Lor'themar Theron

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You might be looking for one of these cards: Lor'themar Theron (boss minion), Lor'themar Theron (boss).

Lor'themar Theron is a legendary neutral minion card, from the March of the Lich King set.

How to get

The Regular and Golden copies of Lor'themar Theron are uncraftable. They have special unlock requirements and cannot be crafted, disenchanted, or opened from card packs:
Achievement Enchanted to Defeat You
(Deal 150 extra damage with Enchanter's effect.).
Regular 1

Previous availability

Lor'themar Theron used to be obtainable through these means.

Free Track March of the Lich King Free Track, level 1.Regular 1
Paid Track March of the Lich King Paid Track, level 55.Golden 1
Custom Purchase in the Shop starting from December 6, 2022 until January 3, 2023 for 2500 Runestone.pngRunestones.[1]Diamond 1


AchievementPin Gameplay.pngMarch of the Lich King - SVG logo.svgGameplay - Lich King - NeutralA Brighter FuturePlay 40 minions that have their stats doubled by Lor'themar Theron.20 Achievement Point.png


  • ▶️ VO_RLK_593_Male_BloodElf_Play_01.wav For a master tactician, this is nothing.
  • ▶️ HS_LorthemarTheron_Stinger.wav <music stinger>
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  • ▶️ VO_RLK_593_Male_BloodElf_Attack_01.wav Flawless!
  • ▶️ SwordHeavy_Underlay_Attack.wav <underlay sound>
  • ▶️ VO_RLK_593_Male_BloodElf_Death_01.wav <death sound>
  • ▶️ SwordHeavy_Underlay_Death.wav <underlay sound>


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All we can do is walk the road we are given with such dignity as we can muster, each to our own glory or demise, and pray that there yet remains something of our own hearts when all is said and done. By the Sunwell, I hope that there will remain something of mine.
—Lor'themar's diary

Lor'themar Theron (pronounced "LOHR-theh-mawr THEH-rohn") is the Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas and thus the ruler of the blood elves of Azeroth. He used to lead the sin'dorei in the absence of Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, but after his betrayal and eventual death, Lor'themar became the sole leader of his people. Lor'themar was once the second-in-command to Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner, and assumed temporary leadership of the high elves after the Scourge onslaught, a role that would pave the way to his regency after the prince's return.

After surviving the brutal Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas, Lor'themar, a former commander of the Farstriders, was entrusted with watching over the elven kingdom while Prince Kael'thas journeyed to Outland. Not long afterward, Lor'themar's will was tested when the prince, twisted by demonic energies, returned to Azeroth and attempted to use the Sunwell to summon his new master, the demon lord Kil'jaeden. Kael'thas' plans were foiled and he was killed by the Shattered Sun Offensive for his treachery, leaving Lor'themar to guide the fate of the blood elves alone. With the Sunwell reborn, a bright future now lies ahead for Quel'Thalas.

Lor'themar, who had weathered many of the kingdom's darkest days, now leads his people toward their new destiny. In light of Garrosh Hellscream's then-increasing paranoia and lack of scruples, the Regent Lord had aligned himself with the growing Darkspear Rebellion to overthrow the Warchief after dealing with the Thunder King's return. Lor'themar pledged his loyalty to the new Warchief Vol'jin following the Siege of Orgrimmar. Following the disastrous Battle for Broken Shore, Lor'themar was among those present when Vol'jin named Sylvanas Windrunner the new Warchief with his dying breath. Windrunner's tenure as Warchief was ultimately tumultuous, with Lor'themar concerned for the direction she was leading the Horde. He eventually stood alongside other leaders in rebellion against her, and when she deserted the Horde following the death of Varok Saurfang, Lor'themar helped pick up the pieces of the faction. He ultimately became a member of the Horde Council, which was formed to replace the warchief position, representing the blood elves.


Patch changes

  • WW Logo Adventure.pngPatch (2024-01-18):
    • Golden card unlock requirement is now: "Earnable after purchasing the March of the Lich King Tavern Pass." (previously: no special unlock requirement).
  • TTN Logo.pngPatch (2023-07-25):
    • Removed golden card unlock requirement (previously: "Earnable after purchasing the March of the Lich King Tavern Pass.").
  • FOL Logo Adventure.pngPatch (2023-05-31):
    • Artist is now Grafit (previously: Tyler James).
  • FOL Logo.pngPatch (2023-05-09):
    • Golden card unlock requirement is now: "Earnable after purchasing the March of the Lich King Tavern Pass." (previously: no special unlock requirement).
  • FOL Logo.pngPatch (2023-04-04):
    • Unlock requirement is now: "Unlocked with "Enchanted to Defeat You" Achievement." (previously: "Earnable on the March of the Lich King Reward Track.").
    • Removed golden card unlock requirement (previously: "Earnable after purchasing the March of the Lich King Tavern Pass.").
  • MoLK Logo.pngPatch (2023-01-17):
    • Diamond card unlock requirement is now: "Obtained by purchasing the Diamond Lor'themar Theron card." (previously: no special unlock requirement).
  • MoLK Logo.pngPatch (2022-11-29):
    • Added.


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