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Summoned When Drawn is an ability on minions which activates when the minion is drawn from the deck, causing the minion to be summoned instantly, without spending any Mana. After it resolves, the player draws another card to replace the summoned minion in their hand so that they do not miss their draw.

Summoned When Drawn is featured exclusively on minions that are shuffled into a player's deck via other cards.

Summoned When Drawn is distinguished from general draw-related triggered effects, which activate when any card is drawn.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Summoned When Drawn is only activated through regular card draw. It is not triggered if the card is chosen during the mulligan, put directly into the player's hand or returned to the hand.[1][2]
  • Summoned When Drawn is only activated through successful card draw. Overdrawing a Summoned When Drawn card will not activate its on-draw effect.[4][5]
  • Summoned When Drawn is not activated if the card is removed from play, such as through being removed from the deck.[6][7][8]
  • Summoned When Drawn effects reveal the card to both players, at the moment when the effect takes place. The card is then added to the player's hand (unless the on-draw effect has itself destroyed the card) and summoned.
  • If the card drawn to replace a Summoned When Drawn card is another Summoned When Drawn card, the second card will still be summoned. This can potentially create a lengthy chain of on-draw effects.[9]
  • Summoned When Drawn cards can be seen to occupy a space in the player's hand prior to their activation, suggesting that their effects are in fact a special type of in-hand effect.
  • "Summoned When Drawn" is unique to minions.
  • For more examples, see Casts When Drawn.

Cards[edit | edit source]

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Sources of Summoned When Drawn[edit | edit source]

Summoned When Drawn-generating cards[edit | edit source]

This section lists cards which generate Summoned When Drawn minions.

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Patch changes[edit | edit source]

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