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This page lists cards with card art depicting blood elves.

Lore[edit | edit source]

"We must put this misery behind us. We must enter a new chapter! And so I say to you that, as of this day, we are no longer high elves! In honor of the blood that was shed throughout this kingdom, in honor of the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters, our parents, and our children, in honor of Anasterian... as of this day we will take the name of our royal lineage! As of this day, we are sin'dorei! For Quel'Thalas!"
Kael'thas Sunstrider proclaims the rise of the blood elves
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The high elves, or quel'dorei ("children of noble birth" in Darnassian and "high elves" in Thalassian), are a race descended from the Highborne night elves who left Kalimdor and settled in the Eastern Kingdoms, founding Quel'Thalas.
The high elves were once a significant force on the continent, but in recent times their numbers have been dramatically reduced: almost 90% of their population was slaughtered during the Third War. Following this, 90% of the surviving high elves changed their name to "blood elves" or sin'dorei (children of the blood in Thalassian) in remembrance of their fallen brethren, and no longer consider themselves high elven.

Infamous for their magical abilities and longstanding magic addiction, the blood elves are often considered cruel and superior. Like their capital of Silvermoon City, blood elves often sport the characteristic colours of red and gold. Their eyes burn a neon green, a reminder of the demonic nature of their former power source. After the vast majority of their people were slain during the war with the Scourge, the nascent blood elves formed a bond with the Forsaken undead, lead by their own former ranger-general of Silvermoon City,  Sylvanas Windrunner, and were later inducted into the Horde.

While most of the elves of Quel'Thalas took up the banner of the sin'dorei, a small portion did not. These few quel'dorei are the last of their kind, and many have since joined with the Alliance.

Blood Elves[edit | edit source]

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AT 059.png
YOD 013.png
BT 480.png
BOT 447.png
ETC 522t.png
RLK 960t.png
RLK 207.png
SCH 523t.png
BT 036t.png
DMF 223t.png
LOE 116.png
ICC 038.png
ICC 903.png
RLK 921.png
EX1 080.png
Tt 010a.png
RLK 609.png
AT 071.png
REV 841.png
BT 022.png
RLK 222.png
BT 028.png
RLK 924.png
RLK 951.png
SCH 713.png
WC 034t3.png
NEW1 021.png
ICC 094.png
BOT 288.png
RLK 543.png
EX1 055.png
TOY 381.png
ICC 851.png
BT 008.png
RLK 826.png
AV 123.png
BT 014.png
EX1 058.png
DAL 086.png
ICC 913.png
RLK 210.png
DRG 062.png
RLK 608.png
EX1 590.png
RLK 926.png
ULD 720.png
RLK 221.png
NX2 051.png
WC 013.png
DALA 718.png
RLK 952.png
RLK 545.png
SW 400.png
ULD 162.png
DMF 184.png
DMF 184t.png
AT 115.png
DAL 747.png
ULD 214.png
RLK 820.png
RLK 822t.png
RLK 970.png
RLK 827.png
SCH 276.png
CFM 660.png
VAC 435.png
AT 117.png
KAR 010.png
ICC 852.png
YOP 005t.png
AT 086.png
EX1 019.png
AT 100.png
RLK 218.png
RLK 518.png
AT 007.png
RLK 219.png
BAR 025.png
AT 075.png
ICC 034.png
BG29 845 Battlegrounds.png
SCH 120.png
ICC 912.png
AT 121.png
DED 516.png
RLK 215.png
BG25 922 Battlegrounds.png
VAC 917.png
CFM 619.png
BT 187.png
NEW1 014.png
ICC 853.png
MIS 026.png
UPCOMING 101939.png
RLK 677.png
GIL 581.png
MAW 008.png
RLK 955.png
EX1 023.png
WC 008.png
BG25 016 Battlegrounds.png
EX1 048.png
SCH 522.png
WW 430.png
DRG 027.png
BAR 748.png
SCH 243.png
SW 450t4.png
RLK 222t1.png
AV 129.png
ICC 841.png
RLK 607.png
GIL 620.png
BT 495.png
TOY 913t3.png
OG 291.png
ICC 910.png
DAL 539.png
VAC 507.png
RLK 950.png
OG 096.png
OG 200.png
RLK 927.png
BT 509.png
AT 118.png
BT 255.png
BGS 040 Battlegrounds.png
RLK 602.png
BG27 016 Battlegrounds.png
CFM 687.png
BT 334.png
RLK 593.png
LOOT 216.png
AV 200.png
DRG 208.png
RLK 213.png
RLK 222t2.png
BGS 205 Battlegrounds.png
REV 021.png
LOOT 535.png
RLK 803.png
ICC 827.png

