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Zayle, Shadow Cloak is a legendary neutral minion card, from the Rise of Shadows set.

How to get

The Golden copy of Zayle, Shadow Cloak is uncraftable. It has special unlock requirements and cannot be crafted, disenchanted, or opened from card packs:
Card packsThe Regular version can be opened from any of these packs:

Rise of Shadows
Year of the Dragon
Regular1 (random)
CraftingCraft a Regular copy for 1600 Dust.pngRegular1
Custom Complete all five chapters of The Dalaran Heist on both normal or Heroic difficulties. starting from May 16, 2019.[1]Golden 1

Ban lists

Zayle, Shadow Cloak is in these ban lists:


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  • When Zayle is added to a player's deck in the collection manager, it replaces the hero for that deck in the deck screen, removes all other cards from the deck, and renames it to "Zayle's E.V.I.L. Deck". When the player starts a game, their deck will be one of five pre-made decks, chosen at random, using the class's standard hero (not necessarily your favorite hero for that class).
  • Whatever card back you use for your Zayle deck will be used for the deck it gives you. If your Zayle card is golden, you'll play with a golden hero and an all-golden deck. (This might give away to your opponent that you're playing with Zayle, and, thus, give away the rest of your deck) If your Zayle card is not golden, your deck will contain no golden cards, no matter what golden cards may be in your collection.
  • The deck you're given will not actually contain Zayle, so you won't be able to play it. Its stats only matter if the card is somehow created after a game starts through a random generation effect, in which case he is an ordinary 3/2 minion with no special effect.
  • You'll earn experience for whichever class you played as. Wins achieved in Ranked play count towards the total number of wins for that class (for earning golden heroes).
  • Zayle will also not appear in card search and is not available for crafting to New Players until they have reached Rank 10 and above in the Ranked Games.
  • Zayle will not change your deck when acquired in a singleplayer mode such as Dungeon Run and The Dalaran Heist.

Decklists[edit source]

Lazul's EVIL Deck
Mana Class Card No
0 Priest  Forbidden Words 2
0 Priest Silence 2
0 Priest  Whispers of EVIL 2
1 Neutral  Beaming Sidekick 2
2 Neutral  Ancient Watcher 2
2 Neutral  Dalaran Librarian 2
2 Neutral  Injured Tol'vir 2
2 Neutral  Neferset Ritualist 2
3 Neutral  Arcane Watcher 2
3 Neutral  Injured Blademaster 2
3 Priest Madame Lazul 1
4 Priest  Hench-Clan Shadequill 2
4 Priest  High Priest Amet 1
4 Priest  Holy Nova 2
4 Priest  Psychopomp 2
4 Priest  Unsleeping Soul 2
Togwaggle's EVIL Deck
Mana Class Card No
0 Rogue  Backstab 2
0 Rogue  Preparation 2
0 Rogue  Shadowstep 2
1 Rogue  Bloodsail Flybooter 2
1 Rogue  Pharaoh Cat 2
2 Neutral  Bloodmage Thalnos 1
2 Neutral  EVIL Cable Rat 2
2 Rogue  Eviscerate 2
2 Rogue  Sap 1
3 Rogue  Edwin VanCleef 1
3 Rogue  EVIL Miscreant 2
3 Rogue  Fan of Knives 2
3 Rogue  SI:7 Agent 2
4 Neutral  Grand Lackey Erkh 1
4 Rogue  Hench-Clan Burglar 2
4 Rogue  Waggle Pick 2
6 Rogue  Flik Skyshiv 1
6 Rogue  Heistbaron Togwaggle 1

Hagatha's EVIL Deck
Mana Class Card No
0 Shaman  Mutate 2
1 Shaman  Corrupt the Waters 1
1 Shaman  Sludge Slurper 2
2 Neutral  EVIL Cable Rat 2
2 Shaman  EVIL Totem 2
2 Neutral  Questing Explorer 2
2 Shaman  Sandstorm Elemental 2
2 Shaman  Witch's Brew 1
3 Shaman  Far Sight 1
3 Shaman  Mana Tide Totem 2
3 Neutral  Vulpera Scoundrel 2
3 Shaman  Weaponized Wasp 2
4 Neutral  Grand Lackey Erkh 1
5 Neutral  Barista Lynchen 1
5 Shaman  Hagatha's Scheme 2
7 Neutral  Siamat 1
7 Shaman  Swampqueen Hagatha 1
8 Neutral  Jepetto Joybuzz 1
9 Shaman  Mogu Fleshshaper 2
Rafaam's EVIL Deck
Mana Class Card No
1 Warlock  Mortal Coil 2
1 Warlock  Supreme Archaeology 1
2 Warlock  Plot Twist 2
2 Neutral  Questing Explorer 2
2 Warlock  Twisted Knowledge 2
3 Warlock  Dark Skies 2
3 Neutral  Earthen Ring Farseer 1
3 Warlock  Shadow Bolt 2
4 Neutral  Bone Wraith 2
4 Warlock  Hellfire 2
4 Neutral  Proud Defender 2
6 Warlock  Aranasi Broodmother 2
6 Warlock  Siphon Soul 2
7 Warlock  Arch-Villain Rafaam 1
7 Warlock  Valdris Felgorge 1
8 Neutral  Batterhead 2
8 Warlock  Fel Lord Betrug 1
8 Warlock  Twisting Nether 1

Boom's EVIL Deck
Mana Class Card No
1 Warrior  Boom Squad 2
1 Warrior  Shield Slam 2
2 Warrior  Frightened Flunky 2
3 Warrior  Bomb Wrangler 2
3 Warrior  Clockwork Goblin 2
3 Warrior  EVIL Quartermaster 2
3 Warrior  Livewire Lance 2
3 Warrior  Ramming Speed 2
3 Warrior  Shield Block 2
4 Warrior  Omega Devastator 2
4 Warrior  Restless Mummy 2
4 Warrior  Wrenchcalibur 2
5 Warrior  Brawl 2
7 Warrior  Blastmaster Boom 1
8 Neutral  Batterhead 2
8 Warrior  Deathwing, Mad Aspect 1


  • ▶️ DAL_800_ZayleShadowCloak_Play.wav <summon sound>
  • ▶️ Zayle_Play_Stinger.wav <music stinger>
  • ▶️ DAL_800_ZayleShadowCloak_Attack.wav <attack sound>
  • ▶️ DAL_800_ZayleShadowCloak_Death.wav <death sound>


Zayle is unique to Hearthstone.


  • Zayle is the first card that was added to an expansion set after its initial release. It shares this distinction with  SN1P-SN4P.
  • This card is a callback to  Whizbang the Wonderful, as it is a legendary minion which provides the player with a random deck that can be played, regardless if the cards in it are in the player's collection.


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