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This page lists cards with card art depicting animated objects.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Warcraft Wiki icon.pngThis section uses content from the Warcraft Wiki.

Examples of animated objects in World of Warcraft include brooms, letters, flying tomes, and flying carpets.

They can also include different types of animated armors or living statues.

Animated objects[edit | edit source]

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ICC 238.png
SCH 311.png
KAR 009.png
KAR 025a.png
TOY 380t.png
UPCOMING 108626.png
UPCOMING 108625.png
KAR 026t.png
TOY 521t1.png
TOY 501t.png
UPCOMING 105559.png
TOY 814t.png
TOY 814t8.png
TOY 814t3.png
TOY 814t5.png
TOY 814t2.png
TOY 814t4.png
TOY 814t7.png
TOY 814t6.png
DAL 566t.png
TSC 076t.png
KAR 710m.png
KAR 025b.png
GIL 635.png
TOY 350.png
TOY 381.png
DAL 800.png
DAL 434.png
FP1 029.png
DMF 082t.png
KAR 094.png
SCH 157.png
TSC 076t2.png
DAL 773.png
TOY 526.png
BGS 082 Battlegrounds.png
WON 141.png
ICC 062.png
DMF 514t2.png
TOY 821.png
SCH 146.png
KAR 205.png
MIS 300.png
KAR 025c.png
LOOT 134.png
GIL 614.png
LOE 119.png
TOY 380t2.png
LOE 107.png
LOE 019t2.png
KAR 057.png
WON 116.png
KAR 204.png
TOY 895.png
RLK 104.png
GIL 817.png
KAR 037.png
DMF 064.png
DMF 064t.png
DMF 202.png
TOY 914t.png
BGS 083 Battlegrounds.png
WON 142.png
TOY 894.png
TSC 076t3.png
LOOT 420.png
TOY 806.png
LOOT 108.png
TOY 380.png
LOOT 313.png
TOY 896.png
TOY 501.png
MIS 712.png
TOY 880.png
TOY 509.png
REV 316.png
REV 316t.png
REV 843.png
REV 843t.png
TOY 356.png
LOE 073.png
TTN 330.png
UPCOMING 108627.png
MIS 300t.png
MAW 030.png
TOY 914.png
TOY 357.png

Animated object art[edit | edit source]

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DMF 004t3.png
TOY 508.png
PVPDR SCH Active01.png
SCH 708.png
SCH 708t.png
TOY 814.png
PVPDR 042.png
YOP 003t.png
KAR 026.png
KAR 094a.png
SCH 707.png
SCH 707t.png
MIS 314.png
KAR 025.png
TSC 076.png
TOY 960.png
PVPDR Finley T6.png