Blood elf art[edit | edit source]

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BT 752.png
UNG 922t1.png
BAR 305.png
BAR 305t.png
BAR 305t2.png
PVPDR SCH Active58.png
NX2 004.png
TOY 400t3t.png
TOY 400t3.png
RLK 843.png
EX1 363.png
RLK 214t.png
NX2 009.png
RLK 538.png
SCH 422.png
EX1 132.png
RLK 923.png
UNG 934.png
BT 021.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt12.png
BAR 891.png
BAR 891t.png
BAR 891t2.png
RLK 601.png
NX2 019.png
EX1 379.png
BT 175t.png
SCH 305.png
ULD 160.png
SW 450.png
EX1 308.png
SW 450t.png
BT 175.png
SCH 250.png
BAR 546.png
RLK 655.png
BAR 323.png
RLK 817.png
RLK 222.png
RLK 656.png
RLK 804.png
UPCOMING 99221.png
RLK 960.png
UPCOMING 98742.png
GVG 026.png
RLK 918.png
BT 292.png
SW 110.png
BT 514.png
RLK 543.png
RLK 206.png
RLK 845.png
RLK 956.png
DAL 602.png
DAL 373ts.png
DAL 373.png
BRM 017.png
BRM 015.png
EX1 581.png
GVG 057.png
WON 064.png
WON 064ts.png
EX1 278.png
AV 212.png
UPCOMING 101874.png
DMF 515.png
EX1 339.png
RLK 051.png
RLK 546.png
RLK 048.png
BGS 077 Battlegrounds.png
RLK 087.png
WW 422.png
BT 354.png
DAL 727.png
AT 015.png
BT 036.png
TOY 878.png
EX1 287.png
FP1 018.png
BT 801.png
TOY 400t8.png
RLK 822.png
BG25 005 Battlegrounds.png
EX1 539.png
EX1 241.png
PVPDR AV Neutralt10.png
WW 334.png
BG25 003 Battlegrounds.png
ETC 200.png
PVPDR Scarlet T2.png
RLK 922.png
EX1 334.png
RLK 910.png
WC 041.png
Tt 010.png
RLK 219.png
EX1 366.png
RLK 816t3.png
ICC 314t7.png
RLK 208.png
RLK 215.png
YOP 002.png
NX2 022.png
TOT 103.png
BT 002.png
BG25 004 Battlegrounds.png
RLK 553.png
YOP 009.png
DMF 223.png
TOY 374.png
RLK 600.png
NX2 001.png
WON 051.png
RLK 537.png
RLK 222t1.png
SCH 138.png
RLK 730.png
BT 173.png
RLK 035.png
RLK 211.png
BRM 003.png
AV 281.png
TRL 409.png
BG25 014 Battlegrounds.png
ETC 522.png
RLK 815.png
EX1 354.png
RLK 551.png
LOOT 522.png
DMF 224.png
RLK 657.png
RLK 659.png
RLK 544.png
EX1 573a.png
BAR 308.png
RLK 212.png
CS1 113.png
AV 283.png
UPCOMING 101876.png
RLK 590.png