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Put into hand effects are abilities which draw specific cards from the player's deck and place them into their hand.

Unlike card draw effects, put into hand effects require specific card types, and often have no effect if no cards of that type are present in the player's deck. However, while the type is specified, the specific card is usually random.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Put into hand and put into battlefield effects select eligible cards randomly, not based on their order in the deck.[1][2]
    • This means that the distribution of such cards throughout the deck is randomly altered by such effects, rather than creating any sort of bias, such as by always drawing the top-most eligible card. As a result, and due to the random ordering of each deck, no significant ordering change is made by such effects.

Cards[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Put into hand/Wild format.

Collectible[edit | edit source]

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JAM 001.png
TOY 510.png
ETC 359.png
WW 092.png
ETC 375.png
CORE GIL 580.png
CORE DS1 184.png
CORE UNG 020.png
WW 408.png
TOY 851.png
WW 327.png
TTN 951.png
TOY 352.png
RLK 511.png
UPCOMING 100284.png
ETC 418.png
UPCOMING 100191.png
TTN 735.png
TTN 728.png
TOY 605.png
TOY 387.png
UPCOMING 101874.png
UPCOMING 101950.png
CS3 028.png
UPCOMING 100291.png
UPCOMING 101955.png
TOY 054.png
ETC 364.png
TOY 507.png
ETC 422.png
DEEP 026.png
TOY 517.png
CORE TRL 124.png
ETC 200.png
TTN 712.png
TOY 916.png
TTN 468.png
UPCOMING 101975.png
TOY 882.png
TOY 641.png
YOG 510.png
WW 402.png
TOY 391.png
TOY 388.png
TOY 801.png
CORE LOOT 211.png
ETC 205.png
TOY 376.png
CORE BAR 551.png
WW 351.png
TOY 524.png
ETC 026.png
TOY 504.png
ETC 376.png
CS3 024.png
TTN 723.png
TTN 800.png
TTN 415.png
TTN 487.png
WW 429.png
TTN 858.png
TOY 703.png
CS3 034.png
ETC 840.png


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TTN 002t44.png
TTN 858t1.png
TTN 800t3.png
TTN 415t.png
TOY 801t.png
ETC 375a.png
TTN 951t.png
ETC 085t2.png
TOY 801a.png

References[edit | edit source]

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