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Click on a Titan to use 1 of 3 abilities instead of attacking.

Titan is a mechanic introduced in TITANS. Cards with Titan use 1 of 3 special abilities instead of attacking, and can only attack normally after all abilities have been used.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The basic functionality of Titan minions are as follows:[1]

  • Each Titan minion has 3 activated abilities.
  • Each turn, Titan minions can use 1 of their 3 abilities instead of attacking.
  • Titan minions can only use each ability once.
  • After a Titan minion has used all 3 abilities, it will be able to attack like a regular minion.
  • Titans are normal minions. They can be targeted, damaged, destroyed, and attacked, unless otherwise specified.[2]

More specifically:

  • Titans do not show what their abilities are in their card textbox. Players can hover over a Titan in order to see the Titan's abilities in the form of tooltips.[1]
    • These tooltips will show a lock icon in the top right corner after an ability is used.
    • Players can also inspect a Titan in the collection manager to see all of the Titan's abilities.
  • On the first turn a Titan is in play, the player can immediately use one of its abilities.[1]
    • This is true if the Titan is played, summoned, put into battlefield, sent to the future, or awakened from being Dormant.
    • To simplify, Titan minions effectively have Charge without the Charge keyword. If a normal minion with Charge can attack, a Titan in the same scenario can use one of their abilities.[3]
      • Due to this, if a Titan that has used all its abilities is copied, it can attack immediately.[4]
  • Attack modifiers are applied as normal:[1]
    • If a Titan has used their last ability and has no more actions available on a turn, a Titan will be able to start attacking as if they were a regular minion on the following turn.
    • A Titan with Windfury can use two abilities, or use its last ability and attack an enemy, in a single turn.
    • A Titan with Mega-Windfury can take 4 actions in a single turn, which can include using the rest of its available abilities, then using the excess actions to attack enemies.
    • Frozen Titan skips its next action.
      • Even though Titans have Charge, it does not allow the Titan to attack immediately after using its last ability, because it already performed an action that turn.
    • Granting Rush or Charge to a Titan will not grant it any additional actions.[5]
    • Titans can't use their abilities if they are prevented from attacking, by cards like  Annoying Fan.[6]
  • A Titan that is forced to attack will perform minion combat.[1]
    • A forced attack does not execute any one of a Titan's abilities or consume its action for the turn.
    • Example: If the player uses their hero to attack a minion with the  Trueaim Crescent, any Titans they control would be forced to attack the target minion. Afterwards, they would still be able to use an ability.
  • Silenced Titans can't use abilities but can perform attacks like a regular minion.[1]
    • If a Titan previously used an ability on the player's turn and then gets Silenced, it will not be able to attack since it already took an action that turn.
    • If a Titan is Silenced before any of its abilities are used, it would have summoning sickness (because removing the Titan keyword also removes the Charge that's bundled with it).
  • When a Titan is copied, the state of its abilities is preserved.[1]
    • Example: If the player plays  Eonar, the Life-Binder, uses  Flourish, and then uses  Faceless Manipulator on Eonar, the copy will also have Flourish exhausted. The new copy of Eonar will still be able to act on that turn, it would just have one less ability available to choose from.
    • The same rules apply when copying an opponent's Titan.
  • If a Titan is returned to the player's hand by cards like  Shadowstep, it would be reverted to its base definition, allowing the player to use all of its abilities once it comes into play again.[1]
  • Titan abilities that deal damage are not increased by Spell Damage because Titan abilities are not considered spells.[1]
  • A Titan will break Stealth if it uses an ability that deals damage.[8]
  • If a Titan's ability requires a target but there are no valid targets, it can't be used. If a Titan still has abilities left to use but none of them have valid targets, the Titan will be unable to take any action (including not being able to attack).[1]
  • If  Mayor Noggenfogger is in play, the player can still choose which ability their Titan will use, but the target of that ability (if required) will be randomized. This is the same way Mayor Noggenfogger works with Choose One abilities.[1]
  • Titans can't be randomly summoned, transformed into, Discovered, or generated.[1]
  • Attacking-related triggers (like  Rokara's effect) will not trigger for Titans using their abilities.[9]
  • A resurrected Titan will be able to use all of its abilities again.[9]

Titan cards[edit | edit source]

Titan Abilities
Yogg-Saron, Unleashed
Induce Insanity
Reign of Chaos
Tentacle Swarm
The Primus
Runes of Blood
Runes of Frost
Runes of the Unholy
Argus, the Emerald Star
Argunite Army
Crystal Carving
Show of Force
Eonar, the Life-Binder
Bountiful Harvest
Spontaneous Growth
Aggramar, the Avenger
Commanding Presence
Maintain Order
Swift Slash
Ancient Knowledge
Progenitor's Power
Unlimited Potential
Amitus, the Peacekeeper
Shape the Stars
Strike from History
Vision of Heroes
V-07-TR-0N Prime
Attach the Cannons!
Full Power!
Maximize Defenses!
Golganneth, the Thunderer
Lord of Skies
Roaring Oceans
Shargahn's Wrath
Sargeras, the Destroyer
Legion Invasion!
To the Void!
Heart of Flame

Sources of Titans[edit | edit source]

Titan-generating cards[edit | edit source]

This section lists cards which generate Titans.

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Related cards[edit | edit source]

These cards have effects related to the Titan keyword.

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Achievements[edit | edit source]

AchievementPin Gameplay.pngTITANS - SVG logo.svgGameplay - Titans - NeutralMeet Your MakersUse 40 Titan abilities.10 Achievement Point.png
AchievementPin Gameplay.pngTITANS - SVG logo.svgGameplay - Titans - NeutralMeet Your MakersUse 80 Titan abilities.10 Achievement Point.png
AchievementPin Gameplay.pngTITANS - SVG logo.svgGameplay - Titans - NeutralMeet Your MakersUse 160 Titan abilities.20 Achievement Point.png

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