 007.png
DAL 185.png
DAL 602.png
DAL 605.png
DAL 563.png
DAL 173.png
DAL 561.png
DAL 422.png
DAL 607.png

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DAL 759.png
DAL 008.png
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DAL 060.png
DAL 059.png
DAL 770.png
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DAL 064.png
DAL 070.png

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Themes[edit | edit source]

League of E.V.I.L.[edit | edit source]

The League of E.V.I.L.

The League of E.V.I.L. unites villains from previous single-adventures, in a coalition that has cooked a devious scheme to take Dalaran.[2]

Schemes[edit | edit source]

Scheme cards grow stronger the longer they remain in your hand. It’s the three P’s of villainy: planning, patience, and pterror![2]

After each turn, these cards effect will become more powerful.

Callbacks[edit | edit source]

Each member of the League of E.V.I.L. brings their own unique twist calling back to the expansions which first introduced these characters.[2]

Twinspell[edit | edit source]

Spells so nice, you cast them twice! When you cast a twinspell, a copy of that spell is added to your hand (without the twinspell keyword).[2]

Lackeys[edit | edit source]

What is a villain without an army of disposable henchcreatures? As a promising villain in training you will have access to lackeys, 1/1 minions with devious battlecries.[2]

Lackeys are 1-mana, 1/1 minions with powerful battlecries. All lackeys are uncollectible, generated by other cards like  EVIL Miscreant. More lackeys will be introduced through the Year of the Dragon.

Cards that generate Lackeys or have synergies with them:

Lackeys themselves:

The Dalaran Heist[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Dalaran Heist
Coming Soon.

As a low-ranking member of the newly-formed League of E.V.I.L., impress your new bosses by helping them subdue the magical, treasure-filled city of Dalaran!

Teasers[edit | edit source]

Year of the Dragon announcement[edit | edit source]

A sneak peek at the content released during the Year of the Dragon.

On February 28th, 2019, Blizzard announced the changes and new content planned for the Year of the Dragon, the fourth year of standard format. The announcement blog post and accompanying video included a teaser image for the planned three expansions of the year, with the first expansion being denoted with a purple object surrounded by purple runes.[4]

Teaser videos[edit | edit source]

Beginning on March 5th, 2019, Blizzard released a series of teaser videos for the 11th expansion.

  • The first video, The Fortune Teller, depicts a female troll (later revealed to be  Madame Lazul, previously seen in the Whispers of the Old Gods trailer) scrying with five cards. The first card, a crystal ball, represents her; she explains that she is joining a team, "the masters of plotting and scheming", and "the others", represented by the other cards, "will come by and by". She reveals the second card, which depicts a scale, crown, treasure, and candle.
  • In the second video, The King, Lazul reveals that the second teammate is King Togwaggle, and turns over a third card, depicting a totem with a skull.
  • In the third video, The Witch, Lazul explains that the third team member is Hagatha the Witch, and reveals a fourth card, which she says represents the last teammate, "a fella who makes things go 'boom'!"
  • In the fourth video, The Scientist, she reveals that the last teammate is Dr. Boom. The fifth card, it turns out, represents the ethereal who called the team together; as we learn in the cinematic trailer, this is Arch-Thief Rafaam.

Card reveals[edit | edit source]

Following the initial expansion announcement, small amounts of cards from the set began being revealed through official Blizzard blog posts. Card reveals kicked off in earnest on March 25 in a card reveal livestream [5]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The idea of an expansion featuring past villains coming together has been in the works since Team 5 pitched the One Night in Karazhan adventure, over 3 years prior to the release of Rise of Shadows.[6]
  • Unlike previous expansions, Rise of Shadows does not feature a hero card. According to Peter Whalen, this is because—with the hero cards from Knights of the Frozen Throne rotating to Wild—it felt like a good time to take a break and only have the three hero cards from the Year of the Raven in Standard. Furthermore, the team wanted the set to revolve around the League of E.V.I.L. as a whole and for each member to shine in their own space, rather than have one member "steal the show" by being a hero card.[7][8]
  • Team 5 deliberately chose not to specify where Dalaran is located during the events of Rise of Shadows.[9] Consequently, the expansion features cards that reference both the Wrath of the Lich King version of the city (when it was located above Northrend) and the Legion version (when it was located above the Broken Isles).
    • Many of the set's druid cards take inspiration from Crystalsong Forest, the Northrend zone that Dalaran hovers over in Wrath of the Lich King.[9] Since the only druid-related character in WoW's Dalaran is Applebough, a treant who serves as a fruit vendor, the team had to get creative when deciding how druids would help the city. They eventually decided that since Crystalsong is a beautiful and unique blend of nature and magic, druids would pull from there to aid Dalaran.[10]

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